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VH1 Reveals The "Marrying The Game" Season 2 TRAILER + Big Sean's "HALL OF FAME" Cover Art + Nick Cannon's "Me Sexy" VIDEO

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VH1 has revealed the season two trailer for Marrying The Game".  Watch the clip inside and see the cover art for rapper Big Sean's upcoming album Hall of Fame. Also, watch Nick Cannon's "Me Sexy" video.

Rapper The Game and his "ex" fiancee Tiffney Cambrige are back for a second season of “Marrying the Game.” Now that Tiffney has called off the wedding and moved out of Game’s house with their kids, we spend the second season watching the couple try to work it out.  But...should they be trying to work it out?  Hmm..

The show kicks off on August 5 at 9:30 p.m.ET on VH1.

And via Instagram, The Game has announced that he changed the name of his label Rolex Records to The Firm. He told fans,

"So after a 6 long month legal battle with Rolex watches over the name ‘Rolex Records’ we lost & had to fully change the name of the label & it’s logo away from the likeness of Rolex’s crown & stay away from any & everything resembling Rolex.

But today a new regime starts & I am officially the CEO of ‘The Firm’ & we are looking for elite artists to be a part of a new movement.”


And in new music.....

 photo HallofFameStandardCoverArt.jpg

Rapper Big Sean, who debuted The Black Collection from his Finally Famous clothing line a few months ago, has just revealed the covert art for his second cd, Hall Of Fame.

 photo BigSeanDeluxeAlbumCOverart.jpg

 Available in both standard and deluxe editions, the album is due on August 27.  And over on the radio, Big Sean recently debuted his new single "Beware," featuring labelmate Jhene Aiko and Cash Money superstar Lil’ Wayne.  We have a feeling he and his girlfriend Naya Rivera aren't far off from some sort of a collabo as well...

In case you missed it, watch the HOF announcement video here:


And in music videos.....

"AGT" host Nick Cannon premiered the official video for "Me Sexy" today. The song is the lead single off his forthcoming album White People Party Music on NCredible Entertainment / Sony Red. The song has a "Gangnam Style" feel and Nick is already going viral, as YouTube users have created their own "Me Sexy" videos.


Watch Nick Cannon & Jimmy Fallon do the "Me Sexy" video.  This guy...







She needs to get her mother,

She needs to get her mother, grandmother or somebody to take care of the children just on the days hes travelling coz yes shes a lil insecure but he is clearly giving her a reason to..go do what u need to do to keep your man! Go with him!!!

One episode I watched she

One episode I watched she seemed really insecure because he decided to get some quick money and do a show in Paris. She was upset because he didn't take her but took his assistant and handlers instead. Like you can't go EVERYWHERE with your dude. He's an artist. You have kids (one in diapers). Like fall back. I would have been like ok...go ahead but you know you are taking me to Europe for our honeymoon right? She really was trying to kill his vibe by giving him an ultimatum. Can't do that. Especially when all he's trying to do is bring money into the house to pay for the wedding. So he left like "miss me with all that, I'm going". She takes the kids and moves out. That seemed a little dramatic to me. Hey I don't know their relationship and history, but ladies you have to learn to pick your battles.
AnoniNYC12's picture

Hope they can work it out I

Hope they can work it out I like them as a couple but I do get where Tiff is coming from he thinks he should be able to disrespect his relationship cause he is a RAPPER. Hope he mans up and realizes the groupies aint worth loosing a good thang

I missed the end of the last

I missed the end of the last season of Marring the Game but I do hope they can work it out. The Game seems like a genuine good guy with a that "I want my cake and I want to eat it too" mind set. Just because you can doesn't mean you should, life just work that way Game!

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