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Lamar Odom must have had a bad day or something.  Because dude lost his sh*t on a paparazzo today (Wednesday) in L.A., ripping equipment of the person's car and everything.  And it was all caught on tape.  Of course.


Peep the pics and video inside...

 photo LamarOdomLamarOdomFlipsOutPhotographersMZvzWsq6YDmx_zpsc1591b9f.jpg

Not sure who spit in his Frosted Flakes this morning, but L.A. Clipper Lamar Odom flipped out angrily at a paparazzo.  Not sure what was said to set off this attack, but paparazzi on the scene told all that happened.  And we have access to their reports.  And the pics to prove it.

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They said Lamar walked from his car telling the paps, "Put your cameras down and let me talk to you man to man..."

Lamar apparently got pissed at the fact that the photographers continued shooting pictures.  So according to the paps, he then walked over to the first photographer's car, went inside and came out with a piece of metal which he SMASHED on the side of the car!

With the photographer standing next to him pleading not to do it again, Lamar walked over to the next photographers car, opened the door and pulled out an large camera bag and threw it all the contents all over the street (pictured above).  And by the way, this was all done while a tourist bus looked on (you can peep them in the corner of the pic below).

 photo lamar-odem-0710-splash-3_zps4939b63d.jpg 

Lamar was clearly pissed and walked back to the camera bag, picking up its contents and looking as if he placed it in his Mercedes.  He then drove off without actually touching any of the photogs.

 photo LamarOdomLamarOdomFlipsOutPhotographersp3Wy41nLSH8x_zpsf285e3fd.jpg  

Dude needs to take a chill pill.  Khloe...come get ya man....

TMZ caught video footage, and no one has filed a police report yet.


Photos: Splash/FAME




I am not sure why he is

I am not sure why he is acting all crazy, this is what he signed up for when he maried that hideous Armenian big foot.
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Lamar anything for publicity

Lamar anything for publicity cause ain't Nobody checking for your ugly ass....Not even the paps
star's picture

That ain't Khloe's man no

That ain't Khloe's man no more. Get it? That's why he is extra pissy because his spot has been blown.
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Some of these paps are so

Some of these paps are so disrespectful though, they should just keep a respectable distance
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So I guess the rumors of him

So I guess the rumors of him cheating are true. SMH. When will these celebs learn? The paps live for this kind of reaction. If you just smile and keep it moving there would be no story!
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If Michael Jordan was 6'10"

If Michael Jordan was 6'10" and allowed to take 5 steps & flop.....M.J would have had 15 straight Championships & averaged 95 points per game!!!!!!!!!!!!
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He's just stressing & angry

He's just stressing & angry that his alleged affair has hit the media. He's a Fool! Nonetheless, he wasn't suppose to touch the photographers possessions. He better pray and hope that the photographers don't press charges for vandalism.

That's what the paps get all

That's what the paps get all up in his grill. Money grubbin pigs! Yes being a celebrity, that comes with the territory, but if a person says no or let me holla at you, I'll let you take a few pics, that should be respected. He should have set the car on fire!
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Lamar is just mad media might

Lamar is just mad media might have uncovered his alleged affair with that stripper, Do you think one of these girls with Lamar can be Jennifer Richardson?? http://dailyentertainmentnews.com/?p=12752

There needs to be some laws

There needs to be some laws implemented on how close paparazzi can get in your space. No amount of fame can account for someone trying to get a pic in your face when your having a bad day like us normal people. #fuck.em.up.lamy
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