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Nicki Minaj Celebrates MYX FUSIONS MOSCATO On All White 4th Of July Boat Ride

 photo mynn19_zps7e6a825f.jpg

Nicki Minaj celebrated Independence Day with an all-white boat party along the Hudson in NYC for her newest business venture, Myx Fusions Moscato.  Check out her and her celeb friends eating cake, dancing it up and watching the fireworks aboard the boat....


 photo mynn18_zps94d76742.jpg

 photo BObaZpLCUAA9OZg-1_zpsdb44a4b9.jpg


Yesterday, the Herve Leger wearing pop star Nicki Minaj along with Monami Entertainment’s Mona Scott-Young and Myx Fusions Moscato hosted an exclusive “Myx & Mingle” 4th of July Cruise aboard the Aqua Azul yacht.

 photo nickiwithknife_zpsc32d106c.jpg

The "Starships" rapper had over 300 guests dressed in white - including Busta Rhymes, Yandy Smith, Tahiry Jose, Rich Dollaz, Keke Wyatt and Jennifer Williams – celebrating it up.  They cruised down the Hudson River sipping Myx Fusions in peach, coconut and original Moscato flavors. And as fireworks went off, Nicki playfully presented her "partner" SB with a birthday cake.  Well isn't that sweet....


 photo mynn14_zps9d6e4e05.jpg

 photo mynn8_zpse10be4a9.jpg

 photo mynn6_zps29d8299d.jpg  photo mynn4_zps9af79611.jpg

"LAHH" star and Mona's protegee Yandy Smith was there to party it up.  Is it just us or is something different on her...


 photo mynn34_zps28e7349b.jpg  photo mynn1_zps3f4c6dcf.jpg

Nicki chatted up her guests as the fireworks went off.

 photo mynn35_zps76cc0b67.jpg

Busta Rhymes was there snapping pics with Mona.

 photo mynn2_zpsc33e0907.jpg  

Since Nicki kissed and made up with Hot 97, she posed it up with radio program director Ebro Darden.

 photo mynn10_zps0ef2ae0a.jpg

"LAHH" star Tahiry was there flaunting her bod.

 photo mynn13_zpsfc6bb9c1.jpg

"Life + Times" webhost Shaheem Reid made his way to the event.


 photo IMG_1500-1_zps7451d523.jpg

"R&B Divas" star KeKe Wyatt hit up the boat party.

 photo IMG_1355_zpsc96fa5ae.jpg

And so did Yandy's "LAHH" co-star Rich Dollaz.

 photo mynn17_zps42121dc8.jpg

 photo mynn32_zpsfb90d358.jpg

Mona, who also owns the Myx company, popped up in her white pants suit.

 photo mynn21_zpsff15d643.jpg

And Jennifer Williams kept it cute in a white cotton cocktail dress and her usual bun.


 photo IMG_1445_zps35e89bd4.jpg

By the way, Nicki just launched her own Instagram to shut down all the fakes.  Expect oiled up T&A to come....

Photos: Stephen Knight, Danny Vasquez




This loser bka,her man looks

This loser bka,her man looks like a damn typical ass ghetto fool out of Jamaica Queens with all of that damn red...lol
star's picture

Yuck!!!! everybody looks old

Yuck!!!! everybody looks old sweaty and grey... except Nicki she looks more like a gremlin..
REdSKin's picture

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jack3442's picture

SMH @ Ebro. Shouldn't you be

SMH @ Ebro. Shouldn't you be at work tryna grab back that #1 spot from the Breakfast Club? Oh that's right. You're a celebrity PD now!!!
bamboo's picture

Yandy looks nice minus the

Yandy looks nice minus the stains. Nicki still doesn't impress me {Soooo Over Her!} Enough of the hair bun Jen, but you still look good boo. Mona enough of the suits, but you still look good too. Safari you look hot as hell with that leather, but who am i to judge. LOL!

Ok is it just me or does

Ok is it just me or does Yandy have stains on her dress?
mzladynip's picture

hahahahaha....i see 3 big ass

hahahahaha....i see 3 big ass stains
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Niki looks good.

Niki looks good.

Moscato is the Koolaid of

Moscato is the Koolaid of wines and is loaded with sugar!!! And sugar is killing the black community...
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

....and Beyonce' pimps Pepsi

....and Beyonce' pimps Pepsi <--- another fan needs to kick her ass again. Punch out one of her ovaries this time............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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