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REPORT Confirms Kevin Durant Is ENGAGED To WNBA Star Monica Wright (Yes, Like The Character In "Love & Basketball")

 photo BOmqdg5CIAAk6p0jpg_large_zpseb964b7d.jpg

So...this happened over the weekend: Kevin Durant is engaged.  Yep, the 24-year-old OKC Thunder star popped the question to a girlfriend we didn't even know he had.  And it's a real life Love & Basketball situation.  Check the pics and deets inside...

While you were partying your tail down at the Essence Fest or partaking in post-4th of July alcohol-fueled festivites....OKC star Kevin Durant got engaged. 

Nope, not to LeToya Luckett, who he was rumored to be dating heavily for a while and who traveled to London just last summer to cheer him on at the Olympics.

Kevin's fiancee is Monica Wright, the 2011 WNBA champ who balls for the Minnesota Lynx.  Yep, we're just as shocked as you.  Like, when did this happen?

Gossip reports started to spill out earlier in the weekend about the two getting engaged, but neither Kevin nor Monica confirmed.  But as of this morning, the Associated Press--who is as credible as you're going to get--said that Monica confirmed.  They did not say how she confirmed, where or to whom....but the AP simply says she confirmed the engagement rumor.

And if her name sounds familiar, that's because coincidentally, "Monica Wright" is also the name of Sanaa Lathan's character in the classic movie Love & Basketball.  And...she also rocked the #22. 

Even the movie's writer/director, Gina PrinceBythewood, had to hit up the real life Monica on Twitter this weekend to tell her how coincidental it was. 

 photo ScreenShot2013-07-08at91735AM_zps6fdf97ad.png


More pics of the pretty bride-to-be:

 photo BOmGljgCcAAk6Mojpg_large_zpsf32350c8.jpg  photo BOoDyoJCMAEXxsOjpg_large_zpsfa5010d8.jpg

Monica has yet to say anything on her social media about the engagement, but she did tweet this bible verse 4 days ago:

As a young man marries a young woman so will your Builder marry you as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride so will your God rejoice over u

Congrats to the couple!


Photos: Just Women's Basketball's Twitter, WNBA




Congrats! Nice to see things

Congrats! Nice to see things like this on YBF.
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Happy for them both - they

Happy for them both - they can make it (we married even younger, and are still down 4 each other).

Clearly someone here did not

Clearly someone here did not do their research..... Sanaa Lathan's character in Love & Basketball wore the #32....she was obsessed with Magic Johnson from the Lakers.

Nice to hear/see Black folks

Nice to hear/see Black folks makinig it official.
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Attractive young lady! I'm

Attractive young lady! I'm happy for them, and they are not too young, it's better for him to settle down rather than continue to go through Letoya Luckett type of women. He really surprised me though!
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Not a surprise he about to

Not a surprise he about to marry a black women, THIS NIGGA HERE IS A MOMMA'S BOY!!!!!lollll!! Im just messin around, that's a beautiful sista... CONGRATS TO THEM BOTH. And to the dumb ass black women on here saying "They're too young" SHUT THE FUCK UP.....GODDAMN PEOPLE USE TO GET MARRIED AT THE AGE OF 14 BACK IN THE DAY, ALL THESE YOUNG BITCHES 15 16 GETTING PREGNANT BY SOME OLD ASS NIGGA , BUT WHEN TWO ADULTS MID 20'S, SUCCESSFUL , BLACK!!, GETS MARRIED OHHH THEY TOO YOUNGGGG SHUT CHOOO ASS UPPP. And i bet the women that say shit like that are single parents who had kids out of wedlock when they were young
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Congrats to them. Check out

Congrats to them. Check out thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news and videos on there too
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She's gorgeous. KD knows how

She's gorgeous. KD knows how to pick them! Congrats.
The Real Thing's picture

She's a cutie. Congrats to

She's a cutie. Congrats to them.
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Cute girl. Congrats!

Cute girl. Congrats!

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