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LeBron & Savannah's Wedding Invitations Leak...But No Details

 photo 182d6916e9d611e2b30622000a9f15f0_7_zps379c66c0.jpg

LeBron James & his soon to be Mrs. are 4 weeks away from their wedding date.  And the invitations just leaked....with top secret "phone numbers" and ish to call.  Check it inside...


After a week of Vegas & Anguilla Bachelorette vacays with her bridesmaids and besties, Savannah Brinson is back home with her almost-hubby, 2-time NBA champ LeBron James.  He posted the above cute pic of the twosome saying:

Finally got my babe back away from Rump Shaker, C More Butts and Mandingo!! Smdh. Hahaha. #QueenVsBacheloretteIsOver #ImHating #LookAtMyFaceandLookAtHers #NawHappySheHadABallWithHerGirls #BachelorWeekIsNext

And one of their wedding guests, who we're sure they thought was their friend, leaked the wedding invite.  The San Diego nuptials will go down September 14th (as we knew from the Save The Dates).  But the intricate gold & white invite purposely lacks a place & time for the ceremony on Saturday, the welcome BBQ on Friday & the farewell brunch on Sunday:

 photo lebron-james-savannah-wedding-invite-02-480w_zpsc2360051.jpg

 photo lebron-james-savannah-wedding-invite-03-480w_zpse390e37d.jpg

 photo lebron-james-savannah-wedding-invite-04-480w_zps1b3eb417.jpg

And the kicker.....guests have to call a top secret number, then receive a call back with the further details.  

We're still pretty sure pics will leak sooner than they think....


Photos: TMZ




Slow down Lebron. Please

Slow down Lebron. Please don't get into some mess at your bachelor parties, because you know these thirsty broads will try it and then tell it!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

congratulations!! i'm a fan

congratulations!! i'm a fan of LeBron and i love heat!! http://www.bridesmaidwear.com.au
sunmou123's picture

Did Gabby leak it because

Did Gabby leak it because she's jealous that D Wade didn't offer to wife her up yet? She did say that for many years she was a "mean girl"..........IJS
Twinkles's picture

Nice photo. If my facial hair

Nice photo. If my facial hair grew that fast, i'd have a 6 foot long beard & handle bar mustache cuz shaving sucks (or get a Brazillian Wax on my face once a week)........
PegLeg®©'s picture

Beautiful couple and

Beautiful couple and invitations but the date on the invite says Sept 14, 2013. It's not in two weeks YBF. People have to RSVP in two weeks - by Aug 1.
Denise2007's picture

You're right! This reminds me

You're right! This reminds me of when Natasha said that Porsha Williams Stewart was getting $5000.00 in temporary support from her 'soon-to-be' ex-husband; however when I read the documents, it stated that she would get $5,000.00 per month for 3 months in temporary support. SMH...
Keep_It_100's picture

Good for them: they're

Good for them: they're keeping people guessing with bachelorette/bachelor week-long celebrations & such. Shiiiiiiiiit I just wish I was invited cuz I know THIS will be a FAB-**TRIPLE**PLATINUM wedding. Nice!

I'm not at all surprised that

I'm not at all surprised that they are keeping details so secretive. Smart move if you ask me because I would have done the same thing if I were in their shoes! I just hope they don't keep pictures as secretive from us lol!!! Congrats to them!

proof reading is your friend.

proof reading is your friend.
jules10's picture

2 months to go not 2 weeks.

2 months to go not 2 weeks.
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