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Tamar Braxton Reveals "Love & War" Album Cover + Willow Smith's New Song "Drowning" Ft. Mecca Kalan

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Willow Smith is back with another deeper-than-we-thought-a-12-year-old-could-feel track called "Drowning".  Check out the melodic track that's all about being drowned by the actions of a deep love, plus Tamar Braxton's new "Love & War" album cover...


Apparently Willow Smith is going through some things.  The pre-teen released a controversially sensual video "#SUMMERFLING" last month.  Now she's back with a brokenhearted-style song featuring Mecca Kalani.  The somber yet pretty piano-ballad is all about a girl who suffered a broken heart at the hands of the boy she loves.  And he's watching her drown in her sorrows, yet he can't move on himself.

Check it out above.


 photo tamar-love-and-war-coverj.jpg

Tamar Braxton has released the cover photo from her forthcoming disc Love And War.  Dropping September 3rd, the disc will feature the #1 single "Love and War", "Hot Sugar" (which premiered on "BFV") and her summer jam "The One."  

In the meantime, fans can catch Tamar on the road with John Legend for the “Made to Love” tour starting October 20.  And "Tamar & Vince" kicks off with a second season on WeTV  this Thursday, September 5th.



Photos: Tamar Braxton Instagram, @willowjadensmith's IG




It's art and its beautiful.

It's art and its beautiful.
Rey's picture

@Betnotsay " What is she

@Betnotsay " What is she depressed about at 12?" as i said, nobody knows what this little girl may be going through or what she thinks she is going through, when I said let her live, obviously it wasn't meant to be taken literally, so bye with that ish, also stop hating on the little girl if all you have is negative to say, why even comment, as you said she 12, but with people like you always saying some ole evil ish, no wonder the girl seems depressed. Everybody was up in arms when Chrissy Theigen said something about Q.W. but it's ok to bash Willow. Double stanards! SMH also, I don't care for her music but I do feels she's entitled to express herself however she and her parents see fit.
luvles's picture

Whateva girl, you must be

Whateva girl, you must be pressed judging by that novel you wrote. I stand by my original post. Toodles!
Betnotsay's picture

Close minded people.

Close minded people.

My heart goes out to Willow,

My heart goes out to Willow, I bet she give up her stardom to have a normal life with normal parents. Poor thing.

why do people always

why do people always associate money and privledge with happiness. Ya'll don't know her, or if she even wrote this, let this little girl live, or stop clicking on post about her, damn!!
luvles's picture

Girl bye with your ASSUMPTION

Girl bye with your ASSUMPTION of our associations!! It's called a comment section, damn! Ain't nobody in this section killed her so I do believe she's living. Carry on.
Betnotsay's picture

Damn Willow...you need to go

Damn Willow...you need to go to Walt Disney World or something...this song makes me want to lay on the couch with the blinds closed and the phone turnt off....

Not the closed blinds

Not the closed blinds though!!!! LOL!! LOL!!
holmesa925's picture

I just can't with this little

I just can't with this little chile! I can't help but think Willow is gonna be looking like Rihanna in that Crop Over outfit in 5-10 years. What is she depressed about at 12? This song sounds like funeral music. I'm sleep..... Follow me @ taliathediva.wordpress.com
Betnotsay's picture

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