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Hot Couples Take Over The 2013 BET Awards

 photo ScreenShot2013-07-01at35002PM_zps015962e7.png

Love was in the air at the 2013 BET Awards and we picked out some of the evening's hottest couples who put their feelings on display last night. See Big Sean & Naya, Paula & Robin and Rasheeda & Kirk (stirring up rumors their "fight" is all for ratings) inside....


"Blurred Lines" singer Robin Thicke posed lovingly with his wife, Baggage Claim star Paula Patton.  We had a few thoughts about Paula's awkward behavior during the broadcast...and y'all already know what they are.  It seemed like she traded his blurred lines for slurred speech.

 photo dwyanesdd.png

Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union posted a few pre-award show photos of her and her man Dwyane Wade.  And the one above is pretty sexy.

 photo gabbydwye.png

And when Dwyane Wade won the 2013 Humanitarian Award for his work with Wade's World Foundation, he thanked Gabrielle and called her his Queen.

 photo bgsean.png

Rapper Big Sean was hugged up with his "Glee" star girlfriend Naya Rivera.  

 photo exp40_zpsbb4bb097.jpg

They're a couple that's hot.....with gossip.  These two were caught several times walking around the show together while trying to take pics separately to keep up appearances that they've split.  But it looks like "LAHH ATL" stars Kirk Frost and Rasheeda have worked through their differences (off-camera) as they were spotted holding hands and looking at each other in a loving way.   And by worked through their differences, we mean stopped fake fighting over a fake storyline...perhaps.

 photo amger4433.png

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa were up to their usual antics when it comes to public displays of affection.  It looks like Amber is getting that post-baby body thanks to her work with Jeanette Jenkins.

 photo rayjteairra.png

And though they missed the red carpet, singer Teairra Mari (in Micahel Costello) looked very cozy with Ray J.  She tweeted, "handsome date.. I'll post the whole outfit later being that we missed the carpet. #lateboots ".  So much for Ray-J calling her "just a friend."  During the BET Aftershow that Ray hosted, he kept shouting her out and calling her "Baby."  Y'all aint slick....

  photo caira.png

Ciara posted a coupled up pic with Future, her "Body Party" collaborator (inside and outside of the studio).  

  photo nikiff.png  photo nickfdd.png

And when she wasn't on stage performing with Chris Brown or Ciara, Nicki Minaj was in the audience with her constant companion--since she doesn't like to admit this is her man--Safaree.

Who were your fave couples of the night?!


Photos via Bobby Metelus IG/Gabrielle Union IG/Nicki Minaj IG/Getty/NayaRivera IG/Amber Rose IG/GParasPhotos' IG




Lovin Nicki's hair....

Lovin Nicki's hair....
star's picture

I swear Gabrielle thinks her

I swear Gabrielle thinks her $#!t don't stink. I'm sorry (I know it isn't right to judge -- I'm a work in progress. please pry for me) but I do not like her, actress or otherwise.
Peace Silas's picture

Lol I don't care for her

Lol I don't care for her either! IDK what it is, but she just irks to the umpteenth degree...
MsPisME's picture

@Peace Silas ~ LoL ~ we ALL

@Peace Silas ~ LoL ~ we ALL need prayer honey. Some more than others ;-)
GetUrLife's picture

Jesus knows you try baby

Jesus knows you try baby girl. Just get on your knees and talk to me...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Ciara and Future are the

Ciara and Future are the hottest couple right now, but Gabby and Dwayne took the hottest pic.
Bird's picture

Does this award show not

Does this award show not allow SAME-SEX COUPLES?

Amber make up was hot and yes

Amber make up was hot and yes we know why Future is all bit up after the Giration of Ciara but then again maybe she will sell some records with the sex moves ths time
lola69's picture

Gabby is a homewrecker but

Gabby is a homewrecker but yall think she is the Queen madonna. She is sneaky and low down minus acting skills. Paula Patton imitation of Little Bo Peep was ridiculous and I thought she was off that cocaine. It was not a good look especially since her hubby is so hot and rocked the house.
lola69's picture

More Awards

More Awards coverage.....(sighs)
Twinkles's picture

Kirk and Rasheeda get on my

Kirk and Rasheeda get on my nerves. Gabrielle and Dwayne are a smokin' couple and they look like they have lots of fun in the bedroom.
BEEMA JONES's picture

Future I see the big feet and

Future I see the big feet and leather pants bulge. Get it CiCi! I'm not mad. Naya/Big Sean _ CORNY, Nicki/Safaree GOOFY, Dwyane and Gabby's chemistry is undeniable.
PacificGirl's picture

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