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AFTERMATH: Tameka Raymond Files For Emergency Custody Of Kids, Says "They're IN DANGER" [UPDATED] + Terrence Howard's Ex Shows Picture Proof Of The Black Eye She Says Terrence Gave Her

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Tameka Raymond wasted no time in taking action in response to the most recent scare involving one of her & Usher's sons.  Check out why she filed for custody, plus Michelle Ghent's new picture proof showing bruises she claims came from Terrence Howard punching her....

After losing her son Kile just a year ago in a water related accident (a jet ski & tube freak accident), Tameka feels her two youngest sons' lives are now in danger after Usher V (pictured above) ended up in ICU after a pool accident at Usher's house.

Usher has primary full custody of the couple's two boys, Usher V and Naviyd, which he won after the divorce settlement and after Kile's death.

Now, Tameka is looking to reverse that after Cinco got his arm caught in the pool drain and had to be helped to breath again via CPR done by AV workers who were inside the house.  Today, Usher & Tameka were by Cinco's side in ICU and the doctors say he will be OK.  But Mama Tameka doesn't feel comfortable releasing the boys back into Usher's custody as the incident happened at the pool at his home.  Especially because she has beef with Usher's aunt who was supposed to be watching the boys.

TMZ reports:

Usher's ex-wife has just filed legal docs asking for an emergency hearing later this week ... to wrestle child custody away from him, on grounds he's creating a dangerous environment ... TMZ has learned.

Tameka Raymond filed the docs in Fulton County, Georgia, claiming Usher is abdicating his parental responsibilities by letting other people care for their 2 kids -- people who she claims are not on the ball.

Can't say we really blame her for filing these docs.  The aunt in question is also the person Tameka previously accused of letting a stalker into the house while Usher & Tameka were married.


*UPDATE* Tameka has just been granted an emergency custody hearing to take place Friday at 2 p.m. before Fulton County Superior Court Judge John Goger.  In her filing Tuesday, she accuses Usher of not being home 85% of the time and constantly pushing off parenting rsponsibilities on others. ET reports:

In the motion for the emergency hearing filed on August 6, 2013, Foster claims Usher has "failed to personally exercise physical custody of the minor children" and utilizes "third-party caregivers ... rather than personally exercising parenting time" and alleges that Usher isn't home "85%" of the time. She also calls the Monday incident a "near-death" accident, and claims that their son was "left unsupervised in a swimming pool" at Usher's Atlanta home.


 photo terrence-injuries-wm-011-480w_zps7bad96f7.jpg

And if you were wondering if Terrence Howard's ex wife was going to show some receipts with her story of allegedly getting beat down during a family vacay to Costa Rica with Terrence & his kids recently, she did.

TMZ obtained pics of Michelle Ghent showing her black eye and bruised arm that she claims all came at the fists of The Butler actor Terrence Howard.

 photo terrence-injuries-wm-09-480w_zpsfebb3a8a.jpg

Michelle did receive her temporary restraining order she filed for Tuesday in court, and she maintains Terrence threatened her with a knife and physically abused her during an argument.

The site reports:

Michelle Ghent alleges the brutality occurred during a trip last week to Costa Rica. She says the fight started after she told Terrence she had no interest in firing up a relationship with him -- they divorced in May.

Michelle says after Terrence hit her, he glared at her and walked over to a bedside table where he kept 2 curved knives -- 4-6 inches in length.

Michelle says she panicked and then pepper sprayed him. At that point she claims Terrence knocked her down and then kicked her repeatedly in the head.

In addition to the black eye, Michelle says she suffered contusions and swelling.

And, she says, he referred to a prior warning he had given her on a trip to Bora Bora -- threatening to kill her.

Well this explains where the pepper spray comes into play that Terrence says Michelle attacked him with FIRST.  he also maintains he never touched her.  But based on these images, someone did.  Michelle says it was Terrence and he sucker punched her dead in the face, grabbed her up by the arm and caused contusions and swelling after he also threw her up against a wall.

Sad situation.


Photos: TMZ/Tameka's IG




These comments are

These comments are ridiculous! Yes Usher is busy, but this accident is not his fault. The boy was w/ family and was not left unattended! Usher could have ran down the street. As far as Tameka, I understand her hurt. She is not an unfit mother that folks are making it seem. All because she wants her kids back and is causing a big stink about it..........now all of a sudden she is unfit, a gold digger, etc? C'mon now! I would want them back too. I honestly don't think she's in it for the money. Those are her boys and I truly feel like she loves them unconditionally. Anyways, I hope these two can come to an agreement and co-parent.
MsFiFi's picture

usher is lame as

usher is lame as hell...(period) give the kids back to there mother....how is he raising anything when your home 20% of the time...you cant even raise a dog on that time...

