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TV FAB: Eve Talks Hot Cars & Babies On "Chelsea" + Chris Bosh Makes The Rounds On "Piers Morgan" & "Conan"

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Eve is still making a few promo rounds for her new album Lip Lock.  And last night, she stopped by "Chelsea Lately" to dish with Chelsea about babies and her boo.  Check out a few clips inside, plus Chris Bosh addressing all those viral photobomb pics of him with...."those" looks he gives folks....

After ten years, Eve finally released a new album, and she's still out promoting it.  She stopped by "Chelsea Lately" to dish on why it took her so long and she spoke about her UK boyfriend.  Oh yeah, and once again she's letting us know she's more than ready to have some babies.  "It's baby poppin' time."

And Chris Bosh and Adrienne (y'all know she's front and center with her husband everywhere)...

 photo 4bd4cf60dec911e2a2be22000aeb11a7_7_zps9a97ebc4.jpg  photo 15cd0876dec211e2939222000a9f1385_7_zpsd8c73143.jpg

The twosome hit up both "Conan" and "Piers Morgan" this week to talk about the Heat's championship win.  And those hilarious looks he constantly gives.  

Conan actually put together a video of all his photo bombs.  Check out Chris' explanation:


By the way, Adrienne says she's almost 5 months pregnant.  And she stayed this small with her first son Jackson until about 5 and a half months.


Photos: Adrienne's Instagram




lets be real, most of the

lets be real, most of the woman making comment on mr and mrs bosh are jealous female. i am no fan of the guy or his wife and yes she seems short next to man that is 6'11 you idots . you woman never fail to amaze me. maybe you all are just jealous cause her hand bag cost more than everything you have in your closet
mybigboy1979's picture

Without heels, Adrienne is

Without heels, Adrienne is just tall enough to reach Bosh's dong.
BEEMA ETHEL's picture

Adrienne is WACK ole treasure

Adrienne is WACK ole treasure troll looking self..
ZenLea's picture

eve's weaves always look

eve's weaves always look terrible....chris bosh's woman is too damn short especially standing next to him. she looks dwarfish
litebrite's picture

There's nothing wrong with

There's nothing wrong with admitting to using a surrogate. That is how her son was born its not a secret amoung the other wives.
TeaNicole's picture

Her purse is bigger than her.

Her purse is bigger than her.
TeaNicole's picture

Chris and Adrianne do not

Chris and Adrianne do not compliment one another well at all. She look right ridiculous standing next to him.
Peace Silas's picture

I mean where do they even

I mean where do they even find such short women??? They look like children.
Shaniqua's picture

She's holding that bag up

She's holding that bag up like it's a badge of honor. Having nice things is great but feeling like you have to display them all the time is plain vain.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Love Eve--only Eve, Beyoncé &

Love Eve--only Eve, Beyoncé & MJB can rock blonde hair without looking ridiculous. I like Bosh--I just think he's soft & gets criticized for it. Not everybody has to thug their way thru life. Plus he & wifey look happy--that Birkin is bigger than her. I ain't even mad...

Loves Eve....and all the gay

Loves Eve....and all the gay pics of Bosh on twitter are hilarious
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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