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ESSENCE FEST DAY 2 ROUNDUP: Solange, Trey Songz, Tamia, Meagan Good, Wale, Keyshia Cole & MORE Hit The W Day Party, The Superdome, & More

 photo emf5102_zps4fda68e6.jpg

Solange Knowles, Trey Songz, Keyshia Cole and more took over the Superdome during Day 2 of the 2013 Essence Festival last night.  We've got the pics, plus everybody who hit up the day party and afterparties...


 photo emf401_zps35c79047.jpg

Solo Star made her way to the Superdome just one day ahead of her sis' main stage performance.

 photo emf413_zpsf1f8e487.jpg

 photo emf5103_zps37b95917.jpg  photo photo5_zps2bcfbf47.png

Trey Songz hit the mainstage...shirtless.


 photo emf5100_zpsf0f1c5f6.jpg

Keyshia Cole did her best to rock the stage.


 photo photo3-1_zpsb8f55a76.png

And she was spotted around the Superdome with a few of our fave R&B chicks--Deborah Cox, Tamia and Kelly Price.

 photo first-name-charlie-1_520x520_24_zps4328f3b1.jpg

A sparkling Charlie Wilson worked it out.

Over in the press room:


 photo EMFCMEPRESS7713169CME_3000_zps39b8b348.jpg  photo EMFCMEPRESS7713163CME_3000_zpsdd42d0f0.jpg

Keyshia Cole and Bridget Kelly snapped some pics.

 photo EMFCMEPRESS7713172CME_3000_zpsd715f803.jpg

And Kevin Hart, Trey Songz & James Harden kept it extra silly.


In the VIP lounge:

 photo EMFCMEPRESS7713164CME_3000_zpse0cf6a7a.jpg  photo EMFCMEPRESS7713176CME_3000_zps785eeb73.jpg  photo EMFCMEPRESS7713179CME_3000_zps6e587325.jpg

Reality stars Kenya More, Shaunie O'Neal and Lil Mo all chilled out with friends.

 photo EMFCMEPRESS7713174CME_3000_zpsd9c71daf.jpg

Estelle was spotted walking around catching some performances.

 photo EMFCMEPRESS7713168CME_3000_zps9847f038.jpg

Erika Liles posed it up with Chef Roble.

 photo EMFCMEPRESS7713181CME_3000_zps77de4985.jpg

MC Lyte was spotted around the Dome.

 photo EMFCMEPRESS7713175CME_3000_zpsa4955721.jpg

Hey Kym Whitley.

And in the superlounges:

 photo photo2-1_zps32f5ff54.jpg

Faith Evans, rocking her pink Jimmy Choos, had the Superdome lounge packed out, and even had fellow "R&B Diva" Kelly Price come up to sing with her.

 photo photo1_zpsc3c415fc.jpg

And New Edition hit the press room after taking over the stage 6 strong.  By the way, they had the entire Superdome losing their minds.  They've still got it...


Celebs also hit up the Essence Day Party at the W Hotel in full force yesterday afternoon:

 photo photo2_zps93d454e4.jpg

 photo 0706EMFDAYPARTY111CME_3000_zps3f6bc0a4.jpg   

Fab chick Bridget Kelly was there to sing the hook on Wale's song for his "Bad" performance.

 photo 0706EMFDAYPARTY113CME_3000_zpse930d533.jpg

Lance was there looking yummy in red.

 photo 0706EMFDAYPARTY114CME_3000_zps5a29bef0.jpg

Wale posed it up with Brandy.

 photo photo3_zps2f445dff.jpg

And hubby & wife Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin were spotted chatting up all the gospel artists.

 photo 0706EMFDAYPARTY112CME_3000_zps23ac3427.jpg

And "Hollywood Exes" stars Nicole Murphy & Andrea Kelly had some fun there.

 photo photo5-1_zps31bf28ae.png

And Estelle also took the stage to perform.