GOD bless this family

GOD bless this family
afua's picture


STOP the DAMN PRESSES! Tameka is the last person to file documents against Usher. She was the one who left her other set of kids with her ex-husband to be with Usher. Then when her child that passed away...red flag, I don't care if he wasn't under her care, it just seems like her children are in freak accidents. Usher didn't put them in harms way, and Tameka isn't the #1 mom in the world when it comes to child safety, or being a mom for that matter. I think she needs to take her behind back to the cubby hole she came from because no one can point fingers in the damn situation. AT ALL!

Tameka has every right to

Tameka has every right to file documents against Usher! He is just as much as her son as he is Usher's. To blame Tameka for freak accidents that happened when the kids were with their dad is vile and disgusting. She had nothing to do with it. How do you know that Tameka isn't a good mother? Is she your mom? How can you judge! When has she put her children in harms way?? Waiting...
laydeegirl's picture

Actually they both are

Actually they both are selfish, narcissistic, emotionally unavailable and ill-equipped to be fit parents!
star's picture

I'm sorry but I am siding

I'm sorry but I am siding with Tameka on this one because if those two workmen hadn't happened to be there that child wouldn't be here right now. The two women he was left with couldn't get his hand out of the drain so....... She just lost one child and now this I can't imagine what she's going through right now. I hope that baby makes a speedy recovery.

The child needs to be in the

The child needs to be in the care of someone who will love him and provide for him and that's up to the judge to decide who he sees fit. Tameka may be an evil wench, but we don't know how she is to her kids. She could be the most loving and adoring mom ever. They just need to figure this ish out before it gets really ugly. Oh and no I don't like Tameka. I'm just thinking about little Cinco.

People really should know

People really should know facts before making assumptions. Tameka has one adult son, Ryan (a teenager), Kile (whom passed) and two younger boys by Usher. Why would Tameka need to get primary custody of Ryan when as a teenager you can speak for yourself on whom you'd like to be with and it seems she has a much better relationship with her ex husband. the same. Her boys with Usher are much younger so that's not really the same sitiuation children. We all know children under 5 require way more care than older kids. Bottom line is her and Usher's divorce was so bitter it's playing out through the kids. If the shoe was on the other foot and she had the money was granted custody but allowed them to be babysit majority of the time it would still be questionable parenting. Anyone on here that has children know that raising children requires time regardless of money. So if he can pay everyone else to watch them he's just as spiteful as her. So why keep screaming she's money hungry he's just being a a$$hole because he can. If you thought she was so unfit why would he marry and have 2 kids with somebody that's allegedly a unfit mother of 3? I'll wait.............Gheez wake up people because hey that would mean Usher is incapable of making logical decisions himself. So again why is he the better parent? I hope Their son makes a speedy recovery because that's what's most important but y'all need to stop on the Tameka hate.
rn4137's picture

I'm confused, when Tameka's

I'm confused, when Tameka's son was fatally injured last year, didn't that happen on HER watch? I'm just sayin.
Awwwww Shucks's picture

This is just sad...to lose a

This is just sad...to lose a child a year ago and now this...I find it interesting that Tameka does not have primary custody of none of her kids..the two fathers have custody...also why didn't Tameka try to get primary custody of her other son from her ex, especially after what happened to her son..I want to give Tameka the benefit of doubt but she didn't cry negligence when her son died while in the fathers care. Someone was also there with Kyle when his accident occurred, same as with Cinco.. adults were present at the pool.. I let my nieces and nephews swim/play in the pool all the time, what happened to Cinco was an accident just like Kyle, it would be negligence if no adults was in the pool but that's not the case. Tameka and Usher need to build a trusting relationship b/c this back and forth custody hearings are going to be a problem when the kids get older.
glorious007's picture

Most of the comments here are

Most of the comments here are just ignorant. There is nothing wrong with leaving your kids with someone to supervise them...how does that mean he's negligent?
Adele603's picture

