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BEACH LOVERS: Russell Simmons & Girlfriend Frolick On The Beach In Malibu + Eve Rocks Bagatelle Beach In Vegas

 photo EveappearsBagatelleBeachNewTropicana_KnLnEJJzw9l_zpsb8a8e71a.jpg

Eve showed off her killer gams while rocking out Bagatelle Beach at Tropicana in Las Vegas.  Check the pics inside, plus Russell Simmons and his German girlfriend chillin' out in Malibu...


 photo EveappearsBagatelleBeachNewTropicanaRTCNg_mfNFMl_zps113d6862.jpg

Eve brought her talents to Bagatelle Las Vegas yesterday in a sexy coral bikini and cover up to rock the stage for the bikini clad guests.  We're told guests enjoyed a poolside performance as she rocked out with "Let me Blow Ya Mind", "Rich Girl", "Who's That Girl" and peppered in several songs from her new album Lip Lock including "Eve", and "She Bad Bad.”

She finished off with "Tambourine" and pulled 5 ladies out of the crowd and on stage with her.  Fun times!


 photo EveappearsBagatelleBeachNewTropicananG17wOx2Gm2l_zpsd68cfe83.jpg

 photo EveappearsBagatelleBeachNewTropicanaS6CbGB90MrQl_zps2be2f13d.jpg

 photo EveappearsBagatelleBeachNewTropicanaY7l2CupTZ7Jl_zpsf848ddab.jpg

 photo EveappearsBagatelleBeachNewTropicanaYPlWEQmDUEdl_zps2928160b.jpg

Hot.  The "She Bad Bad" chick later partied it up with DJ Afro Jack at the XS Encore.


And over in Malibu:

 photo woody10_zps716b8fa2.jpg

Russell & his girlfriend, 26-year-old German model Hana Nitsche, hit the beach.  Is that a party in your pants Uncle Russ?  Ew...

 photo woody4_zps7825de28.jpg

 photo woody3_zps636b5e49.jpg  photo woody1_zps42f6f13b.jpg

 photo russellwood1_zpsbc89322f.jpg

The twosome played some games and played around all afternoon together.  Well isn't that....sweet.


The Randomness:

1.  While Jay-Z is chillin' with his riches, his former partner Dame Dash was just hit with yet another tax lien.  This one equaling $2.8 mill.  STORY


Photos: Pacific Coast News, Fern / Splash News





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xzbxzbwrywey547's picture

Eve's skin is like silk...

Eve's skin is like silk... she looks better than she did 10 years ago !
Tehara's picture

ahhhh russell and his young

ahhhh russell and his young thing sunshinescloset
justjewelss's picture

Russell and his gay ass this

Russell and his gay ass this young lady better watch out but she probably don't care as long as she gets her a clothesline

Eve looks HOT! Killer legs

Eve looks HOT! Killer legs is right. Work it girl!
PacificGirl's picture

Come on Eve you are at an age

Come on Eve you are at an age where this look is inappropriate. U claim to b in love with a Millionaire who u want babies with, so what's up with the shirt and nothing else?
star's picture

It's been 100+ in Vegas and

It's been 100+ in Vegas and she's at Bagatelle pool and beach which is why she's wearing a bathing suit and cover up.
PacificGirl's picture

She looks great! Its called a

She looks great! Its called a cover-up (for bathing suits). #StopHatingBoo
LuciousPink's picture

Not hating!...Did not realize

Not hating!...Did not realize that was suppose to b a coverup since she's on the stage performing and I c no beach or pool...Anywho thanks for the clarification, I guess I recant my initial comment....But FYI, I have the same killer legs, only mine are longer, sexier and with no cankles to hide....So have a seat Boo Boo.
star's picture

why does that old turtle head

why does that old turtle head walk with his arms folded behind his back....very gay.......**sips a skittles bomb then folds arms**........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Haha..That's bcuz Master

Haha..That's bcuz Master Splinter is GAY! Smhlol..*sip sip
Like Really's picture

Sho is.............lol

Sho is.............lol
star's picture

Eve fit is cute..and I see

Eve fit is cute..and I see the grandfather of gnomes is still at his bag of tricks!! Smhlol..*sip sip
Like Really's picture

Eve's Legs!!!!!!! 0.0

Eve's Legs!!!!!!! 0.0
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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