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MUSIC FAB: Janelle Monáe's "Dance Apocalyptic" Video + Azealia Banks & Pharrell's "ATM" Track + TGT's "I Need" + Mariah's "#Hermosa" Vid Ft. Miguel

 photo DanceApocalypticConceptArt-CreditSAMSPRATT_zps5622f07f.jpg

Lots of new music has hit the internet streets.  Check out new ish from Janelle Monae, TGT, Mariah & Miguel, and Azealia Banks with Pharrell....

Janelle Monáe is "Dance Apocalyptic"!  And she's made a major change for her brand new video.  Check out Ms. Monae rocking all white (different than her usual black & white look) and long wavy weavery...something we've never seen on her before.  But she pulls it off nicely to fit the "anything goes because we're facing an apocalypse" theme.

Check out the gorgeous Cover Girl in the Chuck Lightning-directed vid that is all about America in an alternate state.

Her album The Electric Lady drops September 10th.


TGT just dropped a new single. While the three fellas--Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank--are making their rounds around the country to promote the new album and perform in several cities, they're giving fans some new music to listen to.

Check out "I Need" below:

Welcome back real R&B.


Mariah and Miguel put their recent vacay pics to use. Or maybe they were shooting a video the whole time they were parlaying in the south of France.  Either way, the video for the umpeeth remix for their "#Beautiful" track, #Hermosa, is here. Check it out below:


 photo ScreenShot2013-07-02at35715PM_zpsb5312537.png

And finally, Azealia Banks dropped her brand new single with Pharrell called "ATM".   After performing it at Glastonbury this past weekend, Hot 97 premiered the full song this morning.  We're loving the upbeat tempo and lyrics.  Fun summer song with Pharrell's production all over it.  Check it:

Janelle Monae Photo: Sam Spratt, Azealia Photo: Azealia's IG




I like Janelle, but there is

I like Janelle, but there is something odd about her. the truth will come OUT soon...
ZenLea's picture

I was a good christian and

I was a good christian and gave TG-whatever a listen.... I wanted to have faith....and COMPLETELY forgot the song was on until I was got to the end of the Megan Good Boobie post then I was like "what the hell is that ___ playing "lolol ALL three of them can go raise their daughters and leave us alone if they not gonna evolve

Bless you my

Bless you my child.......*mixes rum & coke*
Jesus H. Christ's picture

that video is copying

that video is copying Outkast's "Hey Ya"
Jesus H. Christ's picture

A bad rendition at

A bad rendition at that...smhlol *sip sip
Like Really's picture

I love Janelle Monae! This

I love Janelle Monae! This song is catchy and the visual is dope. I like seeing her with a different hairstyle. Go head Janelle! #WERK on another note...Mariah and Miguel's "Beautiful" is my song! I love the beat of it, but that "Hermosa" version is not what's up. Take several seats!

I absolutely ♥ seeing Janelle

I absolutely ♥ seeing Janelle in anything besides her usual monkey suit. she's such a pretty girl and the "Lisa Cage" alter ego/theme seems like a great concept.
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