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OH SAY CAN YOU SEE: Mariah's FESTIVE (And HOT) Bikini Pic & Family Pics + The Bosh Family On HOLIDAY In Spain

 photo mimi321.png

Mariah Carey lit a few firecrackers by posting a festive bikini photo for the Fourth of July.  Get the deets on her NBC special inside and see pics of she, Nick, and the twins Roc and Roe at home inside and the Bosh family on vacay in Spain....


In celebration of her upcoming appearance on "Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular" tonight (airing on NBC at 7pmCT) Mariah Carey posted a festive "Independence Day" bikini photo tweeting, "Gotta be Pon de water for the Fourth of July! Can't wait for the NBC special, it's going to be festivity!"

Must be nice...

 photo b6c44bfce20211e28c8022000ae912e8_7.jpg

And via his Instagram account, Nick Cannon posted a few adorable pics of he and Mimi with the twins Roc and Roe.

 photo 381a4e04e20311e2af3622000a9f17ea_7.jpg

We love how Roe is mimicking her mom's diva poses!


And the twins "got talent"......

 photo e3d99858e20811e280dd22000a9f3cd5_7.jpg

It looks like Roe is already following in her mom's footsteps and getting comfortable performing in front of an audience.  NicK posted a pic of her after Mariah's appearace at the 2013 BET Awards.  "But first Monroe did her best impression of Mommy's performance from tonight #Beautiful". 

 photo e45212aee20a11e2800922000a9e5110_7.jpg

 photo 3ec82b10e20b11e28c1322000a1fb036_7.jpg

And Roc might be heading to Nick's "AGT" show pretty soon as the world's youngest boxing champ.  Nick joke that Roc is already 'bout tha life" tweeting ""But this is the life my son is about!!! #Rocky. First round knockout!!"

 photo monroe322.png     

Also, Mariah shared a cute pic of Roe running around their home dressed like a "Baby Butterfly".  Adorbs.


And for their holiday, Chris and Adrienne Bosh took baby Jackson to Spain......


 photo 368719_la_zpsb69283df.jpg

Chris tweeted a pic of him and his son shortly before takeoff.  

 photo bosyvacay.png

 photo boshfdeee.png

The Boshes in Barcelona for the holidays and Jackson seems to be enjoying himself.  

 photo gsdf4ddd.png  

In addition to the local culture, Jackson is also indulging in Spanish foods.  Adrienne tweeted, "1st morning in Spain and Baby Jack has been thoroughly impressed with breakfast...even sampling the local fruit LOL #BoshFamily"

 photo bosyhffffs.png 

And he's growing up fast.  "Dinner time w/an independent 1yr old...I don't know who got more pasta on them Daddy or Baby Jack LOL".

Fine family Holiday fun...


Photos via Mariah Carey Twitter/Instagram/Nick Cannon Instagram/Adrienne Bosh IG/Chris Bosh's WhoSay



Mimi is having a hard time

Mimi is having a hard time growing older but she still looks good.


AAWWWW!!!!! All the CUTENESS is hurting my eyes :)
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Mariah this is a Throwback

Mariah this is a Throwback Thursday pic. That ain't no filter. Nic Cannon was trying to graduate high school when she looked like that
Shayla86's picture



oh Dayuuuuum.......lmao! No

oh Dayuuuuum.......lmao! No you didn't go there.....
JewelryLover's picture


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Shaniqua's picture

Jesus fires bottle rockets

Jesus fires bottle rockets outta his ass every 4th of July (the kids in the neighborhood love it)........
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