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TAKING A "STAND": Eva Marcille, Kevin McCall, Meagan Good & Chris Brown ROCK The #ForTrayvon CAMPAIGN

 photo eva-marcille-kevin-mccall-dawn-richard-for-trayvon-campaign-the-jasmine-brand.jpg

Eva Marcille, Kevin McCall and Chris Brown  are among the high profile YBF celebs who are taking a stand and lending their likeness to the #FORTRAYVON campaign.  See the photos inside.....

 photo chrsbffffdf.png  

Photographer Kawai Matthews (above, left) has captured the newly launched #ForTrayvon Campaign. For the photoshoot, Chris Brown, Meagan Good, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Dawn Richard and hot YBF couple Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall each raised their hands in memory of Trayvon.

 photo meagan-good-dawn-richard-for-trayvon-campaign-the-jasmine-brand.jpg

According to their press release, the launch of www.FORTRAYVON.org and its #ForTrayvon social media campaign was spearheaded by I AM READY Foundation founder Jason Lee to directly benefit The Trayvon Martin Foundation to assist in creating awareness of how violent crimes impact families of the victims and provide much-needed support for those families.

 photo trayvonf.png

Jason spoke about the foundation saying, 

"I launched my foundation to create programs that would address the issues that seemed to constantly plague my community. After my brother's murder, ending senseless violence was at the top of the list. As a witness of his murder and a victim of gun violence myself, I understand implicitly the pain that is felt daily by families and communities like Trayvon Martin's."

 photo daenddd.png

While some celebs participated in protest rallies around the country, and others, like Mary Mary have joined Stevie Wonder to boycott the state of Florida's Stand Your Groud Law, it's just good to see our celebs speaking out and using their fame to make a difference in any way they see possible.  


Photos via Kawai Matthews Instagram




zzzzzzzz listers..untill i

zzzzzzzz listers..untill i see Denzel, Angelina & Brad, Sandra Bullock, Ms Theron and all these other celebs take a stand the same way they did for gay marriage do something closer to home (they all have black children)..i believe that this will unfortunately fade away..what excatly are they bringing to awareness...? Walking home in the dark??

I wish these negros get this

I wish these negros get this upset over black on black crime...ijs. Fux yo reply!
SlowNeckBecky's picture

The question is, what are YOU

The question is, what are YOU doing about black-on-black crime? It's funny that white as well as black people are conveniently bringing up the black-on-black issue NOW (for different reasons, of course). If you're that passionate about it, why not do something about it?
HotLikeSunshine's picture

I really am not that

I really am not that passionate about blax killing blax! So u can have that argument . good bye
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