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Chris Brown Spotted On The Set Of "Love More" Video [UPDATED With Nicki Minaj's Arrival]

 photo spl588667_006_zpsb43bab6a.jpg

Chris Brown was spotted looking healthier & more fresh faced than usual....aside from those ciggies and whatever's in that cup.  Check out the R&B singer and Nicki Minaj on the set of their upcoming video for "Love More" inside....

Breezy was spotted today pulling a wardrobe change on the L.A. set of his brand new video for his latest single "Love More."  The track features Nicki Minaj, but no word yet on if she'll be appearing in the video as well. and she was spotted arriving to the set as well (below).

 photo spl588127_002_zps6e7e233a.jpg

We do know who WILL be featured though.....60 random video chicks who will be dancing it up in the nightclub scene.  They were also spotted on the set.  Obvi.

 photo spl588127_009_zpsec091178.jpg  photo spl588127_008_zps2c3d4e44.jpg

Chris is back to looking like that fresh faced non-caved-in-face youngin' we came to love years ago.  Hopefully this is due to him leading a less-drama filled & healthier lifestyle.  Hopefully...


Nicki showed up in a black & gold look.  Her jewelry, shoes & Medusa bustier are all by Versace.  And her peplum skirt is from her own upcoming Nicki Minaj Collection:

 photo wenn20552282_zps712f61c1.jpg  photo wenn20552276_zps908d2274.jpg


She posted a few pics of her own from the set as well:

 photo ScreenShot2013-08-03at10146AM_zpsf064a6a8.png  photo ScreenShot2013-08-03at10111AM_zpseaad4764.png  photo ScreenShot2013-08-03at10121AM_zpsd8431f9e.png  photo ScreenShot2013-08-03at10137AM_zps9529c4c9.png

Fun times.


Photos: Splash/WENN/Nicki's IG




Are sure you want to be

Are sure you want to be smoking cigarettes? Your singing isn't that great to begin with so if you start losing your breath and pass out during a dance number, it'll be a wrap for you boo.
Peace Silas's picture

Peplum skirts are so OVER and

Peplum skirts are so OVER and by the time her clothing line comes out it will be an ancient trend. So sick of these people trying to get in the fashion industry and not understanding it. You have to be fashion FORWARD..not backwards. Do something that's not already out there. HELLO! SMDH.
PacificGirl's picture

Yaas Gawd Chris!! And this is

Yaas Gawd Chris!! And this is my shizniyee too, he needs to come on with this CD so I can download it (Yeezus shrug)
Betnotsay's picture

A lot of facial hair doesnt

A lot of facial hair doesnt look good on him. Thats the Chris I love right there. lol
@aggie_princess's picture

He look so much better

He look so much better cleaned up!
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