I believe a lot of the women

I believe a lot of the women on here are speaking from a woman point of view that they should always maintain custody of the kids and are being overly emotional instead of logical. She does not have custody of her other kids which leads me to believe her actions are money motivated and spite. Not to mention throughout their divorce she has proven instances of being spiteful. As well those are boys and it is my belief that a woman can't teach a man to be a man and there is nothing wrong with the man having primary custody unless he is trying to deny the mother of her rights and prevent them from being today but I do believe primarily boys should be with their fathers. I also think this is bad timing to pull this stunt, if I felt it was genuine that is one thing but this seem opportunistic. Not to mention Usher was obviously in the area or else he would not have been able to rush home, accidents happen and kids get into things all the time. I don't know a person with kids who hasn't had an almost unfortunate accident not cause of neglect but because kids will be kids. I also feel it is hypocritical when as some as said greater disasters has occurred on her watch. He obviously was being watched otherwise it would've been worse. I think it is hypocritical of readers to condemn his aunt watching the kids as if you never left your child with someone. Be real, anyone with a JOB leave their kids with someone. I feel they need joint custody and to come to a mutual level of respect and courtesy. That's the real problem, too much spite, anger, and hurt for them to act reasonably.
shaneice225's picture

Tameka has definitely been

Tameka has definitely been spiteful, but it understandable to some degree! Imagine your husband leaving you for someone else and finding out he has been banging the bridesmaid. Then to top it off, he gets full custody of the boys when the demands from his career could not allow him to be a full-time dad to the boys. I agree that boys could benefit greatly from their father, but Usher does not have the time to be there full-time. Give the boys to their mom! It's insulting to let everyone else raise and care for the boys when their mom is available to care for them. It's sickening to me that women could actually believe that she wants her kids because of money. How do you know that? So what if the father is rich! He picked her to mother his kids after all! She did carry those boys inside of her for 9 months after all! Her other son's death was not on her watch! He was with his father at the time. Obviously, Usher can't be there all the time but his job/career is not like everyone elses! Give them boys back to their mama!
laydeegirl's picture

I Agree

I Agree
star's picture


star's picture

What's the big deal with his

What's the big deal with his aunt being with him at the time?? Did your parents ever leave you with your aunt or other relatives? Should they be at fault for doing so? Usher could have gone to the store. He wasn't far from the house, hence the fact that he was able to ride in the ambulance.
Iridescent One's picture

Tameka doesn't deserve shit.

Tameka doesn't deserve shit. Where was she when Kyle had the accident? Was she on the premises? It's apparent that Usher wasn't far, being as though he was able to ride in the ambulance with Cinco. His aunt was there. Her gremlin looking ass needs to Exit Stage Left with NO RE-ENTRY. The biggest mistake Usher made, was getting involved with her/
Iridescent One's picture

Her looks have nothing to do

Her looks have nothing to do with her being the mother to those boys. You sound salty that your looks couldn't get someone like Usher! Tameka did not need to be present when Kyle had his accident because he was spending time with his father! Not sure why people like you hate on Tameka!?!?! I guess it's cause she is doing better than you!
laydeegirl's picture

"Better than you?" the only

"Better than you?" the only reason why tameka has money is because the men she slept with and got pregnant by just so happens to have money. Tameka has no ambition just another chick who's money hungry
-A's picture

Doesn't matter how she got

Doesn't matter how she got the money! No different from Kim K. , Amber Rose, and other celebrities that are worshiped for getting knocked up by rich men! Tameka is not a slore, so why the hate? She had her kids with two men and she married them both! Why do people hate Tameka? It must be cause she is doing better than the average!! Tameka has ambition! She was a stylist to celebrities! Can't wait to see her on Hollywood Exs! Stop hating on the sister!!
laydeegirl's picture

lol no one's hating what

lol no one's hating what Tameka got I DEF do not want lmao
-A's picture

If she is being described as

If she is being described as a "gremlin" or having "no ambition", then that is nothing but hate/envy! Beauty is subjective, but what does that have to do with the lady being a mother to her son? Absolutely Nothing!
laydeegirl's picture

Tameka deserves to have full

Tameka deserves to have full custody.
ZenLea's picture

Girrrrl you better get your

Girrrrl you better get your boys back Usher to busy popping them pills and hanging with his boys to know what danger those kids are in. He only got custody because he paid the Judge off anyway. Usher are you happy now your hate for your ex wife caused this.
TeaNicole's picture

I knew this was coming when I

I knew this was coming when I first heard about the horrific accident... I felt bad when Tameka was denied of her kids, but to be honest she just wants more money. And Usher clearly isn't a full time dad. Nannies, pool men, and everybody else was there with his kids but him. He's not on tour promoting so what's his excuse? Why did he want full custody to begin with?
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I pray Tameka that the Judge

