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50 Cent DENIES Assault Charges: "I'm Not In Jail, I'm On My Gucci Couch!"

 photo 50guvvi.png

50 Cent spent his holiday chilling on his Gucci couch, playing the piano and gambling.  In other words...he's UNBOTHERED by the assault charges brought by his baby momma. Read his denial inside....

 "I'm not in jail I'm on my Gucci couch #SMSaudio"
- 50 Cent

In a previous post, we told you about rapper 50 Cent being charged with 1 count of domestic violence and  4 counts of misdemeanor vandalism against his baby momma.  And over the 4th of July, the rapper (via a statement from his lawyer) responded,

"Curtis Jackson [50 Cent] denies these allegations as made against him. It is important to note, Mr. Jackson has not been arrested and there is no warrant outstanding for his arrest."

And in true cocky-rapper form, 50 posted a series of photos on IG showing how he spent his Independence Day....proving he's not concerned about any potential legal actions against him..

And while his victim is still reeling from the $7,100 worth of damage "allegedly" done to her condo, 50 was gambling, posing at his indoor pool, chilling on his Gucci couch and playing the piano.


 photo rfflh6ssc.png

"I'm not in jail,I'm buy my pound #smsaudio"

 photo ggsfet44.png

"I'm not in jail I'm in my kitchen fool#smsaudio"

 photo ghsddww.png

"Im not in jail I'm dunking#smsaudio"

 photo fiftgdd33.png

"I'm not In jail I'm in casino#smsaudio"

 photo fift795.png

"I'm dunkin in my other pool indoors fool#smsaudio"

 photo 50centthss.png

"Ok I'm not in jail but if I go I'm taking this piano with me#smsaudio" hhh

50 Cent has always been full of the foolywang.....we're wondering why any chick found this immature behavior attractive. It's not too funny once he cuts your gravy train off....and wrecks your ish.



The Randomness:

1.  Trayvon Martin's mother takes the stand today, says it was indeed Trayvon screaming on the 911 call.  Story.  

Photos via 50 Cent IG




This mouth-breathing,

This mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragger needs to thank JESUS that he met Dr. Dre & Eminem.....next, he hit the Lotto with Vitamin Water (and no one buys it anymore)......dude should realize how lucky he is...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

What an embarrassment. He's

What an embarrassment. He's not clever, he's immature.

He's bragging about having a

He's bragging about having a Gucci couch??!! Ugh...tacky as hell.
GJ's picture

True colors coming out on

True colors coming out on that horrid Gucci sofa. Peep the form, I sit like that hunny!! #sitting#yasssgod
SkeeWee's picture

Good, expensive lawyers can

Good, expensive lawyers can do that for you.

Nothing in that condo was

Nothing in that condo was hers. It was his. He owned and furnished it and her name aint on nothing. Facts

How would you know "nothing

How would you know "nothing in the condo was hers"? How do we know what you're saying are "facts"? Just because YOU said so? Where did you get these facts? Let us know so we can read these facts for ourselves.
jgraves58's picture

lmao!...i don't like this

lmao!...i don't like this dude but he's funny. i literally laughed out loud at the last caption
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Oh Fiddy. You look mentally

Oh Fiddy. You look mentally ill and alone as hell in these pictures. Get some therapy and stop thinking your gonna find everlasting love in Heaux's and Baby Mommas.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

Lol....sits back and sips

Lol....sits back and sips tea...

That was some Gay shyt 2

That was some Gay shyt 2 say.."I'm on my Gucci couch" and I'm gay myself. He even look Gay af on the couch..#50centcomeout

He's been trying to sell that

He's been trying to sell that house for over 3 years now. He lost his ass on it. Way over paid for it.........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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