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OXYGEN has revealed the supertrailer for "Preachers of L.A." and you'll see why this is going to be one of the most-talked about reality shows to hit the small screen.  Watch the controversial promo inside.


There's a new reality show headed to the small screen and it stars a group of handsome men in LA who drive Bentleys, wear expensive clothes and jewelry, live in fancy homes, have tons of women (wives, girlfriends and baby mommas) AND some gang affiliation.  It could be the perfect brew for an urban reality show about athletes or rappers, but.....it's about men of the cloth.  

Though previous reality tv series devoted to "the church" failed to connect with audiences (remember The Sisterhood?), the supertrailer for "Preachers of L.A." looks like it has the right amount of foolywangery  to connect with folks at the watercooler.  

According to the press release

"Preachers of L.A." will give viewers a candid and revealing look at six boldly different and world renowned mega-pastors in Southern California, who are willing to share diverse aspects of their lives, from their work in the community and with their parishioners to the very large and sometimes provocative lives they lead away from the pulpit."

And from the looks of it...the lives they lead aren't too different from the ish we see on "Basketball Wives" and "Love & Hip Hop". 


Here are the cast bios:

Bishop Noel Jones (@BishopNoelJones)

A Jamaican born into poverty, Bishop Noel Jones has made his way to the other extreme, now living on a hilltop with a view of the Pacific Ocean, Malibu at his feet, and across the street from the former home of the late L.A. Lakers owner, Jerry Buss. The pastor of a church full of celebrities, and the brother of Grace Jones, Bishop Jones is headed towards retirement and looking for a successor who he can entrust his life’s work. But finding the right man is harder than it sound.

Deitrick Haddon 

The son of a bishop and an evangelist, Deitrick was preaching at the age of eleven and conducting the church choir at thirteen. At twenty-three he married the woman he was expected to marry – the lead soprano of the church choir. However, everything didn’t continue as perfectly as the church had hoped. Deitrick and his wife got a divorce and the members of the church shunned him. Aside from the call on his life, the one thing that helped him from hitting rock bottom was his music. A dynamic personality, singer, songwriter, and preacher, Deitrick finds himself at an impasse in life. Which road will he choose?

Bishop Clarence McClendon 

Bishop Clarence McClendon appears throughout the world on his weekly international broadcast, which is available in 250 million homes worldwide. This charismatic and ubiquitous bishop has been noted for his contemporary and relevant approach to the Gospel. He believes the Gospel is not only for the down and out but for the up and out. His ministry spans from skid row to the estates of Bel Air. When challenged about what many have called his prosperity Gospel, Bishop replies, “there is no other kind of Gospel.”

Pastor Wayne Chaney

At the age of twenty he got the call from God and has grown to become a prominent pastor of the church his grandfather built. Fast-forward 10 years later, Antioch is the leading church in its community. With an ability to communicate complex truths in a simple way, Pastor Chaney has helped remarkably grow the church, along with the help of his secret weapon, his wife, gospel artist Myeshia Chaney. While Antioch is poised to become the next mega-church with the ability to reach millions worldwide, there’s an obstacle in the way and it comes from within Pastor Wayne’s own family.

Bishop Ron Gibson

Born in Compton, addicted to drugs before he was a teenager, a leader of the Crips by the time he was sixteen, a robber and a pimp, Bishop Ron Gibson was the least likely person to end up a preacher. He now changes the lives of 4,500 people each week at the Life Church of God in Christ, which he started with only nine people in the congregation. Through it all he’s accumulated great wealth, power and purpose. However, there’s one thing he and his wife would give it all away for – a child.

Pastor Jay Haizlip (@jayhaizlip)

One of the pioneering greats of competitive skateboarding, Pastor Jay Haizlip, originally from Gadsden, Alabama, collected big trophies, bigger paychecks and high-end sponsors, but fell deep into drugs, and into the crack houses of Huntington Beach and Long Beach, California. Back in the crack houses again, this time he’s not there for drugs – he’s helping rescue souls for the Kingdom. Serving as Senior Pastor of The Sanctuary of Huntington Beach, Pastor Jay Haizlip reaches out to troubled youth, finding them in prisons, skate parks and the same crack houses he once shot dope in.


It's worth mentioning that some sources said LisaRaye would be appearing as Bishop Noel Jones love interest.  However, we didn't see her in the trailer.  In fact, Noel was dating "another" woman.  Perhaps they're saving LisaRaye for a big reveal? 


