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EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH: YBF Joins K.MICHELLE To Launch Her REBEL AGAINST Campaign -- Get Involved!

In conjunction with her brand new album, Rebellious Soul (dropping August 13th), singer K.Michelle has decided to turn her past abusive experiences into a campaign about fighting back.  And several women have already joined in to tell their stories about the negativity they are "rebelling against." 


Get the exclusive details as TheYBF.com helps K. launch this positive campaign, and find out how YOU can join too....


K. Michelle has been working with the organization Saving Our Daughters for over a year and a half.   Now the organization, which aids women in dealing with past negative experiences so their lives are not shaped by them, is helping K.Michelle with her own efforts at helping women, her REBEL AGAINST Campaign.

TheYBF.com has also joined K.Michelle in being a portal for exclusive assets that promote the campaign and your one stop shop for where to receive information on how to join.  And we'll also be posting the stories of women who have taken control and REBEL AGAINST negativity in their lives.  Check back at TheYBF.com's K. Michelle REBEL AGAINST page often.

Check out K.'s first video above where she gives you a sneak peek into the campaign. You can join the campaign by uploading your own story on her TUMBLR page.


K. has also penned a letter to telling HER truth about how her past caused her to live a life of hurt.  And that hurt often played out publicly with dramatic outbursts.  Now, she has now made a commitment to heal, change and evolve into a stronger woman.  And she tells why she is taking a stance in her own life...and why you should too.

Life is filled with so many unpredictable turns. At times, it presents hurdles and road blocks that can sometimes throw us off of our course. But, it’s the way we look at those moments and use them to make us stronger that determines our outcome. This is something I’ve learned over time. From day one, I’ve been honest. A part of that was my commitment to my fans. The sense of responsibility I felt I had to people who were growing and changing just as much as I was. The other part was my own healing. Every time I shared my truth, it took me one step closer to my personal freedom. And once I saw that this was the way to total deliverance, I promised myself that I would ALWAYS keep it real. Some people told me I was lying. They said that what I was sharing didn’t happen the way I remembered. And through that time I had to dig deep in order to continue pressing. When I was the only one fighting for me.

Today my life has changed. I’m no longer the woman I was before. I continue to evolve each day into someone I can be proud of. But my commitment to the truth and to my fans will NEVER change. The “Rebel Against” campaign isn’t just a marketing piece of my album puzzle. It is my life mantra. I encourage every human being to take a stance against anything that gets in the way of their personal evolution. I’ve been blessed with a worldwide platform and I intend to use it to bring liberty to anyone that needs a partner or a champion. I appreciate TheYBF.com for allowing me to share not only my story, but those of the lovely ladies you will see over the next few weeks. These brave souls came through the Atlanta based “Saving Our Daughters” organization (insert website). Each one shared their truth with the same goal of empowering others.

Let each one encourage you. Know that I am here for you! For more information on the “Rebel Against” Campaign, visit The My Rebellious Soul Tumblr Page.

We have the first look at Caroline Paris who has already joined the campaign. She rebels against depression, specifically related to suicide:


Visit TheYBF.com's K. Michelle REBEL AGAINST Campaign page often for new stories!  And upload your own HERE.



I respect K. for launching

I respect K. for launching this campaign regardless of what you see on love and hip hop. This woman is human and she has faced something alot of people cant even speak on and alot who can. You are misssing the point. Me myself Rebel Against Rape and the point is to speak out. Most people want to stay quiet until it happens to them or hits close to home. K.M. you have my support REBEL AGAINST RAPE and SEXAUL ASSAULT.
huntergirl's picture

Its ironic how she's

Its ironic how she's campaigning against violence against women, yet she goes into a blind rage every monday night on tv and tries to beat the hell out of other female castmates. #hypocrite
cazualtee's picture

Telling your story is never a

Telling your story is never a bad thing. There are women are being tortured and killed everyday by men who claim to "love" them. The more we hear these stories the less domestic violence is shushed in and kept in secrecy.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

Something about her and

Something about her and Evelyn being spokespersons for seriousness gives me the heebie jeebies..
TrueThinker's picture

Puhlease. I'm over her using

Puhlease. I'm over her using her abusive past as a leeway to leverage her career. What's worse about this all is her attitude that outweighs her cause and the fact that her "charity work" isn't even listed on neither her official site or fan site. But you're trying to make difference right?
Eden Hansom's picture

Anything positive is good in

Anything positive is good in my book and whether K. is using this as a marketing ploy or not, in the end it wouldn't matter as these women are telling their stories and maybe though K. they are reaching an audience they wouldn't have reached before. That in itself is what is most important. Kudos to K. and I hope she to continues to grow into a more positive person through this process.

Does anybody see her past

Does anybody see her past "abusive" history as a marketing ploy? She uses it to sell he music, because she is clearly a violent person who constantly abuses her cast mates. She will be written off once again in a year or 2. #basicbitch
SkeeWee's picture

@SkeeWee ~ Nice to know

@SkeeWee ~ Nice to know others aren't buying into this basic chick's BS.
GetUrLife's picture

How complicated can u make

How complicated can u make this????? Ain't nobody got time for that.....smh..........ya'll need to hire Jesus to organize a fluid, effortless campaign.......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I love K. Michelle but on the

I love K. Michelle but on the real for her to be working with an organization called "Saving Our Daughters" she first needs to go to some anger management classes before she try to save anybody daughter she need to save herself first!! I'm not hating but she need to get her temper under control


BEEMA JONES's picture

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