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REALLY THOUGH: So....A Hairstylist Confronts FOXY BROWN Over Not Paying For A $900 Weave?!

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Another day, another Foxy Brown story that makes us wipe away that one lonely tear that represents hope that she will return to the Don Diva she used to be.


Inga "Foxy Brown" Marchand was caught on camera getting confronted by a hairstylist for not paying up the $900 owed for her new weavery.  Check it inside...


In a video posted recently by HipHopStan.com, Fox Boogie was put on blast for stiffing a hairstylist for $900.  Yes, we're more shocked than anything else her Yaky costs more than a couple hundred. (And miss us with the judgment because you know your mind skipped to that VERY thought FIRST as well).  But we're also shocked somebody decided to videotape the confrontation...and send it out to the internet streets.

If falling on stage in a leopard & bedazzled outft that she pulled from the back of her closet wasn't the epitome of embarrasing, this ought to do it.

No confirmation yet on when exactly this was filmed.  But does it really matter?  We thought we were on the road to Bad Girl Comeback after chick "allegedly" stole all that weave glue years ago.  Guess not.

We're still keeping hope alive Foxy.  And hopefully this was all just a misunderstanding....

*UPDATE* The stylist, we're told, is Genevieve "GStar" Jean-Baptiste of the UDJAT Hair Salon.  Foxy reportedly tried to leave the salon without paying, and then all THIS went down.




And another thing, why was

And another thing, why was she looking so damn crazy while the chick kept saying, "Give me my money, Foxy Brown..."??? And why was the chick repeatedly saying the same thing instead of clocking her for her cash...or calling the cops???
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UnbeWEAVEable!!! Lawd, have

UnbeWEAVEable!!! Lawd, have mercy on this child. Why in THE HELL won't she SOT her 1990's ass DOWN somewhere and LEAVE those folk's hair...nails and glue alone??? Damn. Foxy, this has gotten so old and beyond embarassing. Somebody is going to clock this chick before long, just as soon as she enters their business and before she even has the chance to start any of her infamous foolishness. If it's this bad, she needs to just break down to outright fucking for dollars or just get an ordinary 9-5 to satisfy her high maintenance habit since the men obviously aren't paying like they used to anymore and her career is all washed up. What about song writing? Somebody please guide and direct this child...please.
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(And miss us with the

(And miss us with the judgment because you know your mind skipped to that VERY thought FIRST as well) ....ok ok u right...it did LOL
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I am sorry but this video

I am sorry but this video looks sooooo fake. But hey I also don't believe that she owes her $900 for her hair if it is true. Maybe $150 or $160 (for hair and time). #NoShadeButWillowTree

I saw this LAST week.

I saw this LAST week.
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Bless her heart she couldn't

Bless her heart she couldn't hear how much the weave cost. That sounds like her new remix......alllll-right
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