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WEDDING FAB: Financial GURU Mellody Hobson GETS HITCHED To BILLIONAIRE "Star Wars" Director George Lucas

 photo o-GEORGE-LUCAS-570.jpg

Over the weekend, financial expert Mellody Hobson married famed film director George Lucas.  Get the deets on their star-studded wedding inside....


This weekend, ABC News contributor Mellody Hobson walked down the aisle with her long time man Star Wars creator George Lucas. PEOPLE Magazine confirmed that the nuptials took place on Saturday at 5pm before an intimate gathering at George's Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California.

According to the HuffPost, the ceremony was officiated by journalist Bill Moyers, who quoted the 13th-century Persian poet Rumi: "When I heard my first love story, I was thinking of you."   And during the reception, Steven Spielberg gave the toast from the groom's side, joking that The Force had a name: Mellody. And John W. Rogers an executive at Ariel Investments, spoke on behalf of the bride. Also, director Francis Ford Coppola read a poem by Maya Angelou.

Singer Van Morrison flew in from Ireland to entertain the guest alongside Janelle Monae, who also performed.

Mellody was walked down the aisle by former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley, whom she's known since she was 17. Bill also gave a toast before the cake-cutting ceremony.

Mellody wore a white dress by Peter Soronen and changed skirts between the ceremony and the party. George's son, Jett, was his best man, and his daughters, Katie and Amanda, were bridesmaids.

The ceremony was attended by some of Hollywood's A-list, including actor Samuel Jackson who tweeted,

 photo samtweet.png

And director Ron Howard, who star in George's 1973 film American Graffititweeted that the ceremony "was a joy to behold." Adding, "Bill Moyers service was beautiful, nothing short of profound. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Lucas."

The couple, who met at a business conference in 2006, got engaged in January of this year.  And though Mellody walks into the relationship with a nice little nest egg of her own, let's not forget the Red Tails director sold his television and film production company, Lucasfilm Ltd., to the Walt Disney Company for $4.05 billion in October 2012.  We guess he's ready to enter a new phase in life.  And we're sure Mellody knows EXACTLY where to put all those coins. 


What does THAT pre-nup look like?

Photo via Donna Newman




I wonder what was on the

I wonder what was on the pre-nup. I'm happy for them but I couldn't image laying under him at night. Ewwwww. Can the bedroom get dark enough?
Keep_It_100's picture


Keep_It_100's picture

I love Mellody! Congrats to

I love Mellody! Congrats to them. And yes she is the Force, as many women are that hold their men down.
PacificGirl's picture

What a knock-out bride! I've

What a knock-out bride! I've always admired her intellect, professionalism and the impact she's made on corporate America.
Denise2007's picture

Mellody made a beautiful

Mellody made a beautiful bride. Cheers to the happy couple!
SweetDivaT's picture

He's not racist see Paula

He's not racist see Paula Deen.
TeaNicole's picture

I mean its their money! Just

I mean its their money! Just because Beyonce and Jay Z are black doesn't mean they owe black people anything. If you come into some money feel free to spend it deworming orphans in Somalia or use it to wipe your ass instead of using toilet paper. Shouldn't matter to anybody cause it would YOUR money!
allidee's picture

Go Melody!..........and

Go Melody!..........and that's a gorgeous dress!
star's picture


Awe CONGRATS MELLODY & GEORGE, love is a beautiful thing!!
IslandGyal's picture

Aww she looks absolutely

Aww she looks absolutely beautiful. Very Dorothy Dandridge.
Peace Silas's picture

Congratulations Mel and

Congratulations Mel and George. We should all be so lucky to find a man that is kind, smart, and rich to boot.
SadieJade's picture

She is a classy lady educated

She is a classy lady educated and makes her own money so well done both of you!
Twila's picture

Love,love,love it! Congrats!

Love,love,love it! Congrats!
Josiee's picture

Umm, note to Nene. Adrienne

Umm, note to Nene. Adrienne Bosh, the Govan sistas, Evelyn--y'all ain't about THIS life right hea. *This* is a classy, uber-rich power couple. Loves it!!!!!

Typo in article, PLEASE

Typo in article, PLEASE change (for fearing of the both the Trekians and the Skywalkers comign down with a vengance): "This weekend, ABC News contributor Mellody Hobson walked down the aisle with her long time man Star Trek creator George Lucas" --- Should say STAR WARS creator. Difference.

Star Wars creator...not Star

Star Wars creator...not Star Trek.
Michael Cadenhead's picture

Batty Bey & Jay are

Batty Bey & Jay are desperately chasing that man's money..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

WOW! You are BEYOND obsessed

WOW! You are BEYOND obsessed with Beyonce. How does one person take up so much space/energy/time IN YOUR MIND? This article mentions not a blip about her, but yet you find a way to bring her and her husband up?!?!? This is very bizarre.
BlackDiva's picture

crusty white dudes care about

crusty white dudes care about giving back MORE than the Carters....bottom line..fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Bahaa...dam First grammar now

Bahaa...dam First grammar now the random post police...lolol I guess all forgotten was to thank the crusty white dude on the way out! Smdlolol..congrattttts!!!
Like Really's picture

But this article isn't about

But this article isn't about "crusty white dudes that care about giving back MORE than the Carters"...it's about two people getting married--That's it!. You (and some other posters) brought the Carters into it as with every other non-related post. I know this is celebrity blog and you get your kicks out of posting crazy stuff (some I do find funny), but your obsession with Beyonce and JZ is just very bizarre to me. But never mind me, I was just making an observation, so carry on.
BlackDiva's picture

just making sure YOU know how

just making sure YOU know how EVIL the Carter's are....they worship money MORE than GOD!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Hahaha..indeed! Smhlol

Hahaha..indeed! Smhlol *strums...For the luvv of $$$$!!
Like Really's picture

The "funny" thing is...this

The "funny" thing is...this guy helps African Charities more than The Carters have EVER done.....and Bill Gates is giving BILLIONS to Africa for fresh water & vaccinations
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Now THATS money! Man...

Now THATS money! Man...

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