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Robin Thicke VIBES With The Breakfast Club, DISHES ON "Blurred Lines" Controversy, Paula's NUDE Scenes, Says "White People Are Trying To Claim Me"

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Robin Thicke stopped by Power 105 this morning to promote his upcoming album and talk about his breakout success.  Listen to the interview inside....

The summer of 2013 is clearly all about Robin Thicke.  The blue-eyed soul crooner appeared on Power 105.1 where he discussed his recent success and why he wants the world to see wife Paula Patton's ta-tas.  Here are the highlights:

On the "rapey" controversy of "Blurred Lines" 

Pharrell and I would have never gone in the studio to make a song that's deragatory.  We're saying "That Man is Not Your Maker" and that a woman is as powerful as a man at all times.  And they don't need him to define her."

On "Blurred Lines" success:

The biggest thing I think is ]the success] internationally.  I never had any love internationally.  Being number one in like 80 countries,  I think the biggest thing in America is that now White people are trying to claim me.

On sex with Paula:

Sometimes she likes to play groupie and say, "I wanna do it to your music."  [We're SO not surprised...]

On jealousy:

We both get jealous because we're madly in love.  

On wether Paula was tipsy at the BET awards:

She wanted to go out there and do something different.  That's what we do at the house....we try to make sure something memorable happen. [So the answer is....?]

On Paula's nude scene with Denzel Washington int he upcoming movie "2 Guns":

In her new movie "Two Guns" she shows her boobs.  My first response was go for it. 'Cause we're not 21 anymore ad the world should see them at least once.  Her and I have been through so much together. These are the small details of our life.

One thing about Robin is he's totally honest....ALL the time.  Gotta love him.

Listen to the interview here:





Love, love, love Robin Thicke

Love, love, love Robin Thicke from the start. White people are just discovering him....lol. Blurred Lines.......I didn't get rape from that....wtf?
JewelryLover's picture

He looks just like his pops.

He looks just like his pops.
I Am Anonymous's picture

I like his slow songs better.

I like his slow songs better. Not a fan of this song nor the video.....allllll-right
YaHeard's picture

Nope. I don't love anything

Nope. I don't love anything about this corny WB. He loves a dark suit and white t-shirt and always looks stupid and high. Great song -- wrong singer.
Child Please's picture

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