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GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS: Chris Brown's "Club Shoving" Accuser EXPOSED As A FRAUD? Chris CHARGED With "Hit And Run" (Plus Chris Defends Himself)

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As far as lawsuits go, Chris Brown got some good news...and some bad news.  Find out what's going on with his legal situations inside...

In a previous story, we told you about Deanna Gines, the young woman who claimed Chris shoved her to the ground at Heat Ultra Lounge, tearing the ligaments in her right knee (according to her police report). Following the "alleged" assault, Deanna went as far as posting pics of her injuries (crutches and all). 

But now, things are looking VERY suspicious on Deanna's part. TMZ has obtained footage of Deanna in the parking lot following the "alleged" assault and she's seen putting pressure on her right leg, and limping on her left. Wait.....shouldn't it have been the OTHER way around?  And for whatever reason, she had a cast on her left leg. 

When confronted about the "switch" she told TMZ that she hurt her entire lower body and at the time, her left leg hurt MORE than her right. SMH....we call B.S. on that one!  If you're going to fake the funk....at least be consistent!

Watch Deanna walking on her "injured" leg here:


Also...sources from the club did AGREE the Deanna hurt herself that night. But they say it was her own fault!  Eyewitness said she stumbled out of the club -- drunk -- and took a fall on her way out. The owner says Chris never touched her.


And now for the bad news.......

You'll recall that Chris and Karreuche Tran were involved in a fender bender in May.  Now, according to the website above, the L.A. City Attorney is filing two criminal charges against Chris for hit-and-run:  Leaving the scene without exchanging proper information AND driving without a valid license. If convicted, the crimes are punishable by a maximum of 6 months in jail for each offense. Also, a judge "could" say he violated his parole with the "hit-and-run" and sentence him to 4 years!

Chris defended himself of Twitter, saying he took pics at the scene of the accident...AND he has a valid license.  And we can say there are indeed pics of him speaking to the other driver.  Chris made his Twitter header pic the woman's license plate.  And then went on this rant:

@tmz is the devil.. Just yesterday you guys were accusing me of assaulting someone( which was false) and now today it's some more bs.

He also said:

 photo chrisbrowntweet.png


For now, the case has been sent to the D.A's office and Chris and his legal team can only bite their nails and hope this one goes away quietly. Don't forget, there's still the case of the "mysterious" community service hours that he'll need to handle this summer as well.

With all this drama we really want to say just let this man live.  But we'll see what the end results are in this hit & run case...


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The reality of it all is that

The reality of it all is that CB is only out cause he is a celeb. Any other black man would have been back in jail for all the probation violations he has done since his original sentence. Tearing up the GMA's dressing room, taking that girl cell phn when she was trying to take a pic, the bar fight with Drake's crew, etc....... Back in Dec my cuz called his exgirlfriend a crackho. She called his PO and he was in jail for 90 days for threatning her just off a crackho word. So PHUCK CHRIS BROWN
Somerknight's picture

Really YBF? Let him live?

Really YBF? Let him live? You're one of the MAIN contributors to the hate against him. Why not post something POSITIVE about Chris once in a while instead of trying to get hits for garbage? You can help the man live if you used your words to uplift instead of SHADE and tearing him down.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

Breezy has made his share of

Breezy has made his share of mistakes, but I call BS on these two claims...
tinytexan's picture

At this point I think people

At this point I think people are just trying to slander him if he doesn't pay them on the d.l. Not saying Breezy is a saint but one bad incident is not the sum-total of a person's life. All the people bashing him out in Cali LOVE Charlie Sheen and Alec Baldwin: two old white jerks who've been abusive to women their whole lives & yet they keep making $. Pot meet damn kettle...

those guys have Booze

those guys have Booze problems & get sent to rehab....Chris is just an Angry Ape.......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

What rehab? They've been

What rehab? They've been doing the same sh!t for 20+ years.

those silly white guys have

those silly white guys have serious drinking problems.....Chris is just ANGRY....O.J. got away with double murder....so it all evens out..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Moon Cricket is going to

Moon Cricket is going to Prison <-- Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Jesus H. Christ's picture

that Monkey needs to be

that Monkey needs to be behind bars....throwing doo-doo
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I will agree with Chris when

I will agree with Chris when he said that TMZ is the devil. TMZ will report anything that they HEAR and they don't bother to try to get any facts. That's real talk.
Keep_It_100's picture

What? Chris doesn't have a

What? Chris doesn't have a driver's license? What's up with all of the security, bodyguards, and hangers-on? Can't someone on his team be his designated driver at ALL times? This is not looking good, ESPECIALLY when you're already on probation. The court of public opinion is looking to make an example out of a celebrity, not to mention a high profile black entertainer. You may have to take one for the team on this one. Maybe you can teach dance lessons in the big house while on lock down, all while 'working for the state' for $0.06/day.
Keep_It_100's picture

Chris Brown is a phenomenal

Chris Brown is a phenomenal artist and it is always some drama attached to his name. i am beginning to believe that people want to purposely say his name to get him in trouble, the girl on the crutches is lying, I can tell a nd I wasnt there. Love Chris and I pray he stays out of the negative sistuations and moves into positive ones.
MarshayH's picture

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