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UP UP AND AWAY: Rihanna GETS HIGH...Up, Hits The Rollercoasters And Other Amusement Park Fun

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During a much need break from her rigorous "Diamonds" trek through Europe, Rihanna got high in the friendly skies (via a few rollercoasters) with her BFFs Melissa Forde, Jenn Rosales and others.  See their fun day candids inside...

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Rihanna and members of her entourage took a break from their "Diamonds" tour for a fun day at Tivoli Gardens amusement park in Copenhagen, Denmark recently.

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Mind you....this isn't the first time we've seen Rihanna, Melissa, and the rest of the crew getting high (remember Amsterdam?), but this foray into the friendly skies is a bit more socially acceptable.


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Musically, Rihanna is still one of the world's reigning pop queens with hits "Stay" and "Loveeeee Song" still high on the charts.  And her fans don't let her forget it.

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And, despite her personal differencces with Chris Brown, it looks like she'll be appearing on his upcoming X album as Brezzy tweeted a shout out on July 4th saying, "New album features @NICKIMINAJ ,Kendrick , @rihanna, @KELLYROWLAND , @wizkhalifa ,@bobatl and more surprises to come. "X"


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And her bestie Melissa, who's also working on a book of photos of Rihanna, was sure to capture all their fun moments on film.

 photo ccm1.jpg


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  photo ccm3.jpg

Fun times....we just hope she makes it to her next tour stop ON TIME.   




Photos via Splash/Melissa Forde IG




Rhianna certainly enjoys life

Rhianna certainly enjoys life and i dont blame her she is still young and making lots of money.
My2-cents's picture

Ever since Rihanna came out

Ever since Rihanna came out as a biracial, I can't look ather the same away again. Certainly don't relate.
Mamma Mia's picture



why does her race

why does her race matter?????!!!!!!!!!!! jeez

WORD! Lost me there! Maybe

WORD! Lost me there! Maybe he/she meant bisexual???
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Melissa looks ill.i wonder

Melissa looks ill.i wonder what's wrong with her.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Melissa needs a job. Hanging

Melissa needs a job. Hanging with Rhi Rhi to get her leftovers isn't it and plus ain't she too old to be hanging wiith a 23 year old and you 35. Baby Bye.
lola69's picture

i don't think she's 35 but

i don't think she's 35 but more like 27....lol
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

then she must have been

then she must have been staring in Rap videos at the age of 12
lola69's picture

melissa works as her personal

melissa works as her personal photographer & assistant though.

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