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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Tristan Wilds Gets A New Music Name..."Mack"

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We've always thought he was a major cutie...and majorly talented in the acting arena.  And now, he's breaking changing it up and heading into the music space.  Actor Tristan Wilds is releasing a new album under a new name to match his new 'New Jack Swing' image.  


Meet "Mack" Wilds inside...

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Last night, TheYBF.com joined a select group of New York tastemakers who were treated to the new music styling of actor Tristan Wilds.  But something was a little different.  Actually....everything was different.  From the bandana to the tattoos to the gold jewelry, Tristan, who rose to fame on "90210" and in Red Tails, entered the room as "Mack", a sexy New Jack Swing-inspired crooner.  And he's giving us a new fresh face on the music scene.

He's even got folks like Method Man, Ne-Yo and Rico Love supporting the switch up.

We chatted exclusively with Mack (we gotta go with the new music name now) during his recent listening party at the NY hotspot Stash.  And he opened up about the name change, how his music has evolved and making the transition from acting to singing. 

TheYBF: Why was it important to you to reveal under a different name and it be a surprise?

Mack: Mack isn't a different name I've been called Mack since I was a baby. Google "Mack wells" and my name will come up. Mack has always been me, it's my family's name for me

Tell what inspired the album.

Mack: This album is about summertime and love in summertime, girls I've had and lost. Everything I wrote is real and a lot of girls will be hurt by this.

What was the biggest transition from acting to singing?

Mack: The biggest transition would have to be timing. Finding time to dedicate to both parts, to both sides. The acting and the music, other than that everything is pretty easy. I've been wanting to do this since I was a kid and you know every time I get in the studio with Salaam it's magic.

We see you have Method Man on this album and Ne-Yo wrote some songs.  Who would an ideal feature be for your next album?

Mack: Anybody who was willing to sit in the studio together and make things happen...like Kanye. There's a bunch of people I would like to see.

Are there any diss tracks on this record?

Mack: No diss records, just real talk.

Is singing the best way for you to express how you feel?

Mack: Yes, yes and writing...the music, making a creation of it and seeing it come alive right before your very eyes. I think that's the biggest buzz for me. Being able to create something that people can relate to later on in life

How much of the album did you write yourself?

Mack: The majority of it, yeah.

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Power 105 radio personality Angela Yee was there to support.

Mack's debut album New York: A Love Story was produced and written By Salaam Remi & Ne-Yo and will be released this fall.

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Though we've heard Tristan's music before, his new hip hop-fused tracks are sure to open him up to a new audience. And we have to admit, we're loving "Own It."  But tell us if you're feelin' it.  Check it out below...


Photos via Shirley Vernae



He could have been a major

He could have been a major player in a field that goes well beyond 35yrs old but he would rather rap. Those ratchet ass tats alone limited his auditions. U don't see actors who are true to their craft getting tatted up like ball players
Somerknight's picture

So is he really Michael

So is he really Michael Ealy's illegitimate son or nah?

Let's just say...90210 zip

Let's just say...90210 zip did this guy a favor..n' dude shits on it!! Smdhlol..*sips rob roy
Like Really's picture

no sir. wack.

no sir. wack.
wildlife's picture

ummmmm.....i like that white

ummmmm.....i like that white girl's shirt. she reminds me of kim catrell back in her younger days. other than that, i have no fux to give about a tristen or a mack.
shugastyles's picture


fucking Coma....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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