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LATE NIGHT SNACK: In Case You Haven't Seen Nicki Minaj's Boobs Enough....

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Nicki Minaj took to her Instagram today to exhibit more thirst boobs than usual for her Barbs.  Check out the attention grabby pic, which could also be called a late night snack, inside...

Well, Ms. Minaj clearly wants us to pay attention to her bare naked boobs.  So that's what we'll do.

The "I'm Out" rapper posted a topless pic with only her black wig covering her areolas.  And she only captioned it with a "fist pound" symbol when posting.

Not sure what made Nicki want to show us her boobs any more than she already does--outside of the obvious--but we do know she recently had some harsh words for another rapper.

At her MYX Moscato party last night at the Supperclub in Hollywood, Nicki was caught by a paprazzo who asked her about some rapper named Ransom who allegedly made a song about POSSIBLY ghost writing for her before she rose to fame.

So while she may have looked like a lady in her McQueen bodycon dress, her mouth was anything but ladylike.  Watch chick tell these rappers to get off her d**k below:


Photo: Nicki's IG




Let's see how well these tits

Let's see how well these tits hold up after giving birth/breast feeding or after 40 ~ whichever comes first.
GetUrLife's picture

@Intysingsuga Love your

@Intysingsuga Love your comment LOL!!!! LMAO, costume jewelery...
Haterate's picture

Those are not boobs...they

Those are not boobs...they are accessories...costume jewelry if you will. She shows them off like any other piece of jewelry. Eventually they will turn green and fall apart like any other piece of fake jewelry.
Intysingsuga's picture


Grown Man Ish's picture

well she paid enough for

well she paid enough for those boobs she night as well show them and nicki is way too full of herself. tis not cute! be a lady!
mememe's picture

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