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Beyonce Gets Trill With Bun B., Scarface, Slim Thug & More Backstage In Houston, Rocks "Bow Down" For The First Time In Concert

 photo beyhouston_zps604564f6.png

When Beyonce took the stage back in her hometown of Houston, Texas last night, H-Town rappers came out in full force to support the Queen Bey.  Check out everybody chillin' backstage, plus Bey giving the H a little treat with "Bow Down"....

They've been on...and it was like a family reunion backstage at the Toyota Center last night.  The "I Been On" chick was welcomed by her long time H-Town homies Scarface, Bun B., Slim Thug, Z-Ro and more before she hit the stage.  She and her hubby Jay-Z snapped pics with everybody:

 photo photo1-1_zps2095596a.png

 photo photo2-1_zpsd17c0573.png 

Bun's daughter Tay snapped the pic above, and he got a pic of Bey giving her a hug.  Cute!

 photo photo2_zpsaf59b592.png

 photo photo4_zps5814189c.png

Slim snapped a pic with his collabo partner and showed off the Cartier gift she bought him and the other Houston rappers who hopped on her "I Been On" remix.  He said he put it next to the MTV Award they got for "Check On It."

 photo photo1_zpse34285e3.png

  photo photo5_zps95c37b63.png

And Jay was chillin with his long time collabo partner Bun B. and Slim as well.


Bey also gave her folks a bit of a treat.  She did a surprise performance of "Bow Down", her first time performing it on stage.  Check it:

And a preview of the upcoming official video (we assume) that she posted to her site:

The Mrs. Carter Show rolls into Chicago tomorrow.


Photos: Bun B's IG/Slim Thug's IG/Scarface's IG



Nobody has to bow down to

Nobody has to bow down to that bitch! Fuck her. She does not care about her fans, just their wallets
Logan_12's picture


Logan_12's picture

Beyonce is a great talent but

Beyonce is a great talent but people have to admit that most of her music is not "iconic," it's trendy. And it's sad because she's capable of making exceptional music (she can certainly afford the writers & producers) but she's too focused on keeping up with the youth. I understand survival, but if you're gonna claim that you want to be an incon, music is your passion, and you work hard at your craft, blah, blah, blah, why not have a greater balance of trendy and iconic music. You heard how she was singing "I Will Always Love You" at her concert. Whitney's rendition of that song will be remembered for years. People are not going to be singing Bow Down and Grown Woman 2 years from now, let alone 20.
CheyPie's picture

Hey, Bey does music for

Hey, Bey does music for everyone! She's don't discriminate. I mean she is where she is today, with the help of you f**cking haters. So it's only right for you to "bow down", because this b*tch is STILL ON! *nok*
toomuch's picture

Hot Damn Slimm Thugg is one

Hot Damn Slimm Thugg is one sexy mofo!!!! King Bee slayed as usual...nothing new
Kelli99's picture

Trayvon Martin Had A Propose!

Trayvon Martin Had A Propose!
GOLDEN HEART's picture

She got her man and her

She got her man and her money, so I'm not hating. But I truly do not like her voice and only enjoy about 10% of the songs she puts out. I wouldn't say its bad, but it is not for me. On the other hand, those outfits of hers...I just don't get it. I'm not saying she should spend all her money on clothes (that would be too ignorant), but I do think a person with that sort of money should look a tad more put together. Just sayin
dva84's picture

Yeah I thought a saw a little

Yeah I thought a saw a little chemistry with her and Slim Thug in that picture.....
fufu's picture

And Another Thing I Am So

And Another Thing I Am So Sick Of Beyonce Trying To Sing Whitney Houston Song "I Will Always Lovee You At Her Shows Like She's Trying To Claim It As Her Own...Whitney Already Remade The Song And MADE it Hotter Than Any Other Singer Who Dare To Remake It Again...Stop It....Sounds Like A Earth Quake When She Sings...Not That She Don't Have A Good Voice...But Every Since She Got With Jayz Her Music And Voice Has Not Bein The Same Since Matthews........Jayz Really Messimg Her Career Up On Propose
GOLDEN HEART's picture

