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After The Show Is The AFTERPARTY! Kanye West, Chris Brown & Karrueche, LaLa, Kevin Hart & More Flock To 2013 BET Awards Parties

 photo circob1_zpsc6600c46.jpg

It's all about the after parties when a big show like the 2013 BET Awards go down.  We've got a few flicks of folks hitting the afterparty circuit last night in L.A....

Jamie Foxx hosted an afterparty at his estate in the Hills (with a full camera crew and everything) with plenty of his celeb friends.   Even new dad Kanye West made a surprise appearance and came out to kick it with the White House Down star and Jeezy.

 photo cirocb3_zps6fd2f337.jpg

Shemar Moore was spotted on the mansion grounds making an arrival.

 photo cirocb2_zpsa76dd511.jpg

And Tichina Arnold was there to chop it up with Jamie on camera.

 photo SingerChrisBrownleavesBETafterpartywhOupRDxz_4l_zps1ec15e7e.jpg

Singer Chris Brown hosted an afterparty at The Belasco Theater.  And he was spotted arriving with girlfriend Karreuche Tran.  Kae posted a cutesy pic of the twosome together earlier in the day where she said she wished "her baby" luck on his performance.  Mmhmm....

 photo SingerChrisBrownleavesBETafterparty8-bHG3VUdvRl_zps28d39567.jpg photo SingerChrisBrownleavesBETafterpartySH3fn8nxCaAl_zps6b2f5e6b.jpg

The twosome walked in together and partied it up all night:

 photo chpar1_zps1437b987.jpg

And also spotted at Chris' afterparty:

 photo RapperTygagirlfriendBlacChynaattendChris6tp8_oOryvQl_zpsf5f3a896.jpg

 photo RapperTygagirlfriendBlacChynaattendChrisSXnN6BBZhlvl_zps38c35329.jpg

Rapper Tyga and his baby moms Blac Chyna, in a green bandage dress, made an appearance.  Wonder why she's holding her booty in that last pic.  Injection juice dripping?  Tragedy....

 photo chrispar2_zps4044c27f.jpg

And Nick Cannon was on his Cali ish while hitting up Breezy's party as well.

Will Packer & his Think Like A Man crew (and his girlfriend Heather) all headed out to pop a few bottles to celebrate winning Best Picture at the Awards...and the fact they're already working on the sequel:

 photo bestafter_zpsac22ef4b.jpg

Cast members LaLa Anthony, Regina Hall, Terrence J, Gary Owen & Kevin Hart were all on TURN UP TIME as Kevin calls it.  Hilar.


 photo afep5_zps7b7e4c1f.jpg

La posted a pic of her & Kevin readying more Ace of Spades.  She said Kevin bought that ish though.  Ha!


And the newly single Monyetta Shaw made her night out sans baby's daddy Ne-Yo a longer one with an afterparty.  She and Toya Wright, Malaysia Pargo and friends chilled out:

 photo aftep2_zpsd5cf5eec.jpg  photo aftep3_zps554078b3.jpg  photo afep4_zpsa63edcd8.jpg

The girls were partying it up at Greystone...but looked a bit bored.

 photo fc1_zpsa9d3730e.jpg

Ciara snuggled up to her boo Future after he performed at Greystone.

 photo fc2_zps58406221.jpg

 photo aftep1_zps6d443905.jpg

And LeToya Luckett caught up with her long time friend (and Beyonce's stylist) Ty Hunter over at Greystone too.



Photos: Splash, LaLa's Instagram, mayakgoldenberg's IG, Will Packer's IG, Toya Wright's IG, LeToya Luckett's IG, abegailjoy's IG, iamstevejames' IG, Hennessy V.S





Lol Kae is humiliating

Lol Kae is humiliating herself. I would have never went back to that ass. I guess that dick is that good, & so is the spot light.
Monae's picture

Enough with calling Karreuche

Enough with calling Karreuche the side chick, the rebound, the whatever. Who falls in love with the rebound? People are acting like Karreuche was the only chick Chris Brown was with after the break up with Rihanna. Miss me with all that. At the end of the day when everybody turned their backs on him Karreuche was still there by his side. They grew to have a friendship and that's what makes a real relationship work. Not this whole "they look good together crap". The interview he did on Breakfast Club said it all. He was not ready to settle down with Rihanna and it was quite clear that Rihanna invested more time and herself in their relationship then he did. Did they love each other? They probably did but they did have time apart where they both grew into different people and maybe when they got back together they seen as much as they wanted it to work out it just wasn't the same. The whole time Rihanna was being childish about the situation, throwing it in her face while Karreuche was chillin' in the cut. I can see why Rihanna would be bitter because she looked stupid in the end. What she needed to do was focus on her relationship with Chris but she was too busy trying to prove to the world that they were meant to be together. PLUS he did say he was in love with two women but I guess people want to have selective hearing and miss the "two" part. Karreuche should have never given him a second chance after that whole situation. But whatever. If it works it works. If it doesn't, they look like they will still be good friends.
SideFreakinEye's picture

Actually he said he's not

Actually he said he's not ready to wife ANYBODY because he's too young. I guess Kae has selective hearing on that statement as she is acting like wifey. She's putting all her eggs in one basket and when he gets ready he will drop her ass off at her 1 bedroom apt asking for gas money AGAIN. With friends like that....
PacificGirl's picture

@PacificGirl ~ Laughing w/

@PacificGirl ~ Laughing w/ tears @ ". . . when he gets ready he will drop her ass off at her 1 bedroom apt asking for gas money AGAIN..."
GetUrLife's picture

ommmmggg blac chyna looks

ommmmggg blac chyna looks like an alien creature!! naaaassssssty
litebrite's picture

wtf is wrong w blac chynas

wtf is wrong w blac chynas azz!!!!! omg

Kae is just doing what she

Kae is just doing what she gotta do. when you have no talent n get paid to lay on your bk, you have to put up with the humiliation. shes not the only one (kim porter, cassie, emily b, etc). you have to pay to live comfortably.

Blac Chyna's legs and shoes

Blac Chyna's legs and shoes look nice. other than that her wig looks like a helmet and her butt pads are malfunctioning. Karrauche is so sad and pathetic. Chris may not physically hit her but she is definitely being abused.
shuga honey's picture

ummm does Kerruche not know

ummm does Kerruche not know that she is the rebound chick? Why would she even go back after being humiliated.. ugh the effects of low self esteem
beetee's picture

Kae is a cutie! I just wish

Kae is a cutie! I just wish she had more self control. It's hard when you really love someone though. Love is a foolish game!
Mama Mia's picture

Blac Chynna looks a hot

Blac Chynna looks a hot mess!! with those tats! Tyga too. Lala- where is Melo?? she doees not miss a chance to get in front of a camera. Kevin Hart- Zzzzz!! Chris needs to wash hsi car STAT!! LOL!! Karrueche - Poor Thing!! dummy taking Chris back after he publicly emmbarassed her and she is just so happy grinning. I guess her The Kills clothing line is DOA huh??
sweetpea1989's picture

I see nothing but sweaty

I see nothing but sweaty Black people. *¿*
GetUrLife's picture

LaLa & Toya Wright are 100%

LaLa & Toya Wright are 100% about showing their lifestyle on Instagram (proves why they sleep with the Clowns they do.....smh)...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Both of them are married.

Both of them are married. Miss me with the hater isht.
fireinside's picture

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