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Frank Ocean Rips Vocal Chord & Cancels Aussie Tour, Goes At Chris Brown In "Versace Versace" Remix

Things aren't looking good for your fave R&B prince Frank Ocean.  After ripping his vocal chord on the first night of his Aussie tour dates on Thursday, it's a wrap for that tour.


Details inside, plus why he's still not over that Chris Brown beef...according to his "Versace Versace" remix....

With some dates in Australia selling out in just minutes, Frank Ocean kicked off his Aussie tour last night at Melbourne's Festival Hall.  And after his opening night performance, Mr. Ocean went to the docs down under and found out he tore his vocal chord.  So now, future Aussie dates have been axed.

The Live Nation promoter tells Billboard.com:

"After last night's concert... it was necessary to seek medical advice due to vocal issues Frank Ocean experienced during the show," the promoter comments in a statement. "It has subsequently been confirmed that Frank has suffered a small tear to one of his vocal cords and has received medical advice that he must rest his voice."

It all started when Frank reportedly sounded a bit off key during last night's opener, and he told the crowd during "Forrest Gump" that "I'm sick...don't know if you care."

He then told the crowd, without doing an encore,“I don’t wanna speak much tonight but I do wanna thank you guys.”


Meanwhile, Frank used this week to show he hasn't forgotten about Chris Brown slighting him at the Grammys.  Remember when Frank beat Chris out for an Award and Breezy was one of the only people who remained seated while Frank went up to accept his award?  Well, Frank surely remembers it.  And their fight that happened at a recording studio before that.

Peep the lyrics:

 photo tumblr_mqh1ptfz4M1qdrz3yo1_r1_500_zps54977ac4.png

He posted lyrics to his own remix of "Versace Versace", but don't expect to hear any audio any time soon. 


Photos: WENN/Frank's IG




Now the world can see who

Now the world can see who started that first go around. Frank Ocean is a woman. This stunt he's pulling to get a #1 album. (Hurt Finger) Glad Chris did not respond to that woman. Selling out arena's? Anyway now we all see how it's done. Frank dropping this shit, just to wait for Chris feed back. I bet his next album will not sell because he need to use Chris and Chris is not responding. Now who look like a fool? Frank Ocean

But CB isn't great. He is

But CB isn't great. He is talented, but not great. How can beefing with him boost records sells??? CB cant even boost his own record sells...we don't know who started what, but both were involved and both have the right to speak on THEIR situation... im just here for the popcorn
JeanP's picture

He needs to grow up, how old

He needs to grow up, how old is he 5?? Like seriously, is he trying to get a Chris Brown reaction? He's not slick.

people are ignorant...

people are ignorant... singers tear their vocal chords often. and it has nothing to do with their love life... be a lil more creative. that's an easy/weak one....
JeanP's picture

all the cb fans are gonna be

all the cb fans are gonna be HOT!!!!!! lmfaooo...... I hope chris doesn't try to play the shade game with Frank.. Chris sucks at the shade game!
JeanP's picture

lmfaooo.....lmfaooo.... lmfao

lmfaooo.....lmfaooo.... lmfao (literally) .... if its beef get the chit off ya chest!!!!
JPiggy's picture

Hmmm sorry dude is over

Hmmm sorry dude is over rated. And in my opinion, dude sounds HORRIBLE live. Chris is a better performer and singer live. Ripped vocal chord my azz. Was it ripped at the grammys to? FOH. And like let this Chris thing go already. Chris ain't even thinking about your forest gump azz. For the record, chris wasn't a hater. He was a gentleman. They just had a fall out so u expect him to give you a standing applause for your win? No he stayed seated and clapped. HEy Frank would you have stood up for Chris if he won? DOubt it. You actin real kanye emotional now. Get over it.
AnoniNYC12's picture

Frank O did that. He killed

Frank O did that. He killed it! An taking opiates! Strong allegations against chris but it would explain a lot! And so what he chooses to address it now, he's addressing it, and he's right Chris was weak for sitting down. Or perhaps just weak in general
guesswhat's picture

I agree with all of the below

I agree with all of the below until someone says different and that person will be Frank Ocean...

he never could sing

he never could sing anyways... and he IS NOT the prince of nothing YBF

That's from too much sucking.

That's from too much sucking.
star's picture

Yeah Suckin Some BIG ONES LOL

Yeah Suckin Some BIG ONES LOL
REdSKin's picture

he's over-rated..never

he's over-rated..never understood the appeal...and he could NEVER sing well.. anyone can strain and sing a falsetto..
ZenLea's picture

He doesn't sound good live

He doesn't sound good live and that was before the ripe vocal cord
SideFreakinEye's picture

Come on dude..The Grammy's

Come on dude..The Grammy's are forgotten..We will only recall that moment next year when they start running the Grammy's most blah blahest moments. Stop crying already
rant's picture

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