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COUPLEDOM? Jaden Smith & Kylie Jenner TOGETHER In Malibu + Bobbi Kristina FLASHES Engagement RING, GUSHES Over "Fiance" Nick Gordon (AGAIN)

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As rumors swirl about their "relationship", Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner were both hanging out in Malibu together for Independence Day.  Find out what they were up to inside and see Bobbi Kristina flashing her engagment ring with fiance Nick Gordon.  



 photo kiddss2.jpg  photo kidsss1.jpg

Though Jaden Smith's summer started off with the chilly box office reception of After Earth, his lovelife "appears" to be warm and fuzzy.  After being spotted holding hands with "friend" Kylie Jenner, the two were pictured in Malibu for Independance Day.

Though they were not snapped together, Jaden and Kylie were spotted on the same balcony (at different times) during a day at the beach. Kylie and her friends were later spotted paddleboarding.  


In other couples news......


 photo bobbiy5492wq.png

Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon are going strong as Bobbi posted several shots of the couple as she flashed her engagement ring.  "My gorgeous fiancé @nickdgordon & I on the boardwalk...Yes.. I'm MADLY in love with this phenomenal man :truly happier then ever:) xO)(: xO"

So much for saying they called it off.

 photo nickee21.png

 photo bobbikris.png

 photo nici421.png

And Bobbi credits her fiance with her toned body and abs. "S/O2MY #PersonalTrainer & #Fiancé @nickdgordon !:) #PoolSideLovin #OhTheseSummerDays :)(: " werkin on mah fitness, he's mah witness " :)(: iLoveMyHubbbs&OurTrueLove(: xO"

  photo bobbikk1034.png  

And for people still "hating" on the couple following their eviction and reality show, Bobbi Kris posted, " If loving you is wrong , I don't want to be right .." (: "Real love.. #IMDONE searchin fo dat REAAAALLOVE.." :)"


Oh.  Congrats...


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Listen this little white girl

Listen this little white girl is ready for some Dick and Jaden better get with her les he end up Sucking dick like dad.
star's picture

Jaden and Kylie together?

Jaden and Kylie together? Well, that explains the poor box office turnout for After Earth (Kardashian Kurse). I've lost all respect for the Smith's. ALL. The Kardashian's are CURSED. Their real dad died. The step dad is ready to get a divorce. Khloe can't have children. Lamar lost his job. Kourtney has two kids with a drunk/drug abuser who will not marry her. Kanye's album was an EPIC fail and Kim is the most hated porn star in America.
Sabs4Prez's picture

MINE EYES!!!!! It's wayyyyyy

MINE EYES!!!!! It's wayyyyyy to pale in these pics of Kylie!!!! But still, to give the youngest Kar-trashian limelight..., sad Jaden, just sad. As for Bobbi Kris, girl stop....... Trust, he wants that.......well, TRUST! ~ This milk-dud head will sling the D for the payoff, and has her bruised-up arms having self sprung too! As for her "abs," they are far less visible than that rachet rat's nest on her head - IJS.

...And I just heard daddy

...And I just heard daddy about to emancipate his azz! Good luck wit DAT ..smdh *sips Americano
Like Really's picture

Wowwww that is messed up Why

Wowwww that is messed up Why is will Letting this his son even hang out with this ugly fugly garage pile kid she is stank nasty Lil-raggady brat and the most ugly white chick to me out of that fame whore Kim kardashian clan just make it Stoppp please
miSSyCatsss's picture

That pale crakkka got a body

That pale crakkka got a body like a teen surfer. Aye atleast her sister got a lil ethnic Armenian in her. This girl is straight up and down, but shout out to Jaden Smith.....But young brotha them crakkka women right here aint nothing but trouble THEY MIGHT NOT BE AS TROUBLESOME AS SOME GROUP OF WOMEN but they trouble. Black people ESPECIALLY BLACK WOMEN have to start setting a standard , a custom look, and a pride about themselves AND THESE YOUNG BLACK CELEBRITY MALES WOULDN'T BE DATING THESE DINGY ASS SNOW APES. I mean damn IF BLACK MEN WERE WEARING THEIR HAIR TRYING TO LOOK LIKE BRAT PIT OR JUSTIN BEIBER i couldn't get mad at black women for wanting a WHITE MAN because we obviously trying to look like them crakkkas.So how can you get mad at young brothas for wanting white women when our own women WEAR THE HAIR OF PEASANTS ONTOP OF THEIR GODDAMN HEAD....YALL SUPPOSE TO BE QUEENS.
LetsGetIt's picture

"Snow Apes"

"Snow Apes" <-----hahahahahaha
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Poor Bruce Jenner he only has

Poor Bruce Jenner he only has control over the other sister the model..she will grow up to marry a gun totin far right wing replubican..
ZenLea's picture

Kylie and Kourtney are the

Kylie and Kourtney are the most unattractive out of all the sisters., get a spray tan..damn!
ZenLea's picture

I say Kylie, Kourtney, &&&

I say Kylie, Kourtney, &&& Khloe!

These girls are desperate to

These girls are desperate to be as famous as their half sisters.
Twila's picture

She looks like a walking

She looks like a walking piece of chalk.
LadyTwinkleTwinkleLittleStarIDon&#039;tGiveAF--kWhoYouAreJustSTFU's picture

Lmao.. yea she does, but at

Lmao.. yea she does, but at least she does not wish to be black like her sister the whore Kim
ZenLea's picture

Baahahahaha......did someone

Baahahahaha......did someone roll her in flour
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Maybe she was trying to cook

Maybe she was trying to cook him some fried chicken (......you know cause he's black) and they started a playful flour tossing fight which led to.........................IJS (shrugs).....LOL
LadyTwinkleTwinkleLittleStarIDon&#039;tGiveAF--kWhoYouAreJustSTFU's picture


say what's picture

Will needs to teach Jaden how

Will needs to teach Jaden how to pick a good girl. This girl is from a legacy of whores and leeches
Missy's picture

Jaden is ready to sow his

Jaden is ready to sow his oats and he knows he can get it in with a Kardashian girl.
say what's picture

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jack3442's picture

Does he have a real job?

Does he have a real job?
bamboo's picture

The Bluetooth is never

The Bluetooth is never cool...lol

Le sigh to this whole post.

Le sigh to this whole post. I sure hope Bobbi Kris doesn't meet a tragic end. This 'love' seems all kinds of toxic...hope I'm wrong.
MrsCPA's picture

Always attracting the rejects

Always attracting the rejects when will black people learn!!!

i hope shes wearing SPF 900

i hope shes wearing SPF 900 sunscreen
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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