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Beyonce Lunches With Jay-Z Before His "Legends Of The Summer" Rose Bowl Concert, Chills With Jessica Alba, Names Iggy Azalea Opener For Aussie Tour Dates

 photo BQV57WUCcAA1-rojpg_large_zps92f94d03.jpg

This ever supportive couple rarely lets their own personal plans get in the way of supporting the other.  Right after Beyonce hopped off the stage in Charlotte, she headed to L.A. to support her hubby Jay-Z last night as he and Justin Timberlake brought their Legends of the Summer tour to the Rose Bowl.


Check out the twosome grabbing lunch and Bey chillin' with Jessica Alba inside.  Plus, she brings in rapper Iggy Azalea to her tour...

Mrs. Carter spent her day off on her tour jetting to Cali to spend time with her husband Mr. Carter.  The cute couple was spotted (above) grabbing lunch at Gjelina in Venice before he hit the stage with JT at the Rose Bowl.


 photo BQV7i0UCEAMkhftjpg_large_zpsa339cd64.jpg

And Bey was spotted chillin' in the audience with actresses Jessica Alba & Kelly Sawyer.  Cute!

The "Grown Woman" chick rolls into D.C. tonight for a 2-night stint at the Verizon Center.


 photo b6b7f266f4b911e29da022000aeb0f08_7_zpsde5ab7fe.jpg


By the way, Beyonce just announced that the opening act for her Aussie & New Zealand tour dates this fall will be Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea.  Yep, she's bringing her "Work" to the Mrs. Carter Show.   She said:

To answer a few ppls question: yes I will have new staging for #TheMrsCarterTour and new costumes! Pucci will be designing them!

This ought to be interesting....


Photos via @BeyonceLite/Kelly Sawyer's IG/Iggy's IG




Can you stop posting these

Can you stop posting these grainy cell phone pics. It's unprofessional and there's not story around 2 people eating lunch.
Username's picture

Bey knows a gazillion

Bey knows a gazillion talented black artists she could bring on and some talented white artists too. Yet she selects a most non talented failure of a chick to open her show. Agenda much? And never wants to see talented people succeed.
fireinside's picture

Yeah, so let's forget that

Yeah, so let's forget that Luke James, Melanie Fiona, & Eva Simmons opened for Beyoncé, and focus on the white girl. smdh. Agenda much?

I totally agree! Fuck beyonce

I totally agree! Fuck beyonce
Logan_12's picture

Rarely see her with anyone

Rarely see her with anyone other than kelly so i can understand why people are thinking this about beyonce and her 'white friends'..not even seen her with Michelle!!!


Tash's picture

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DavidII's picture

lol. some of ya'll have the

lol. some of ya'll have the most backward way of thinking. Beyoncé has a few white friends, and she's dying to be white? lol. smdh. I have no right to say how anyone should think, but if you really haven't learned to see past skin color then good luck with whatever career you've chosen to embark on. I guess it's easier to hold on to hate, than to let go of negative/stereotypical views of race (probably out of fear of rejection), but some of ya'll would seriously benefit from being a little more open minded.

Umm go walk in traffic

Umm go walk in traffic
Logan_12's picture

right. Life is too short to

right. Life is too short to be so negative. Who hurt you?

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xcbrwywey357's picture

it shouldn't matter the skin

it shouldn't matter the skin color of her friends. its up to her or anyone to have friendships with those she finds supportive and can be herself around without all the criticism and judgement. Lots of black girls have changed their hair color and its their right to do it. Get over these racist vibes if we truly want a better world!

Those white people are

Those white people are laughing at beyonce, not with her. Im prettybsure those so called white friends of her's talk about her like the wanna be she is
Logan_12's picture

Beyawnce look like she just

Beyawnce look like she just dyin to be a white woman on that pic with jessica alba.
truest 1's picture

Yeah, I definitely peeped

Yeah, I definitely peeped that too.
Peace Silas's picture

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