Watch the promo here:



Photo via Gospelhype




The sheperd left the 99 for

The sheperd left the 99 for the 1. If only one person comes to the Lord as a result of this show, it is worth it. I dont care if people agree with prosperity preaching or not that isn't the point of the Bible. The question remains regarding our inherent value and the Father heart of God and our love for others. Are we becoming love or serving love? Are we judging and not forgiving while asking to be forgiven and not judged? Let him who is without sin throw the first stone. Let us love the Lord our God with all heart, soul, and mind and love others as we love ourself. Step out today and go slower (being relational to all of those around us) and go lower (humbly with love and honor).

This is blasphemy. On

This is blasphemy. On Change-org: https://www.change.org/petitions/oxygen-network-stop-the-airing-of-plann...
Child_Puhleez's picture

Someone's already started a

Someone's already started a petition to boycott: https://www.change.org/petitions/oxygen-network-stop-the-airing-of-plann...
Child_Puhleez's picture

I am heading over there right

I am heading over there right now! This is some absolute ridiculousness right here! There is a time to pray and then to ACT.
Blvdjewel's picture

This is truly pitiful. =/

This is truly pitiful. =/
Mrs. Wilson's picture

WTF This is why I stopped

WTF This is why I stopped going to traditional Black churches. SMH
cococaramel's picture

Most of these black pastors

Most of these black pastors ARE FILTHY RICH because black women LOVE INDOCTRINATION , women in general LOVE INDOCTRINATION!!!!If you go to any of these churches YOU WILL SEE THOUSANDS OF WOMEN because WOMEN LOVE LIVING A FALSE REALITY!!!!And want to hear somebody TELL THEM SOME SHIT THAT'S GOING TO MOTIVATE THEM. This church shit IS THE BIGGEST PIMP LIKE SCHEME EVER CREATED!!!I can't be mad at the pastors BUT THE NEGROS THAT GOING TO THESE CHURCHES NEED TO BE SHOT. It's been proven Christianity is nothing more than a carbon copy of what was written on the wall in KEMET!!!That shit was one of the stepping stones FOR WHITE SUPREMACY TO KEEP NIGGAS IN CHECK and it still does and niggas still think ALTHOUGH IM DOING BAD NOW THERE'S SOMETHING BETTER AFTER THEY DIEEEEEEEE LOL.
LetsGetIt's picture

both the hustlers and the

both the hustlers and the hustled are fucked up in the head. neither can exist without the other. religion doesnt even attempt to be logical or sensible yet the "sheep" will follow right behind that shit all the way to the slaughterhouse. only reason for the petition is because they are embarrassed for ppl to see how stupid they ALL are.
shuga honey's picture


YOU EVIDENTLY HAVE VERY SERIOUS DEEP-SEEDED ISSUES WITH 'BLACK', 'WOMEN', AND OBVIOUSLY 'BLACK WOMEN'. The last place you need to be is on this website, but instead a psychiatrist's office.
Peace Silas's picture

Every last one of these men

Every last one of these men look suspect. Sometimes you hve to go with your gut.
BEEMA ETHEL's picture

I definitely believe that

I definitely believe that pastors sin and fall short of the glory of God because they are human. My pastor once said that church is not for the perfect, its for the sinners, however, I think this is joke. I think as a man of the cloth flashing your money and cars is repulsive. I think alot of these pastors are rock stars with a bible and want the same fame that these celebrities have for all the wrong reasons. This show is not about showing how they try to live their live in word of God but it is about stunting like my daddy. Thats the problem
shaneice225's picture

100% truth

100% truth <------------------
Jesus H. Christ's picture

why are so called christians

why are so called christians on a gossip site in the first place? but then they are condemning these fake ass preachers for going on tv showing how fake they ALL are. hello, pot let me introduce you to kettle.
shuga honey's picture

May I request a network do a

May I request a network do a "Politicians of America" show? I want someone to stick a camera in their face and follow them around for 24 hours so we can get a real sense of WTF is going on (wrong) in this country...
Peace Silas's picture

Oh, I am all for THAT.

