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Jordin Sparks, Angela Simmons, A Ring Flashing Nene Leakes & MORE GET FAB For Debra Lee's Pre-BET Awards Dinner

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As the 2013 BET Awards Weekend celebration continues, Debra Lee hosted a slew of celebrities for a pre-awards dinner Saturday night that brought out Nene Leaks, Jordin Sparks, Angela Simmons and many more.  See the pics inside...

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationb3xn-bffPLBl.jpg

Newly re-married "Glee" and "RHOA" star Nene Leakes was among the celebs who attended the Pre-BET Awards Celebration Dinner Hosted By Debra L. Lee at Milk Studios in Los Angeles last night. 

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationBUExaY_T_47l.jpg

Nene brought along her "I Dream of Nene" co-star and husband twice over Gregg Leakes as she was quick to display her 10-carat diamond wedding band and 15.2-carat ring.  Wowzers! 

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationvZKoDZWzQH-l.jpg

 photo _DSC0537_zps6ac102e6.jpg

 photo _DSC0559_zpsa2138105.jpg

Singer Jordin Sparks rocked a body hugging black ensemble with hot pink sandals.

 photo _DSC0603_zpse5416b80.jpg

Jay Ellis of BET's "The Game" popped up on the carpet.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationf8oI_RkOZ2Wl.jpg

 photo _DSC0668_zps90adda4c.jpg

Singer Elle Varner, who hosted BET's rooftop pool party on Friday, worked a purple sequined dress.   

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationf3qq_F-bnlJl.jpg

She posed it up alongside Jordin and Michelle Williams on the grey carpet.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationgEhWQTp4-wLl.jpg

Michelle Williams recently released her new "If We Had Your Eyes" single.  And spent some time promoting it at the dinner:

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationClzmBnhjGONl.jpg

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationGZTZmEufcAIl.jpg

 photo _DSC0651_zpsb20750d1.jpg

She attended with songwriter and producer Harmony Samuels.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebration3CLSAES4XBal.jpg

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationCeZwy2792I4l.jpg

Angela Simmons wore an interesting outfit complete with geometric shapes and sparkling pumps.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationOnNd2D97VV-l.jpg

Russell Simmons was also spotted at dinner.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebration00yye43fu-2x.jpg

And he has a NEW model girlfriend!  We're shocked because the dark-brown sister is a big departure from the type of model we normally see Uncle Russell with....

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationWk9Rl6hM2iNl.jpg

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationNUw2-Iz0xlsl.jpg

"RHOA" star Cynthia Bailey, who posed with husband Peter Bailey, recently disclosed that she'll be undergoing surgery on the next season of the series.  And she's keeping her mystery ailment to herself until then...

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationnmMFXKrRxuUl.jpg

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationVV4ulRndG69l.jpg

While on the carpet, Michelle got a kiss on the cheek from the original-Shaft star Richard Roundtree.  It looks like Richard is still a ladies' man.....

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationcPAG9F6BSVUl.jpg

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationffsetJ_Yu7Ll.jpg

Sitcom chick Tichina Arnold smiled for the cameras while rocking a gorgeous tan.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationDroVOsHzL1ml.jpg

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationv2yE8iVBBWul.jpg


Best-selling author Tyrese posed with his artist Lyndriette Kristal Smith.  Wouldn't be surprised if these two pop up "dating" soon.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationeLZEIXK2nMdlll.jpg

Soul Ties star Leon (the father of Cynthia Bailey's daughter) was seen at the party.   

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationmIH5Q7GRe7sl.jpg


 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationdqiMus03aLMl.jpg

TV personality Wayne Brady posed alongside "Apollo Live" judge Doug E. Fresh.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationCOfEooDXzVsl.jpg

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationgrvmWXAcmHhl.jpg

"The Real" co-host Adrienne Bailon wore a sexy body hugging black dress.  She's got this booty pose down to a tee doesn't she?

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebration_LuGdctPB0Mx.jpg 

MC Lyte has signed on for a new BET reality series called "Hip Hop Sisters."  Still thinking on whether we'll be catching that...

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationHFMtC-ssqGpl.jpg

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationROqdqy3-eOFx.jpg


 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationoLQP1RV89s1l.jpg

"Army Wives" star Ashanti wore a snakeskin cutout dress.  And chick looked hot.  Loving this dress.  She attended with her sister Shia who was...more covered up than usual.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationZeDdSlrV4hjl.jpg

Singer Stephen Marley wore a floral print blazer.  And only he could pull it off.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationLeJaCk4JrXDl.jpg

BET exec Louis Carr kept it dapper.


 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationIiML32fBFGkl.jpg

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationYhOEolvXvLWl.jpg

Chris Tucker will host the 2013 BET Awards later tonight. We hope he's funny because dude has been MIA for a minute...

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationUBqieVBvbC2l.jpg

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationyb8369V-YOGl.jpg

KeKe Palmer kept it grown and sexy for the cameras.  Loving this new image of hers.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebration-yie2DfxnFkl.jpg

Former WNBA star Lisa Leslie wore a striking white off-the shoulder dress.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationwuYk0oLXKyDl.jpg

Nelly, who just dropped the "Get Like Me" single, was also there to play co-host of the event.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebration-wHGoNodUXxl.jpg

"Raising Whitley" star Kim Whitley threw up the deuces in her blue lace dress.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationb8uiCnt_tc1l.jpg

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationuZ5dJiHJSsdl.jpg

Producer Future dressed up a pair of boots with a fitted shirt.  This guy though...

