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Jay-Z MOVES 528K Copies Of "Magna Carta Holy Grail", Announces European Tour Dates + Robin Thicke's "The Good Life" Single

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Jay-Z debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts, moving 528K units of MCHG last week.  Find out when his MCHG tour will be headed to Europe inside and hear Robin Thicke's "The Good Life" single.    

After he hit up Bey's (she's rocking a printed Topshop look) hometown return in Houston for the Mrs. Carter Show (above) last night, Jay-Z's critically acclaimed disc Magna Carta Holy Grail debuted atop the Billboard Hot 200 today, moving 528,208 units.  But he wasn't the only new addition to the charts.  Ciara's Ciara moved 57,515 units while J. Cole shifted 38,718 units and Kanye West push 28,701 copies of Yeezus.  

Although Hova has already garnered a platinum plaque, thanks to Samsung's Magna Carta app, those sales will not count towards his Billboard tally. And in celebration of the disc's success, Jay-Z's hitting the road.  Now that he's nabbed Teen Choice Award noms for Choice Summer Music Star: Male, and Choice Summer Tour (with Justin Timberlake) he's announced the new “Magna Carta World Tour” – European Dates.  


See where Jay-Z's headed here:

October 3 – Manchester, UK – Manchester Arena
October 4 – Manchester, UK – Manchester Arena
October 6 – Dublin, Ireland – O2 Arena
October 8 – UK, Birmingham NIA Arena
October 10 – London, UK – O2 Arena
October 11 – London, UK – O2 Arena
October 12 – London, UK – O2 Arena
October 14 – London, UK – O2 Arena (Birmingham NIA)
October 15 – London, UK – O2 Arena (Leeds/Newcastle/ Sheffield Arena)
October 17 – Paris, France – Bercy
October 18 – Paris, France – Bercy
October 20 – Zurich, Switzerland – Hallenstadion
October 21 – Antwerp, Belgium – Sportpaleis
October 23 – Oslo, Norway – Spektrum
October 25 – Stockholm, Sweden – Globe
October 27 – Hamburg, Germany – O2 World
October 28 – Cologne, Germany – Lanxess Arena
October 29 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Ziggo Dome


In other music news......

 photo robin-thicke-blurred-lines-1.jpg

"Blurred Lines" singer Robin Thicke has revealed another track, "The Good Life", from his upcoming Blurred Lines disc (July 30).  Produced by Projay, Robin orginally penned the soulful composition on his piano in 2006.  Also, Robin was nominated for a Teen Choice award for male music star.  The 2013 Teen Choice Awards will be held on August 11.

Listen to "The Good Life" here:


Photo via Beyonce Lite's Twitter




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*Standing Ovation* For

*Standing Ovation* For another very entertaining episode of "BEY Banter Lines" starring superfan Truth Spitta and special guest trolls Twinkies & Like Really! You bitches had me rotflmao lol dead! Can hardly wait for the next Beyonce post!
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J and B are cut from the same

J and B are cut from the same mould, they both are very driven and hard working because their level of success shows that but something just doesn't sit right with me about either of them. I think one day something really big will come out about them and we will all be shocked.
Light's picture

The something big that comes

The something big that comes out will be that he is an old man and she still got it. She will get sick of his old tired ass and start cheating with men her age. I'm just saying. LMAO
say what's picture

I must say ~ I do enjoy The

I must say ~ I do enjoy The Carter couple photos (on meds today ~ may not feel the same 2morrow or the day after)
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I see the Carters are still

I see the Carters are still leaving some of yall broads bitter. Oh well. Congrats to the hip-hops #1 couple! Can't wait for the bow down vid. I'll see you chicken heads there on that post!!! Click Click!
TruthSpitta's picture