I pray Tameka that the Judge is not star stuck, and you get your boys back.
Synsation's picture

I would like to know what the

I would like to know what the purpose of the judge granting him custody when his aunt and other women are watching the kids. How is that what's best for the kids? It's not. It is just what worked with a judge that knew Usher. I think it is bull. In this situation, she fears for the loss of another of her children. Especially since the kids she carried with him were taken from her for no real reason. I, as a mother, can't comprehend why judges believe that children belong with a man. He did not carry them for 10 months inside of them. So how in the world could he care for them more than I could. Couldn't ever happen. She deserves her kids back and he needs to pay his child support.
fireinside's picture

Just becaause shes the mother

Just becaause shes the mother and carried them for 10 months doesn't mean she deserves them more than usher does.. Its takes two to tango Usher has just as much rights to his kids as tameka does.. especially if thier boy children. every son needs thier father.
-A's picture


diamond2012's picture

Terrence is a f*cking

Terrence is a f*cking disgrace. Seems his character in the original Best Man was spot on. Damn dude!
JewelryLover's picture

Neither parent should have

Neither parent should have custody. Sad situation. Don't have kids if you don't have time to take care of them yourself! F*ck that!
JewelryLover's picture

What! These comments gotta be

What! These comments gotta be a joke! You ppl need to put yourself in her position. What would you do? On the anniversary of Son's passing how do you expect her to react say oh it's fine. This woman has been thru it for ppl to say its selfish to want custody of your child after someone you already told the court about that you don't feel safe around your kids. Please she's doing the right thing as a mother. Usher has millions of dollars it's bad enough these celebrities pay ppl to watch there kids not that you can't cause you need help but they go over boy each child has a personal nanny a personal chef a personal stylist ects. What 5 year old you know had his own chef. Tameka is doing the right thing as a "Mother"!
Brown Eyez Diva's picture

i agree!

i agree!
diamond2012's picture

Wow!! when will this woman

Wow!! when will this woman learn? she is still chasing that payday from Usher, how come she did not ask for full custody of her other kids from their dad after her son was tragically killed? Oh that's right he doesn't have millions to pay child support, funny how she keeps going after these kids by Usher but makes no effort to get back the other kids, your kid is in ICU from an ACCIDENT and this is what you are thinking of? how are they endangered? if they were endangered he would have drowned because that would mean no one was watching them, no matter how hard you watch kids their are some things you cannot avoid. This is why they were taken, she puts her money grubbing ways first and kids after, so sad for those kids.
kayla1010's picture

If my boys were taken from me

If my boys were taken from me and almost drowned because of NEGLIGENCE, that is all I would be thinking of too. Give the lady back her boys! You can say it's about money all you want! The fact is she carried those boys and has a right to mother them full time. At the end of the day, Usher picked her to be the mother. $$ has nothing to do with it. If your 5 or 6 year old child climbed into a pool WITHOUT an adult present in the pool and nearly drowned, how would you feel? Kyle's death was an accident (his father was present at the lake), this was NEGLIGENCE!
laydeegirl's picture

Makes no sense. Her son died

Makes no sense. Her son died on her watch. Wait...she wasn't even there when Kile was hurt! Pot, meet kettle. The judge will see this as frivolous, because it is. Hypocrite.
tinytexan's picture

You make no sense! Her son

You make no sense! Her son died while with his father! It was also an accident! What happened to her son in the pool is negligence. Why was he allowed to climb in the pool by himself?? How did he get into the pool area in the first place to fish out a toy? What would have happened if the workers were not present? I would fight for my boys too. You take custody from me so everyone else can watch the boys! No bueno!
laydeegirl's picture

Kile received fatal injuries

Kile received fatal injuries while she was on vacay. Chillin'. She can't claim to be super mom. She's not. Her argument is weak. Usher V was with a trusted adult, just like Kile was.
tinytexan's picture

Tameka needs to stop it. I

Tameka needs to stop it. I mean just stop it. At most the aunt can't watch the kids any more but to say they shouldn't be with their dad when she just lost a son to a horrible accident? Noone blamed her or said she was an unfit mother during her loss. Now she can't understand how accidents can happen? A bit hypocritical to me.
meekmeek's picture

Kyle did not die on her

Kyle did not die on her watch! He was with his father when it happened. Not Tameka's fault!!
laydeegirl's picture

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