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NEW MUSIC: Lil' Kim RELEASES "Looks Like Money" For Her 39th BIRTHDAY!

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Legendary rapstress Lil' Kim celebrates her 39th birthday today with the release of a new single, "Looks like Money."  Celebrate with the Queen Bee inside and listen to the new track...


Rapper Little Kim turns 39 today.  To celebrate her many years in the business, Lil' Kim kicked off her b-day with the release of a new single, "Looks Like Money".  She tweeted, “Here’s just a LITTLE gift from ME to U on MY birthday that U guys have been waiting for!!”

The single is "vintage" Kim as it was originally announced as a single in 2011, but it never saw an official release.  We don't think it's good enough to get her back on the radio OR buzzing in the clubs, but you have to admire her for still repping for Brooklyn and trying to stay relevant with this new generation.


Listen to "Looks Like Money" here:


*There are conflicting reports about Lil' Kim's actual age which could be 37, 38 or 39. Either way, we wish her the best.




This shit go hard....just

This shit go hard....just glad I'm not hearing stupid ho one billion times in a damn row!
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I'm rooting for her but i

I'm rooting for her but i feel so sad when I look at her.
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The only person in this

The only person in this thread so far who isn't delusional is Naomi. This song could NEVER succeed, or compete with anything else out right now. Lil Kim used to be hot a loooong time ago when, allegedly, Biggie, or whoever, was writing her rhymes. There is a marked difference in her skills from before compared to now. She needs to hire a ghost writer. That will be the ONLY way.
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In the words of today's

In the words of today's youth, Lil Kim and this song is "W-A-C-K as F-U-C-K"
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This is very buzz worthy & a

This is very buzz worthy & a club banger, in fact I bet it will even chart within the top ten rap charts ....Money is unerversal and everyone wants it or needs it .. Go Kim!
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It should be titled 'Looks

It should be titled 'Looks like Surgery". SMH.
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I like it. I'm glad Kim is

I like it. I'm glad Kim is back at it with a possible banger! I just wish she'd stop with all the plastic surgery. I want that old Kim face back!

I bet Kim wants the old Kim

I bet Kim wants the old Kim face back as well!
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