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IT'S HERE: Beyonce's FULL "Standing On The Sun" Song

The much anticipated HQ studio version of Beyonce's "Standing On The Sun" track is here. Twirl your way inside to get a listen....

You've heard a snippet of the song a million times on Mrs. Carter's hot H&M commercial.  And now, the sultry diva (or someone who leaked it) has given us the full version of the song we've been hearing for months now.

The Sia-penned song gives us a sexy summer "Baby Boy" vibe.

The song does not yet appear on iTunes and Beyonce herself has not mentioned it via a handwritten note or huge poster size announcement on her website.  So it looks like it was a leak that wasn't necessarily supposed to drop just yet.  But with just one day until her BET Experience debut in L.A., it's only right we get a lil something something to whet our whistles for this kick off of the North American leg of the Mrs. Carter Show world tour.

Check out the full "Standing On The Sun" track below:

Photo: H&M

UPDATE: When Beyonce performs the song in concert, there is a rap breakdown in the middle.  Seeing that Beyonce, like many performers, often change their songs around for live performances, there is no word yet if the rap breakdown is part of the official HQ version.




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Bey-Z has sex with drum stix

Bey-Z has sex with drum stix in each hole 4 people in the front row ($1000 per person).......
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Bey is almost as beautiful as

Bey is almost as beautiful as Solange!
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This isn't the official

This isn't the official version if you've seen any of the concert footage there is a "rap" in the song.
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I'm a Beyonce fan

I'm a Beyonce fan (pre-illuminati Bey), and she IS great, and all, but will somebody please get Matthew Knowles? Her decisions, and choices are nowhere NEAR where they used to be when Matthew was running things. I hate to say it, and yes I know she just did the Superbowl, but I feel like her career is headed for a cool down.
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truth-be-told...since Twitter

truth-be-told...since Twitter & social media has exploded...the truth about this PHONY chick is outta the bag now!!!! she hates people & worships money............
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dam thats a fine ass redbone!

dam thats a fine ass redbone!
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She's a Mexican. Jesus is a

She's a Mexican. Jesus is a RedBone
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Sounds Shitty...money grab

Sounds Shitty...money grab
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