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EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Michelle Williams Gets Her Hair "LAID" On "LA HAIR"

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Singer Michelle Williams guest stars on this week's episode of "LA HAIR" as Kim Kimble teams up with photographer Derek Blanks for her upcoming album cover. Watch exclusive show clips from tonight's episode inside.....

On tonight's episode of "LA HAIR", viewers head down to Atlanta to watch "If We Had Your Eyes" singer Michelle Williams gearing up for her Journey To Freedom album cover shoot.

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In our sneak peek clips, which you can only see on TheYBF.com, famed celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble nicknames herself the "weave blower" and uses an actual leaf blower to get Michelle's weave blowing in all the right directions (as she jumps on a trampoline!). Famed photographer Derek Blanks (shown above) also appears tonight, as he's been tasked with shooting Michelle's new cover.

Also, folks all over the country have been buzzing about Oprah's fab afro wig on the cover of the lastest issue of "O" Magazine.  The wig was designed by Kim Kimble! 


Watch two exclusive clips from tonight's episode starring Michelle Williams here:


Watch "LA HAIR" tonight on WEtv at 9pmET and stay tuned at 10PM ET/PT for a new episode of SANYA’S GLAM & GOLD, starring Olympic gold-medalist Sanya Richards-Ross and husband Aaron Ross.


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There's no hope for this

There's no hope for this boring gal. Reading this story just made my a$$ tired.
GetUrLife's picture

Long hair on a long, thin

Long hair on a long, thin face just makes your face look thinner and longer. Michelle looks best when her hair is chin length. Kim is super talented so I know Michelle chose this played out look.
Denise2007's picture

She needs to go back to the

She needs to go back to the Ursula Stephens cut. That was hot.
PacificGirl's picture

I love the way kim does her

I love the way kim does her own hair,,,is it me or does she style everyone the same...long wavy curls with her own twist on it? She is a great stylist though.
stytlin4u06's picture

LA Hair is not as good this

LA Hair is not as good this season. Kim's sister is annoying and so is China. I like the chubby manicurist though. She be telling the TRUTH.
PacificGirl's picture

China is just every letter of

China is just every letter of the words: creepy and weird.
Peace Silas's picture


star's picture

She's killing it! People

She's killing it! People always want to nit pick. She looks BEAUTIFUL! There's nothing wrong with being SLIM and HEALTHY. Being "thick" or "overweight" (as the medics call it) is not the only version of beauty in black women

You hit it on the head

You hit it on the head Cheyenne Smith (pun intended)
afua's picture

Michelle needs a new look

Michelle needs a new look stat! Long hair is definitely not her friend. It only emphasizes how thin and flat her body is. What's worse is that the weaves never look natural just looks cheap and cheesy.


star's picture

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