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SERIOUSLY: Ciara's New Album Pops Up On GROUPON + Ashanti POSTPONES Album Release (In Case You Missed It)

 photo CiaraCiaraCelebratesNewAlbumCwWUGQyvaUZl.jpg

Singer Ciara's latest disc "Ciara" popped up a part of a GROUPON discount and it's outraged her fans!  Find out about the "Ciara" discount inside and get the deets on Ashanti's delayed album.

 photo ciaragoodded.png

In case you haven't scooped up your copy of Ciara's latest album, it's now available as part of a package deal on GROUPON, which will also get you a copy of her greatest hits. While getting two cds for the price of one seems like it would be a good thing for the consumer, fans and critics of Cici are dragging her on social media.  

You'll recall that Ciara was on the receiving end of a lot of criticism after her Fantasy Ride disc was given away during a KFC promotion.....and now this!

When Ciara was first released, the "I'm Out" singer sold nearly 60,000 copies.  And the GROUPON deal should help the singer sell more albums and reach more people...so it's that a good thing right?

Of course, this is not in the same vein as Jay Z's $20 mill Samsung deal, and we indeed thought this was a joke when we saw it last night.  But, it's real.  And the promotion does actually make sense.  For her. Don't ya think?


In other music news...

 photo ashantisffss.png

Fans of Ashanti will have to wait a little longer to hear the NY chick's Braveheart disc.  The singer revealed that she's decided to delay releasing the album via Instagram saying

"Hey y'all! So Braveheart is NOT coming out today we have clearances & legalities to take of...It costs to be the boss!!! This CEO sh#t is Not A Game! Lol looking like September."

Braveheart is expected to feature Busta Rhymes, Meek Mill, French Montana, Keyshia Cole and R. Kelly.



Photos via PCN/Getty/Robert Ector




Ciara has to get those coins

Ciara has to get those coins any way that she can because no one is checking for her. She needs to find a rich husband (not Future) and settle down OR be a back-up dancer for a big name performer. This music career thing will never jump off.
love7endures's picture

Can't wait for Ashanti's new

Can't wait for Ashanti's new album! She has been my chick from way back!
TrueStarr's picture

What's wrong with groupon?

What's wrong with groupon? I've bought Justin Timberlake album's on groupon and Sade tickets. Y'all tripping. And I love how everyone is jumping on Ashanti for pushing CD back but fail to mention that Beyonce has done the same thing. Until 2014 I hear. The competition was too much this year. I'll always believe that. Better hope Adele doesn't drop anything next year or it's lights out for every female.
Username's picture

poor ciara... and that

poor ciara... and that ashanti cd is coming out in Nevurary....
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Accicterm's picture

Wasn't 'BraveHeart' a part of

Wasn't 'BraveHeart' a part of Dawn Richard's (Danity Kane/Diddy Dirty Money) Golden Heart Project?
Grown Man Ish's picture

What kind of boss is

What kind of boss is Ashanti!? Lol! Please, she's delaying her album to try and drum up more interest cause right now no one is looking for an Ashanti album. As for C-Error, very expected.
shanny's picture

I feel bad for her. Other

I feel bad for her. Other artists have had their album on Groupon, but when she does it, and it's most likely b/c of "poor" sales, everyone jumps on her. JT had a 4-CD deal on Groupon when he was promoting 20/20-Pt. 1. I hope she continues in her good space...seems happy, self-assured, and in love.
qtipp81's picture

I think Ashanti sees the

I think Ashanti sees the state R&B is in and decided now isn't the time to drop her album. And as a Ciara fan I get the "marketing"aspect behind it but truly it makes her comeback seem like mockery. I hope it all pans out in her favor.....
RossyGirl's picture

If her album were any good

If her album were any good and offered listeners something new, her album dropping now would be just the thing for people looking for a refreshing change. I doubt anyone believes Ashanti is gonna bring it on an album to where it would mean anything, she'd just be piling even more crap onto the R&B market.
shanny's picture

I genuinely can't with these

I genuinely can't with these losers. Give it a rest, stick to the acting gigs.
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