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Beyonce Posts Pics From Her SEXY 4th of July + Her Dad Mathew Knowles GETS MARRIED!

 photo tumblr_mphr2kBPpJ1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps3460e981.jpg

Beyonce Knowles can easily sex up anything...and the 4th of July is one of those things.  Check out her hot pics from the Holiday with the fam, sneak peeks of Blue, and the news of her getting a new step mommy!

 photo tumblr_mphr0lGelU1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps4acc0c50.jpg

Hello hotness.  Beyonce & her hot bod posed it up with an old school pale blue Rolls Royce during the Holiday in what looks like the Hamptons.  She and her hubby Jay-Z and baby girl Blue hopped a heli to head out to the one of the most luxe parts of NY:

 photo tumblr_mphrqsoYHe1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps05b3dda0.jpg

 photo tumblr_mphrmitjdb1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps0cbe5f14.jpg  photo tumblr_mphro5VWhl1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps77508227.jpg 

Both she and Jay rode around with the top down doing a little bit of relaxation after Jay's big Magna Carta Holy Grail roll out and in between Bey's Mrs. Carter Show tour.

 photo tumblr_mphqo56k0A1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps2de1ca4c.jpg

She also posted a few pics from the album release the other night at Liberty Warehouse:

 photo tumblr_mphqn0UGb41rqgjz2o1_1280_zps2f2bc897.jpg

Hey cousin Angie!

 photo tumblr_mphqp0C7xQ1rqgjz2o1_1280_zpsbb55a33c.jpg



 photo tumblr_mphqlyUWQh1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps39615bb6.jpg

And another cute pic from Bey & Blue's day at the park in NYC last week.


And Bey & her sis Solange have something else to celebrate...or maybe not since we doubt they even acknowledge this next step their dad took with his woman.  They didn't even go to the wedding.

 photo Gena-Avery-Mathew-Knowles_zpsb1b68af2.jpeg

Mathew Knowles' rep confirmed he married a real estate agent/former model last week in Houston, Texas.  Nope, this isn't the mother of his out-of-wedlock baby.  This is a new woman we knew nothing about.  But according to USA Today, they were engaged for a year and a half.

61-year-old Papa Knowles' new wife is 48-year-old Gena Charmaine Avery.  Mat & Tina Knowles were divorced back in 2009, and since papa is still a Rolling Stone...he didn't take too long to wife someone else up.  And here's the pretty lady, the new Mrs. Knowles:

 photo Gena-Avery-Mathew-Knowles-2_zpsf2624919.jpg



The Randomness:

1.  Dwight Howard has officially said Bye Bye to the Lakers and has signed on with the Houston Rockets.  STORY


Photos: ThatGrapeJuice.net/Beyonce's Tumblr




The only reason folks are

The only reason folks are commenting on BIC hair is to have something bad to say directed at Bey. Little girls hair does not stay perfectly combed even if you just did it.
LBA1's picture

The wife is age appropriate

The wife is age appropriate which is great, she could have been Beyonce's age.
Marek's Wifey's picture

Oh I see... So that's the

Oh I see... So that's the REAL reason why she fell out with daddy.. Not only did he impregnate a jumpoff he was engaged to another woman shortly after him and her mom split. DIRTY!!! She is NOT all that just younger. I'm surprised he got a dark skinned chick. I thought ya'll liked Beyonce, why would you say congrats? Anywho I would isolate myself from that old fool too, how disgraceful and embarrassing.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Mathew definitely upgraded,

Mathew definitely upgraded, that woman is GORGEOUS!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Beyonce clone her child,mans

Beyonce clone her child,mans very own human,she is hating on that little girl because she wants to be young 4 ever and she won't comb her hair out of being jealous
Lafayette kid's picture

That crazy bey, is batty

That crazy bey, is batty batty off her rocker again Girl get it right I call. It like I see .and that is very very sad comb that childs hair.
miSSyCatsss's picture

Damn. I feel for Tina. I know

Damn. I feel for Tina. I know they're divorced but its something about your old man marrying someone else that is a slap in the damn face. Even if you have someone new that still stings.
Just observing's picture

Yeah, not to mention his new

Yeah, not to mention his new wife is GORGEOUS. Still, the man is a cheater and she's better off without him.
CheyPie's picture

I can tell everyone

I can tell everyone commenting on Blue's hair is not a parent. Toddler hair is very fine. So fine that they bald around the back and sides if they don't sleep on silk sheets (I'm sure you've seen the babies with hair only on top, none on the back or sides). It makes no sense for Beyonce (or any other Black woman) to ruin her child's hair to satisfy their own ego. One of the things I hate about Black people. Can't wait to throw a perm, some gel, some glitter and some bows all over their balding child's head. I can't. Let's talk about what's real important. Matthew needs to give it up. This new woman couldn't hold a CANDLE to mama Tina. Tina is a BAD MITCH! I wouldn't be surprised if she found herself a former athlete. She's a 10. As for Matthew, his old, wrinkly butt is stupid. His new wife is a poor man's version of Angela Bassett. I can't....
Sabs4Prez's picture

Uhm, I've seen mama Tina and

Uhm, I've seen mama Tina and chatted a bit with her. Nice woman (so is Cousin Angie). I'll just say this "new woman" can certainly hold up SEVERAL candles to the former Mrs. Knowles. Also, why throw shade at the lady? What did she do to deserve that?
Blvdjewel's picture

Ain't no body said nothing

Ain't no body said nothing about perming this child's head. I never heard of bows (as long as they're not too tight) ruining a little girl's hair until I saw the comments on this blog. I wore my hair in twists, beads, and ribbons and my hair til this day is still long and thick. But I agree Matthews new wife is an imitation of something, but definitely not the real thing. She wouldn't want his old ass if he wasn't rich and bey's dad.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Thank you! I had a friend who

Thank you! I had a friend who relaxed her daughter's hair at 13 months, child is 16 and bald till this day!
Awwwww Shucks's picture


star's picture

13 months! Your friend should

13 months! Your friend should go straight to jail for that nonsense. Robbing their child of the chance for healthy hair. Smh.
CheyPie's picture

I agree, i kept my own

I agree, i kept my own daughters' hair natural until they were almost 12 before i let them decide how they wanted to look.
Awwwww Shucks's picture

I expect nothing less w/blu

I expect nothing less w/blu clues...Bey won't even comb the dusty wig sittin' on her own dam head! Smhlol..* sips mimosa
Like Really's picture

Beyonce , looking sexy as

Beyonce , looking sexy as usual. The childs hair is perfect that way . Black woman and their overly obsessive compulsion to fix this toddlers hair....I mean really!

Cray Bey never learned how to

Cray Bey never learned how to hold BIC properly. Don't expect her to ever do the kids hair correctly....smh.......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

bey can bring blue to me i'll

bey can bring blue to me i'll do her hair mathew knowles nose look like a dick imjustsaying

Seen a picture of Matthew's

Seen a picture of Matthew's new bride and she's very pretty. Congrats Matt.
Missy's picture

I'm not tripping because it's

I'm not tripping because it's a baby but seriously, can't Blue have her hair done JUST ONCE before they go out in public? Babies don't have to be snatched but can we some afro puffs? SOMETHING???
Shayla86's picture

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