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Oprah's HAIR-RAISING "O" Cover, First Look At The Lindsay Lohan Interview + Fantasia POPS OFF At "TGT" During CONCERT RANT

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Oprah Winfrey just unveiled the latest hair-raising cover for "O" Magazine and it's one of our favorites!   See the cover inside and watch a clip of her Lindsay Lohan interview and find out what TGT allegedly did to upset Fantasia!


Oprah Winfrey instagrammed the latest "O" cover and it's definitely one of our favorites.  She tweeted, "Just revealed this new cover of @O_Magazine - 1 of my faves ever - Let's talk about HAIR!Following".

And over on the OWN Network, which has turned a profit, Oprah landed a high-profile interview with Lindsay Lohan (in addition a new reality show starring the troubled actress).  Watch the first look here:

Tune in the Lindsay Lohan interview on Sunday, August 18, at 9/8c.



And in music beefs....

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Fantasia (shown above with radio host Kendra G from the "Ryan Cameron Morning Show" on V-103 Atlanta, had a showdown with TGT at the Atlanta Civic Center.

So what happened? Fantasia was TGT's opening act and the drama started when Fanny was not allowed to do a sound check, so it seemed from Fantasia's telling of the story.  For entertainers, the sound check is critical and the failure to do so could lead to a bad show. SInce Fanny was "allowed" to do a check, one might obviously interpret the act as a slight.  

After that, Fantasia (who heading back to Broadway for After Midnight) claimed that her background singers' mics were turned offduring her performance of “Lose to Win.” This lead to Fanny walking off the stage.....

In the audio clip, you can hear the disgust in Fantasia's voice as she blames the headliner for her sound check issues.

Meanwhile....after the show:

 photo brain.png

Fantasia's manager Brian posed with Tank and said, "My looooong time friend Tank @therealtank and I after the show. Great solo artist follow and support him."

We're thinking that since Brian made mention of Tank as a friend AND "solo" artist, BUT didn't mention the other acts (Ginuwine and Tyrese), the tension with Fanny may stem from the other two. 

Things that make you go hmmmm....


Photos via Oprah's Instagram, Brain Dicken's Instagram



I'm going to answer the

I'm going to answer the question of this post. Why is she on the show with "TGT"? If you look at that pic with her managers kool-aid smile and Tank, that's your answer. Head hunters got to politic too. She needs a higher profile manager. Her career will not go any where on the chitlins circuit. Fanny your way to talented for that foolishness. I guess Oprah is going to tells us "This is all my hair blown out". She needs to come clean about those pieces she adds in. Still luv you girl.......allllll-right
YaHeard's picture

What in the world is she

What in the world is she opening for that ghetto trio for? I just don't care for TGT...lol...Fanny you need new management..
Missy's picture

Why is she opening for them?

Why is she opening for them? They were being male divas. Philly nervous bout goin on "after" she tear up the stage!!! She brings it. Lol shifty of her manager tho to have her open for TGT
leat's picture

Why is she opening for TGT

Why is she opening for TGT when she has a hot album out and several others under her belt and they have none? Her manager needs to be slapped for that.
Bird's picture

She wasn't the opening act

She wasn't the opening act (they had 3 of those), she was the "special guest". Most were there to see her, and many left after she finished.
parkerjonesj's picture

This makes more sense

This makes more sense
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