OK.....SEE YOU THERE!!!!! (waves hand ecstatically while cheesing).....i'm sure you'll be the first one there to "spit " out your programmed compliments! Wipe Wipe!.......as in the Carters ass off of your lips! (passes you a couple of wet naps through the screen)
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well aren't you clever (not

well aren't you clever (not really). And I will probably be one of the first because that's what fans do. Duh..you troll. Why would you go? Love em' or hate em' you'll be supporting them stupid. In fact, why don't you troll some more by commenting under me and add more clicks to this post so Natasha knows to add more Beyonce posts since clearly that's what gets your cooch wet...nothing more thirsty than a groupie who acts more like a groupie than a groupie..smh
TruthSpitta's picture

No....that's not what fans

No....that's not what fans do...it's what STANS do. Fans can like them but still have the ability to call them out on their bullshit, whereas STANS (YOU) kisses their ass and leave lip prints no matter what.....WHY?..they couldn't care less about you.....smh.....and as far as your "why do I go to their posts" statement...we don't go on blogs to comment on just the people we like (that makes no sense, especially when they have websites of their own for that....i'm sure you're a regular there) I speak the truth, something your little pea brain is incapable of doing. Anywho.....I'm done (for now)...you stans tire me. (sighs)
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stans, fans it's all the same

stans, fans it's all the same dummy. We like her. I've called Bey out before on her terrible acting and stiff ass disposition. I'm STILL a fan of her music and her performance ability above MOST performers to date. The difference between a fan and people like yourself, is that we come here to see the latest and greatest of someone we admire. You sweetheart? You come here because you're a bitter troll. I don't waste my time commenting on people I dislike over and over again. I express it then move the hell on. And when they look good or do good I have no qualms about giving them their credit (Like Fantasia). You turtles in a half shell come up in here hating EVERYTHING ALL the damn time. THAT sweetheart is the difference.
TruthSpitta's picture

You have no room to call

You have no room to call anybody a dummy missy (other than yourself). I come here because it's something to do and for shits and giggles....nothing more. You sound like a straight LOSER talking about you "come here to see the latest and greatest of someone you admire" (who says that and who does that?.....smh)...and you say that you don't waste your time commenting on people you dislike over and over again....clearly you're not fond of me or the other truth tellers of this site, but yet you responded to me....TWICE....care to comment about that? (holds out microphone for a response)
Twinkles's picture

Listen dum dum. Admiring

Listen dum dum. Admiring someone is not a fault. The "loser" would be the idiot that constantly goes to page where someone they don't like is the topic of discussion. That is trolling. You are a troll. And I respond to you because you posted under my comment. ...Such a trollop you are.
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Make that 3 times now. You're

Make that 3 times now. You're on a roll honey....LOL...btw, you said that you come here to see the latest and greatest of someone you admire (I'm still smh and lol about that), so we don't expect to see you saying anything negative about ANYBODY on this site for the rest of your time here, little Ms. Positivity......smhlol
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Again...you're under my

Again...you're under my comment trollop. I never said I didn't have anything negative to say about anyone. Trolls tend to have selective hearing and poor vision. I just critiqued Beyonce, as well as others. ..And I'm a dude. ...But feel free to insult my masculinity on account of I make good points. You know you want to. It's a troll's personality trait.
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"But feel free to insult my

"But feel free to insult my masculinity"........OK, I WILL......what dude says I can't wait to see Bey's bow down video?.......remember you came for us first........IJS
Twinkles's picture

Ah..probably one that is gay

Ah..probably one that is gay or bi. To which I am the latter, but still very much a dude. Either way I'm a fan? ...sooo yeah..i'm not catching the relevancy of your question. And I only come for trolls because it's the same ones on here throwing the same shade. Never a compliment. Attacking everything from her family to her child. I ignore most of it because I'm really not the Bey Police, but then sometimes it gets annoying.
TruthSpitta's picture

Our comments sometimes gets

Our comments sometimes gets annoying?...and so does the stans, especially when they force themselves to say something positive. Bey could be sitting down with her hair all over her head just eating a bowl of soup and somebody will say "Bey is living it up, that bowl of soup is awesome"......Like WTF? ...Anywho, Agreeing to disagree, I'm done!
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TruthSpitta's picture

