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REALITY FAB: Sanya Richards-Ross CELEBRATES The "Sanya’s Glam & Gold" PREMIERE With Estelle + Shay Johnson ALLEGES Erica Dixon Was PREGNANT With A Married Man's BABY!

 photo SGGPremiere2.jpg

Last night four-time Olympic Gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross and her husband, two-time Super Bowl Champion Aaron Ross, celebrated the premiere of their new reality show "Sanya's Glam & Gold" with Estelle. See pics from the red carpet inside and watch an explosive Power 105.1 interview where Shay Johnson accuses her "LAHH ATL" co-star & enemy Erica Dixon of getting pregnant by a married man!


 photo SGGPremiere5.jpg

Last night, WeTV celebrated the launch of four-time Olympic Gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross' new reality show "Sanya's Glam & Gold". The party took place in New York City as The Gansevoort Park Ave. Estelle (shown atop) was one of the celebs who came out to congratulate Sanya (who sported a crop top and strapped on her gladiator sandals for the event).

 photo wenn205115081.jpg

Premiering on July 25th at 10pm on WeTV, Sanya stars on the show with her husband, New York Giants cornerback and two-time Super Bowl Champion Aaron Ross.  The show chronicles their marriage and the bond they share as athletes.  And we kinda love a hard core athlete who still knows how to keep it girly.

 photo SGGPremiere3.jpg  

The couple's family and fellow cast members Sharon Richards, Shari Richards and Tyrell Gatewood were also on hand for the party.


Watch Sanya and Aaron discuss the show here:


And in "scandalous" reality tv news.....

 photo shayhon.png

"LAHH ATL" star Shay Johnson stopped by Power 105.1 and spilled the tea on what went on during the "LAHH ATL" Reunion taping last week.  The most SHOCKING admission dealt with the on and off again relationship between Shay's former boo Lil' Scrappy and his baby momma Erica Dixon.

While Shay admitted that she wasn't supposed to reveal what went on at the taping, she let it slip (a little intentionally), that a some point, Lil' Scrappy confronted Erica about having an affair with a married man AND getting pregnant!  

So where's Erica's baby bump?  When DJ Envy asked if Erica had an abortion, Shay couldn't confirm it but simply repeated that Scrappy said Erica had been pregnant by a married man (at some point).  Here are the highlights:

On Lil' Scrappy confronting Erica:

He said she was messing with a married man and got pregnant by him, thats we what he said on the reunion.

On how Erica was the side chick...when Scrappy was with Diamond:

When he was dealing with [rapper] Diamond, she was his side piece, she’s been his side piece for nine years. Erica was his side piece, Diamond was his main girl. He was living with Diamond, he was with her for five years and Erica was always opening those legs for him all the time.

On what she thinks of Kirk and Rasheeda's marriage and if she thinks Kirk is gay:

Kirk is wrong. I just really just wanted to jump through the screen and slap him.....I dont think he is gay. I just think he wanted to play and thats exactly what he did. I think there were issues that were going on that we obviously didn’t know about, it didn’t just start on television, they been together thirteen years.

Watch the interview below and hear Shay discuss Scrappy & Erica at (8:31) :


So far......neither Lil' Scrappy nor Erica have commented about each other on social media.  And we haven't heard Erica respond to Shay's interview......yet.


Photos via Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for WeTV/Power 105/Angela Yee's Instagram




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jack3442's picture

well, i hear the kettle

well, i hear the kettle steaming, im so glad there aren't any fools, fool enough to believe this...everyone knows that scrappy cheated on erica with diamond, and diamond cheated on him, so he went back to erica...shay you on the other hand my dear....no further words
_speak's picture

Shay is an eternal sidepiece.

Shay is an eternal sidepiece. She might as well stop being disgruntle because that's her role for life. No real man wants to claim something like her as his main woman.
PrettyGirlTee's picture

It's SAD when the only thing

It's SAD when the only thing you have to talk about is your non existent bf and his baby mama. And she was mad when Erica said, "keep my name out your mouth"..... But obviously she can't so.. BITCH have several seats. PATHETIC!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

That is so true! She keeps

That is so true! She keeps Erica's name in her mouth. Shay needs to sit her thirsty a$$ down cause she is a non-MF factor. Everything she is suggesting about Erica, pertains to her. That is what is so funny. She just needs to worry about how she came in between a woman and her man. Scrappy used her as the "rebound girl". You did what no side chick should do. Catch main chick feelings. Chicks need to stop auditioning for someone else's role. Know your position and play your part. In Shay's case, the sideline. lol
Hater Recognizer's picture

Do Not like Sonya's

Do Not like Sonya's hair...She has a very long strange face that looks better with the Long weaves/wigs...#js
star's picture

Sonya Richards Ross looks a

Sonya Richards Ross looks a mess. Those sandals are horrible and that outfit for your premiere? Mess. I'm surprised, Shay actually doesn't seem that bad. I guess editing can really do alot. And Scrappy outing your baby mama on National TV when your daughter is old enough to understand? Not a good look. But I guess you already put everything out there anyway.
IslandVibez's picture

Wow, side peice or not, Erika

Wow, side peice or not, Erika the only one that got a ring (not that getting a ring from Lil Scrappy is anything to be proud of). So based on that evidence you're the only sidepiece Shay. And if he's being dealing with Erika longer that he was with Diamond, how does that make Erika the side piece to Diamond? and again Shay that's so irrelevant, the only title you get is home girl....so dumb
Secret's picture

Sonya's getup looks like some

Sonya's getup looks like some BS that Rih would wear......and her bob would've been so much prettier if it was black, but whatever....BTW, these LAHH people gets too much undeserving coverage...ENOUGH!!!
Twinkles's picture

Yeah, I'm not really feeling

Yeah, I'm not really feeling her outfit either. And her hair would have been prettier if it were any color other than blonde. A medium brown with blonde highlights would have even been better, in my opinion. But it's nice that she has a new show. Good for her. At least she's done something worthwhile to justify getting a show. follow me on twitter @tmoniqueblake www.confessionsofawickedstepmother.com
msprose's picture

Smh...that Sanya lady wants 2

Smh...that Sanya lady wants 2 be a Celebrity sooooo bad. Just get out on the track & stay in your lane (and sweat your weave out)..............
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