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CHECK THE STORIES: K.Michelle's "Rebel Against" Campaign Showcases 3 Women Fighting Back

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As promised, TheYBF.com has teamed up with K.Michelle to exclusively showcase, each week for a month, a few of the compelling stories of the women who have joined her REBEL AGAINST campaign. 


Check out the latest stories of three women who are knocking down the bad parts of their past....to get to a brighter future...

Now that "V.S.O.P." singer K.Michelle is making strides to revamp her angry ways and channel her past issues into something positive, she called on women around the world to do the same through her REBEL AGAINST campaign.

And we've joined in the rebellion to bring you the inspirational stories of women just like us.  Check out the newest tales below:



Sundy Wind tells her story as she rebels against sexual abuse.

Watch and listen to Caroline Paris as she rebels against Domestic Violence.

Rosalind rebels against Being A Victim.


Join K Michelle's campaign and tell your story too!  Upload your story over at the My Rebellious Soul Tumblr.  And you may find yourself featured on an even larger platform...




i love that she is telling

i love that she is telling the stories of other women. i can respect any human that tries to aid others that have experienced trauma in their lives.

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This Hoe needs to sit down.

This Hoe needs to sit down. It has been 2 years of her trying to work this angle of her as an abused women. But it's funny, that in these 2 years, all she has shown on LAHH ATL is that she is a trouble maker!! Not to mention that everybody that knows Memphis has spoken up for his character, and to date no one has done that for her. Nobody believes this bitch was a battered women. But everybody believes she will start some b/s! This fake ass,titty, teeth etc hoe needs to sit down. I pray our black ill girls aren't looking at her as an example of how a lady should act! Go sit ur dried out pussy down somewhere hoe!!!
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This chick needs to let that

This chick needs to let that brihgt Red mess go. But no matter what makerover she gets she will still look Ghetto and like a Hood Rat. Typical ATL Black women
lola69's picture

She's from Memphis. But I

She's from Memphis. But I agree the Fruit Punch hair color needs to go.
PacificGirl's picture

the fucking intrusive Pop-Up

the fucking intrusive Pop-Up Ads on this ghetto website are outta control....fix it!!?!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

we love you Jesus. who cares

we love you Jesus. who cares if you don't have a job, collecting welfare and got some Trick to buy you a computer, Speak the Truth Girl/Boy/He/She oh just Speak on IT.
lola69's picture

u are trying to

u are trying to project.....Jesus is a rich bitch
Jesus H. Christ's picture

And yet you're on here

And yet you're on here everyday/all day spewing the dumbest of dumb s......hit.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

stop projecting please

stop projecting please
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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