Back at the Convention Center, the Hollywood panel for the Verizon Wireless booth took place with Jill Scott, Kevin Hart, Laz Alonso & Will Packer:

 photo 0705-Day-events-365-Awards-Verizon-Meet-Greet-EFJ13-36-CME_3000_zps4babc2af.jpg    photo 0705-Day-events-365-Awards-Verizon-Meet-Greet-EFJ13-37-CME_3000_zps9768d8e0.jpg


Brandy was spotted around the Convention Center with her fiance Ryan Press, who everyone believes looks way too much like Laz.  And this pic proves it:

 photo photo3_zpsd813ae18.png

 photo photo1_zps8c43bc25.png 

 photo photo2_zps366aea58.png

She also caught up with her girl Niecy Nash.


And at Kevin Hart's b-day bash/Essence afterparty, he kicked it with Trey Songz:

 photo photo4-1_zpsfc7eda3f.png 


 photo photo4_zpse0873234.png

And D-Nice hung out with Maxwell before the "Fire We Make" singer jetted off to Atlanta.


The YBF is on the scene!  Follow us on Twitter (@TheYBF) for up to the minute updates, pics & videos LIVE from the 2013 Essence Festival!

Photos: WeTV's IG/Brandy's IG/DJ D-Nice's IG/Chris Mitchell/Essence.com/Keyshia's IG/TheYBF.com/Chris Mitchell / CME 3000



I'm so happy for Brandy and

I'm so happy for Brandy and that Tall Kool Glass of Water she is engaged too.
Miss D's picture

There's Wale! As usual,

There's Wale! As usual, looking like he from DC.
bamboo's picture

Kenya is one beautiful

Kenya is one beautiful woman. That guy in a red shirt is hot!!! Brandy looks so happy and beautifully slim. I thought the two were bothers too! Brandy's fiancé and Laz.
Mamma Mia's picture

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xzbxzbwrywey547's picture

Uncle Charlie is MY kind of

Uncle Charlie is MY kind of sexy! Damn! And can sing too? Ut oh....look out now....lol. Old school talent rocks!
JewelryLover's picture

Ooooh Jill, I need those

Ooooh Jill, I need those shoes!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Jill Scott has really been

Jill Scott has really been stepping her "cookies up" (excuse me; I've been listening to a lot of Nicki Minaj lately). Bridget Kelly looks great (although I don't know who she is). Laz and Ryan are DEFINITELY twins and, if I had to choose the cuter twin, I would probably say Ryan so, congrats to Brandy for snagging that amazingly fine man!
Sabs4Prez's picture

Jesus H Christ you are so

Jesus H Christ you are so funny you have me in tears laughing ,woww, and one more thing whats up with the Hollywood ex's ugly faces they are JACKED UPPPP MAN ))they suppose to look at they best not the low of lows very happy for brandy Norwood One of my favorite R&B singers I just hope everyone have fun and ((STAY SAFE
miSSyCatsss's picture

You are truly blessed &

You are truly blessed & highly favored †
Jesus H. Christ's picture

What is gumbi singing n' why

What is gumbi singing n' why was she invited again?! Smhlol..*sips wine
Like Really's picture


Jesus H. Christ's picture

wow everybody looks

wow everybody looks amazing........ sunshinescloset
justjewelss's picture

Hollywood Exes should be

Hollywood Exes should be called hollywood ugly Exes

Brandy is UGLY!

Brandy is UGLY!
Rica123's picture

You're UGLY! Hatin' ass

You're UGLY! Hatin' ass jealous bitch!
I Am Anonymous's picture


star's picture

What is that standing to the

What is that standing to the left of Nicole Murphy? Brandy's fiance and Laz Alonzo look like twins! Bridget Kelly, I'm seeing another Rihanna wannabe. Love, love, love Tamia. Wish she would make some new music.
PacificGirl's picture

i wish that a City Garbage

i wish that a City Garbage Truck suddenly careened outta control & flew off the road launching itself into the levy dam...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Brandy's fiance and Laz are

Brandy's fiance and Laz are hot! They look like brothers! I did not think Brandy's fiance was cute but in the one picture above with Brandy he IS cute and Brandy looks happy! Happy for her.

Wow, I think Laz might have

Wow, I think Laz might have found his long lost brother! THey look like twins!

too bad the levys didnt break

too bad the levys didnt break and drown Solange outta the SuperDome...smh.......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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