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationuHqpNYGY4mHl.jpg

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationCXHHBFJfGjel.jpg

Comedian Sherri Shepherd arrived with husband Lamar Sally.  She will be starring with Chris Rock in his next film Finally Famous.


 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationGKHcwuxprjwl.jpg

Judge Greg Mathis was there for the festivities.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationsklc90n5QsSl.jpg

"Being Mary Jane" producer Mara Brock Akil attended and looked to be almost makeup free.  We love when fab chicks show their natural gorgeousness.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationIOKi9iTatJil.jpg

"The Game" star Hosea Chanchez sported a full beard.  Is he going through something?

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebration-kooxQ4whcSl.jpg

Laila Ali looked amazing as a lady in coral.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationl_cBQnMHokTl.jpg

Vanessa Bell Calloway rocked an animal-print dress.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationGI1sWmLLEsXl.jpg  

"Let's Stay Together" star Erica Hubbard lit up the place with all these sparkles.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationB0ORj_ViWEPl.jpg

Actress Demetria McKinney was also there.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationaYmFpjp1LYdl.jpg

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebration859GZqSqUqVl.jpg

"Bad" singer Tiara Thomas walked the press line.  Hope she didn't run into Wale.  Dude is still pressed and emotional over her leaving his almost-deal with her..

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationainKLoVg072l.jpg

"Glamorous Life" drummer Sheila E looked amazing.  She tore down a few parties over the weekend for BET.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationaTG1sO13JXrl.jpg

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebrationAnXMHDy_Oufx.jpg

Holly Robinson Peete was there with husband Rodney.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebration8sn_mtQiNfCl.jpg

Ashanti posed for a few shots with Holly Robinson Peete.  Pretty ladies!

 photo _DSC0636_zps44c4b902.jpg


"The Client List" star Loretta Devine walked the silver carpet.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebration7oyrBQh-v4Vl.jpg

Producer Debra Martin Chase smiled for the photographers.

 photo DemetriaMcKinneyattendsPreBETAwardsCelebration3Px4xwF62v9l.jpg

"Let's Stay Together" actress Nadine Ellis attended.  


 photo _DSC0667_zps5878680d.jpg

R&B veteran Ron Isley posed with his much younger wife Kandy Isley.  No surprises there.


Watch Nene showing off her wedding ring and other arrivals here:


Photogs: Paras Griffin/G Paras Photography, PCN




That's not Stephen Marley,

That's not Stephen Marley, that's Bazaar Royale. He's married to Beverly Bond.

shes lucky first a t.v show

shes lucky first a t.v show then her beautiful wedding.... now she has a new hair care product out ??????
sweet_sometymes's picture

You're talking about Nene

You're talking about Nene right?! I thought I was the only one that heard about that! The other day I was in Harlem I got some free samples of hair products called NeNe's secret, and I was actually thinking whether it was hers...
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OKAY JORDIN SPARKS YOU BETTER WORK OUT!! THOSE PINK SHOES ARE A LITTLE BIT OF LIFE!!! This is the cutest I've ever seen Michelle Williams..just saying..I can tell Nene is in serious love..cute...and Ashanti ummm I like that dress but that hair is always off to me. MORE IMPORTANTLY WHY IS ADRIENNE BAILON THERE???????? THIS GIRL IS THE BIGGEST GROUPIE EVER!!
cutethatsall56's picture

Uncle Russ girl is bangin.

Uncle Russ girl is bangin. MC Lite looks strange in that outfit. Lisa Leslie is stunning. Thanks,,,,thats all.
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Ashanti and Keke Palmer owned their looks.
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Everyone looks nice and it

Everyone looks nice and it looks like a successful eventful weekend.☺
Peace Silas's picture

keke Palmer look like she 35

keke Palmer look like she 35 years old

Nene dear, that under-the-eye

Nene dear, that under-the-eye concealer is ALL wrong. It is glowing. I like Jordin Sparks' shoes. Sherri Shepherd's husband, Lamar Sally, obviously got dressed in the dark. Ladies, stop wearing that ugly black nail polish (MC Lyte). Black nail polish doesn't look good on anybody. These are some of the worst red carpet (i.e. gray carpet) photos that I have seen in a long time. No one appears to have a stylist on the payroll. The ladies seem to be doing their own make-up and it shows. SMH
Keep_It_100's picture

how does Adrienne Bailon keep

how does Adrienne Bailon keep getting invited to these events??!

I think she hears by word of

I think she hears by word of mouth and shows up dressed. She's soooo irrelevant.
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Jesus H. Christ's picture

Ashanti that wig

Ashanti that wig tho....McLyte and Stephen Marley....NO!.........Holly looks like she's done some recent injections...No Likey...And I also hate her hairstyle...Judge Mathis where's your wife?...trying to pose like a single youngin..Man have a few seats...And Nene is starting to get that weird face from TOO much injectables, girl stop!.....Angela is giving me the socialite, Denise Rich, making this look for her TOO old.........And Sheri...Just LOL
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Thank you! His IP address should have been blocked long ago.
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Be very afraid.....lol

Be very afraid.....lol
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miSSyCatsss's picture

Jordin sparks look fab almost

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nobody can agree or disagree

nobody can agree or disagree with u cuz they dont know what the hell u talkin bout,,,,just speak english next time.
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Elle Varner has rape

Elle Varner has rape hair.....did she get raped 30minutes ago???? o_O
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