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OH: "The Real" Ladies GET IT With The PRANCING ELITES All-Male Cheerleading & Dance Team + Adrienne Dishes On That Ratchet Rob K. Tattoo

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Remember that All-Male voguing/cheerleading/dance team from Alabama who went viral with their DJ Jubilee routine at a school game?  Well, they just made their TV debut.  Check out the boys werking (yes, W-E-R-K-I-N-G) it out with the ladies of "The Real" today in case you missed it...

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The Prancing Elites are an all-male cheerleading/dance troupe from Mobile, Alabama, and apparently, they're ready to go Hollywood.  On today's episode of Fox's new daytime talk show "The Real," Tamar, Tamera, Adrienne, Loni & Jeannie had the boys teach them how to do their popping, shaking and voguing.  Foolery ensued.  And we loved it.

Check out a peek of a video below:


 photo PPj9adkW_zps8391a56b.jpg

And the co-hosts all went in on a few of the craziest tattoos on people that have been circulating then net.  So Adrienne fessed up about her Robert Kardashian tattoo on her butt.  The two have been broken up for years, and chick is still in the process of laser removal.  Good luck with that girl.

Check out her talking about how ratchet it is below:


Tune in for "The Real" DAILY on Fox.  Check here to see if/when it airs in your city.

P.S.  If the show gets fab ratings during this 4-week summer test, it gets picked up for a fell season and will air nationwide.


Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros./Jeannie's IG




drop the word "ratchet" u

drop the word "ratchet" u sound ignorant

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jack3442's picture

F*cking speechless. SMH.

F*cking speechless. SMH.
JewelryLover's picture

Disgusting Media is insane

Disgusting Media is insane with the pathetic images of black men that they love to portray.. this is not cute nobody wants to see a grp of muscular boys dancing around like some HOT MESS girls

This is a hot mess on so many

This is a hot mess on so many levels. Where are their fathers?
Keep_It_100's picture

I'm mad at this. Where's the

I'm mad at this. Where's the choreography?!?!?
BlackDiva's picture

Not cute. Black men need to

Not cute. Black men need to grow up and raise their sons.
whatev's picture

Nothing but foolishness.

Nothing but foolishness. There is nothing funny or cute about these men prancing around this way. Stand up and be MEN
Damn Shame's picture

This is disgusting.. nothing

This is disgusting.. nothing cute about it
ZenLea's picture

The sissification of the

The sissification of the black male continues. Ya'll better wake up because this mess is calculated and deliberate.
Martine's picture

their Daddy needed to stick

their Daddy needed to stick around....or their momma needs to stop having wedlock babies.........
PegLeg®©'s picture

Adrienne just mad that Robert

Adrienne just mad that Robert K dumped her dumpy lumpy squat behind with her face flater than a hand.

(stares off into space)

(stares off into space)
Twinkles's picture

Tamar looked beautiful today

Tamar looked beautiful today with her hair like that. Tamera is good on the show. the fat comedian is good. the other 2 need to go ---------------> see ya
PegLeg®©'s picture

I really liked Tamar's look

I really liked Tamar's look today too. Gorgeous. I like all of the ladies. The funny thing is, I thought Tamar would be the one who's over the top. But apparently that title belongs to Adrienne. She's cute though. follow me on twitter @tmoniqueblake www.confessionsofawickedstepmother.com
msprose's picture

Aww I like the asian lady lol

Aww I like the asian lady lol I agree that Adrienne needs to go though. She's too much!
ADP's picture

i could live with the

i could live with the Oriental girl. The mexican must go
PegLeg®©'s picture

let me just state that I am

let me just state that I am for equality because I am part of the fold, but this shit pisses me off. I hate everything about this. Tacky ghetto trashy shit. Something about a bunch of dudes looking like rejects from a bad carnival parade parading around in women's pantyhose is just insulting to not just the black community, but to the LGBT community. Fucking ridiculous. Then stupid blogs like MediaTakeOut talking about this is "new thing" for young black men. No tha fuck it's not!!!
TruthSpitta's picture


whatev's picture

I totally agree..

I totally agree..
ZenLea's picture

Agreed! Right on the heels of

Agreed! Right on the heels of that farce of a trial (for MURDERER George Zimmerman), we need to project better images. I don't diss LGBT lifestyles either: its not my place to judge. But I feel like there's a time and a place for everything. You won't see this on The View, The Talk, or any other mainstream show like this. If these dudes --and this show aired on Logo, this would be a different story. But its hard to garner the respect we deserve when we PROUDLY act like we're part of a 3 ring circus on national TV.

I agree with you who the hell

I agree with you who the hell wants to see a bunch of dudes dressed like this and acting a damn fool... this is crazy..
Cojo's picture


fufu's picture

Just what we need, more

Just what we need, more exploitation of Black foolishness for no apparent reason other than to get attention.
EyeMedia's picture

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