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FAN LOVE: Jamie Foxx, Nicole Richie & More BOW DOWN For Beyonce's SOLD-OUT LA Tour Stop!

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Beyonce Knowles hit the stage in Los Angeles last night for another sold-out concert at the Staples Center that brought out Nicole Richie, Jamie Foxx and plenty more.  Find out who bowed down to King Bey inside.....


Last night, Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx, who crooned a special tribute to Charlie Wilson at the 2013 BET Awards, was among the tons celebs at LA's Staples Center who made it known they're part of the BeyHive.  It was Bey's second sold-out concert there in just a matter of days after she rocked the BET Experience Live this past Friday night.


 photo nicolekkk.png

Fashionista Nicole Richie struck a pose alongside her friends outside the venue.

 photo candaceparker.png   

WNBA baller Candace Parker of the LA Sparks was all about the show.  She tweeted, "First time seeing Beyonce in concert. Super excited. Beyonce Concert was a blast! Queen B is hands down top two performer....MJ.....The whole concert I kept looking at @Beyonce like...she's a Mom!!! #hotMama #HoldinItDown #Representin".

 photo BOJe8AwCcAAJXzFjpg_large.jpg

"Glee" actress Naya Rivera (who sat in the sky box with her boo Big Sean) posed with one of her fans during the concert. 

 photo tyledia.png

Backstage, Ledisi posed with Bey's stylist Ty Hunter.

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Best Man Holiday star Sanaa Lathan, Kourtney Kardashian and her little sisters, Robert Pattinson, Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington Whitley and Selena Gomez were other notables who were there stanning out.  And Bey also gave a shout out to Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams during her Destiny's Child medley. 



Big Sean posted a VINE clip of Beyonce singing to his hit song "Clique".



 photo PXxsP25.jpg

Chrissy Teigen tweeted a pic from a few days ago at Bey's first concert.  Joked that Chrissy is such a fan that she didn't even want him in the picture (atop):  "Last night at the Mrs Carter Show! I think Chrissy wants me photoshopped out".

Photos via  Splash/John Legend IG/Nicole Richie IG/Naya Rivera Twitter/Parkwood Entertainment




Zactly! Everyone jacks.

Zactly! Everyone jacks. People are absolutely ridiculous with their Bey accusations in general though. Sadly, when someone is highly regarded for their beauty, talent, or ability, people love to create or find an inkling of something to hate on. SOME PEOPLE can't stand when someone they (ACTUALLY) are envious of is getting some shine.
ucanthandlethetruth's picture

the ONLY reason people

the ONLY reason people go....is so they can post pics on Social Media (they aren't even paying attention during the concert)........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Re-read your comment and tell

Re-read your comment and tell me if that makes sense. LOL! People can take pics from anywhere! No one goes to a concert they don't want to attend just to post pics unless they are being paid to do so. Especially millionaires! LOL! And you call Bey batty... whew.
Mama Mia's picture

they wanna show people that

they wanna show people that they are there (even tho they don't REALLY wanna be there) .......comprende????????
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Right,,,,you certainly don't

Right,,,,you certainly don't believe that and if you do then you are a dullard.
BEEMA JONES's picture

its a fact. no one watches.

its a fact. no one watches. they are on their phone posting pics to Instagram........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

You need to look up the word

You need to look up the word fact becaus e you clearly do not know the meaning.
BEEMA JONES's picture

I'd rather watch a clown

I'd rather watch a clown juggle oranges than to watch Bey perform this same old rusty routine again......and the only comparison that her and Michael have is the first part of his last name...JACK......cause she's always JACKING people for their shit.
Twinkles's picture

Who doesn't jack from Michael

Who doesn't jack from Michael Jacson and Janet Jacksoon???? Name one artist today that isn't jacking someone. Even Michael Jackson said he was inspired by James Brown. He just took his moves to another level.
Mama Mia's picture

Excuse me Mama Mia The

Excuse me Mama Mia The Misunderstander.....Even though she actually did jack Michael for some of his stuff, I wasn't talking about Michael in particular when I made my statement. I said that "she's always jacking PEOPLE (as in more than one person) for their shit"......writing credits, performance routines, you name it......OK!!!
Twinkles's picture

LOL! Cosign.

LOL! Cosign.
PacificGirl's picture

Candace sit MJ's sis will

Candace sit MJ's sis will always come b4 this Ho!!! Smh...*sips bloody Mary
Like Really's picture

Ummm... Beyonce is shorter

Ummm... Beyonce is shorter than John Legend???? Isn't he like 5 ft tall???
Mama Mia's picture

Yes he is another vertically

Yes he is another vertically challenged one.
PacificGirl's picture

Batty Bey even lies about her

Batty Bey even lies about her height. She's 5'2" without wearing Stripper Heels.........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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