Oh, I am all for THAT.
Blvdjewel's picture

I'm sure God is thrilled to

I'm sure God is thrilled to see that saving souls pays so great, but Jesus does it for free.
Josiee's picture

And he coming back for the

And he coming back for the ones who preach the word wrong!! I will not watch these sinners.

yelp more than one of them is

yelp more than one of them is Gay and living on the Down Low. Why would these fools think that we want to see how Rachet the church is. This is why people don't trust Religion
lola69's picture

It looks good. Some black

It looks good. Some black people don't want to really see what's really behind the church curtain. Relegion is a scam so of course you get con artists and fools who get conned.
RustyCorliss's picture

Pastors should conduct

Pastors should conduct themselves at a HIGHER standard without falling back on, "I'm just a man." Shepherding a flock is a HUGE responsibility with big expectations. Certainly, everyone has flaws and no one is perfect; however accepting the calling the pastor a church requires that the pastor's conduct is in line with his role. There are morality clauses in contracts for school teachers, professional athletes, and all kinds of occupations. In my opinion, pastors should be held accountable at a higher standard.
Keep_It_100's picture

wtf???? this is not of GOD!

wtf???? this is not of GOD! this is some bullshhh. no ma'am!

Joel Osteen & his Bimbo Wife

Joel Osteen & his Bimbo Wife constantly Tweet how money isnt important.....yet they are collecting Billions from YOU (tax free).........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Whatever The Osteens do with

Whatever The Osteens do with $ they keep to THEMSELVES. They're not flashy or materialistic & they don't talk too much. THAT's the difference betw them & these other scammers.

they buy land around the

they buy land around the country....which is also tax exempt for churches....so...when they "retire"....they'll be worth Billions & Billions.......wake up!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

You just proved my point. *If

You just proved my point. *If that's true* that is nothing something they BRAG about or advertise. I don't care what The Osteens do with THEIR $--cuz they don't get any from me. But I respect their discreet manor--unlike these flashy fools that are about to be on 'Reality' TV! Hypocrites.

The fact that they keep their

The fact that they keep their money grubbing tendancies quiet makes them no less hypocritical! So you respect hypocracy as long as it's practiced discreetly...SMH. With that said however, this mess looks llike pure ratchetness!!!!
Burself's picture

Glad i proved your

Glad i proved your point.......now google image their lifestyle
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Only if you google the

Only if you google the definition of redundant :-)

K.......but dude drives

K.......but dude drives around in a Ferrari & lives in a Presidential Compound:).......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

SMH...where's the petition?

SMH...where's the petition? #boycott

Already started

Already started LOL https://www.change.org/petitions/oxygen-network-stop-the-airing-of-plann...
Child_Puhleez's picture

are you boycotting the other

are you boycotting the other "reality show" known as Creflo Dollar World Ministries too?
shuga honey's picture

I will not watch. I'm afraid

I will not watch. I'm afraid that this will only fuel and fan the fire for those that already have a negative view of Christianity and the pulpit. This will be the proof needed to show that the collection tray is the primary means of funding lavish lifestyles, and that these "men of the cloth" are nothing more than urban entertainers. We all fall short, but I wonder how these gentlemen reconcile this with our Lord and Savior? How will this shine a light on the Kingdom of God? Oh, wait,,it's reality tv, so they get paid, right? smh

Bishop Clarence McClendon is

Bishop Clarence McClendon is scandalous. Ten years ago he had Church of the Harvest. Until he was discovered to be a fraud, divorced his wife of 16 years and married some trick a week later. He said God told him to do it. Really? God showed you another woman when you already had a wife. GTFOH!
PacificGirl's picture

This is why I stopped going

This is why I stopped going to church years ago. I read my Bible at home, and I give my money to charities and needy people.
Josiee's picture

You and me both!

You and me both!
PacificGirl's picture

And the difference between

And the difference between them and pimps are??????????????? Don't worry, I'll wait......
Eden Hansom's picture

This show premise is

This show premise is disgusting. Flaunting ostentatious wealth in front of your congregation and the rest of the world and justifying by saying that P Diddy and Jay-Z should not be the only ones living wealthy lifestyles? They don't pretend to be men of God. These men should be concerned with spiritual things and not worldly goods. Not saying they should be broke, but I don't understand these church members who allow these men to take their money, sleep around, embezzle, and sometimes molest teenagers and justify it with a "Oh I'm a man like everyone else." No you're not like everyone else, you take the role of a spiritual advisor, act like it.
IslandVibez's picture



at LEAST one of them is

at LEAST one of them is gay......at LEAST one.
shuga honey's picture

not watching

not watching
ZenLea's picture

This reality TV crap is

This reality TV crap is getting out of hand now smh. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool news and videos on there too
V's picture

....and watch them steal the

....and watch them steal the shit outta your money (tax free)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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