None These Black Rappers

None These Black Rappers Think That Their Music Don't Influence The Afican American Community,You Got Black Man Thinking That Being A Rapper,Droppen A mix tape Like Lilwayne And Jayz Is Going To Fix All Their Mental Iusses,Than You Have All These African American Females Thinking Dressing And Looking Like Beyonce Is Going To Gain Them More Love From Man And Attention,As Well As Power Over Other Women....This Is Why So Many Of Us Dying.....And All These Celebraities Can Do Is Promote This Mess In Our Communtity....Not To Long Ago Jayz And Beyonce Was Singing About Holding Each Other Guns In Their New Song...Isn't That's How Trayvon Martin Died,From Some Gun Happy Hippie....Just Saying Wakeup People
GOLDEN HEART's picture

IThe Only One Everyone Should

IThe Only One Everyone Should Be Bow Downing To Is Jesus Christ Himself The Son Of God Who's Ark In Heaven...Beyonce Go's Around Talking About Trayvon Martain Just To Be Apart Of The Bandwagon...But Yet She Still Preform Music Like This That Some Leaks Into The African American Community...And Why All Of Sudden Jayz Pops Up At Her Show When There Is Other Rappers Around...He Looks Like Someone's Great Uncle.....On Top Of That Look How Beyonce Got Her Leg On Slim Thug..You Can Tell That She Always Had A Thing For Him,Too Bad He Wanted Letoya Luckett In The Group...Really Beyonce Tell Them Why You Really Was Upset With Letoya Luckett.....And Now You're Stuck With Crazy Minded Controling Jayz Who Want Allow You To Do Music With Other Rappers Besides The Ones He Knows
GOLDEN HEART's picture

Exactly! Who do she think she

Exactly! Who do she think she is. She isn't GOD.
Logan_12's picture

Amen.......**does three Hail

Amen.......**does three Hail Mary's then sips wine**
PegLeg®©'s picture

She's too big of a star for

She's too big of a star for that but hey........only bowing down to JESUS
fufu's picture

She BETTER bow down to Jesus

She BETTER bow down to Jesus H. Christ <------- #BowDownBitch.........
PegLeg®©'s picture

Yasssssssss!!!!!!! Slay the

Yasssssssss!!!!!!! Slay the haters and let them stew in their jealous juices.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture


BooLuv's picture

fuck you beyonce for doing

fuck you beyonce for doing this to me, im on the floor, slayyyeeedddd
yeaboytyler's picture

That was a nice way to

That was a nice way to address all the ridiculous things haters constantly say about her. Clearly she doesn't care if you don't agree with her attire, hair, lifestyle, music, choreography, or anything else. Nice performance with lots of energy, as always.
KeepitReal's picture

Baha CLEARLY she does...Pssh

Baha CLEARLY she does...Pssh That insecure twit listens to everybody BUT the Fleahive!... Smdhlol...*sips mimosa
Like Really's picture

yall haters better bow down

yall haters better bow down and stop playing!! you heard the queen!! GET DOWN!! NOW!
BooLuv's picture

There's no room left for her

There's no room left for her "haters" to bow down....you stans got the floor covered. Yall been down there for so long that yall probably forgot how to walk.
Twinkles's picture

EXACTLY!!!! Batty Bey listens

EXACTLY!!!! Batty Bey listens to the truth from You & Me....but has NEVER sent a tweet to ONE Stan!!!!!!!! She just wants their MONEY ※$$$$$$$$$$$$
PegLeg®©'s picture

Exactly!!! (smh and rolling

Exactly!!! (smh and rolling my eyes at delusional stans)
Twinkles's picture

we mustve been typing at the

we mustve been typing at the same time....lolz
PegLeg®©'s picture

What reason is there for that

What reason is there for that person to scream like that at the 0:19 mark. I swear her stans need to be institutionalized....smdh....and I wish that twerking leg dance would just go away.....it looks so stupid.......UUUUUGH!!!!!
Twinkles's picture

show the new Pic of Bic after

show the new Pic of Bic after Bey tried to do her hair. She should be jailed for CHILD ABUSE....smh........
PegLeg®©'s picture

Yassssssssss B. We been

Yassssssssss B. We been waitin for Bow Down live.
SkeeWee's picture

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