Hahaha! Gotta love the

Hahaha! Gotta love the trolls. They bring insanity (obsession) and humor (delusion) to Beyonce's post. Its some funny shit I tell ya.
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Ain't it funny tho? :)

Ain't it funny tho? :)
TruthSpitta's picture

Like really...hun u way too

Like really...hun u way too disconnected frm the truth to spit anything playaZzz... I mean U'd rather "bow down" to another calling u her Bish, than luv thy damn self!?! *scratches head...I feel so Srry for nitwits like u, when that's the only Definition of Whatta Groupie azzz biitch is known For!! Smdh...*sip sip "oh lost one"
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i don't bow down to no one

i don't bow down to no one child. She's referring to the internet trolls. Not her fans. No one worships Beyonce or Jay-Z. They're just hardcore fans. It's the blogs that call her Beyzus, which I NEVER call her and NEVER would. I figure that would be somewhat clear for you but apparently I give you trolls too much credit. She's a great entertainer with great music. That is where I draw the line. Nothing wrong with giving her credit for her entertainment value. You and people like yourself find nothing positive about her. And that's fine. Everyone can't like her. Trollops like yourself are needed to balance the world out. See you on the next Beyonce post Ms. Thirsty because that is what you are. *yanks the wine out your hand and throws a bottle water at you. "CLEAN YOURSELF UP YOU DRUNKEN TROLLOP!"
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Like Really...BiSH sit the

Like Really...BiSH sit the fux down, that stupid HO dont give a flying fuck about you or nobody else for that matter! Now yo enchanted azz mad with the wrong one, lol its your self serving dingbat of a king, who HOODWINKED all you gullible nitwits!!  Keep dreaming though because that mediocre gimmick of a skripper can only command a stage witta dried up wilted wig....'NOT classics....definitely NO substance...NOTHING timeless nor BIG boi about her catalogue at ALL!!!  Like Bish what the Fuxx can u critique...like what the Fuxx do u do again? Smh...nevermind been there done that Lil boy...,So  imma offer up sum needed advice, it's best u pick and choose ur battles wisely BCUZ I guarantee ya it's not this one. Now I don't Hate anyone, I despise the wack azz Bish but more so you  brainless twits! Thanks, now do what u do best and go SUCK on one!! Smhlol..Dam DUCK season Shud be year round these QUACKS are outta control...*grabs shotgun!
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TruthSpitta's picture

The only truth u spouting is

The only truth u spouting is the fact u're super mad u weren't born a female...smh u're one of those hard core worshippers that despise anyone who spits the TRUTH unlike urself And thats way more laughable than Bey herself..chilee take those damn blinders off...only Then can u actually learn a lil' sumthing...Okkk teapot..*back to playin' bass 
Like Really's picture

Why Are We Keep Making Jayz

Why Are We Keep Making Jayz And Beyonce Rich....Put That Money On Some Books,.I get sick and tried of seeing people riding around blasting jayz and other rappers up while they'er living in Section 8 Baby Houses Mamas on foodstamps....Mean While Jayz and Beyonce Is Living It Up
GOLDEN HEART's picture

At this point I don't believe

At this point I don't believe any thing that comes out of jayz or his PR teams mouth,And I'm Surly not going to believe that he sold that many albums...It's time for jayz to grow up...He's to old to be running around on stage trying to give these young boys a run for their money smh....These Numbers Been Fixed,Few People was checking for that album....Jayz Knows How To Get Over On People And Keep Beyonce From Going Any Higher Than Him......I C Super cici is doing her thing...Good Girl
GOLDEN HEART's picture

......now how many of those

......now how many of those did Jay purchase himself?
Twinkles's picture

Exactly! Smh..*sips wine

Exactly! Smh..*sips wine
Like Really's picture

Money over Marriage & Family

Money over Marriage & Family I guess.....Blue don't even know her daddy yet. This family has been together as one maybe 5 times in 2 years.........smh
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