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Tameka Loses Emergency Custody Battle, Usher Maintains FULL Custody Of Sons

The emergency custody hearing is now over.  And Usher has maintained custody of his and Tameka's two sons Naviyd & Usher V.  See how Usher attempted to comfort her afterwards below...

Judge Goger in Fulton County Superior Court just dismissed Tameka Raymond's request to regain custody of the ex-couple's sons during this emergency hearing. 

Tameka's lawyer argues that Usher does not effectively communicate his travel plans, leading her to not know who is watching over her kids.  The judge said the lack of communication Usher has with Tameka does not constitute an "emergency," and an "emergency" is required in this hearing.

During the hearing, Tameka broke down in tears and was extremely upset about the incident that happened. Through tears she sobbed when speaking about their youngest son Naviyd, who cannot swim, jumping into 8 feet of water to try to save his brother. Here's video:

And when all was said and done, Usher went over to Tameka's table to offer up a hug and said "Sorry."  This was suspect since both Usher & Tameka ignored each other totally upon first arriving to court and sitting directly across from each other before the hearing began.  Was this done for the cameras?

Video is below:

So everything will remain status quo. Usher will maintain full custody and Tameka will have visitation.

We have the breakdown of testimonies HERE.


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She doesn't have custody of

She doesn't have custody of her kids for a reason. Just because a female gives birth to a child that doesn't automatically deem her *fit* to be a mother. All this crap she's saying about Usher to make him look bad and yet she still is childless at the moment. It's obviously something not too good about her. You cant hide who you truly are. That ponytail, blazer, and sad face aint fooling nobody. GET SOME HELP TAMEKA (MENTAL) Usher's fans have broken you down. It's time to rebuild. Go Get Your Life Back Gurl!!!!

Give the lady back her boys!

Give the lady back her boys! This is disgusting!!!
laydeegirl's picture

The parent smiling after

The parent smiling after their son almost died is the lunatic.
TeaNicole's picture

You idiots sound stupid he

You idiots sound stupid he was married to this so called lunatic. And she has custody of her Foster son. Get your facts straight.
TeaNicole's picture

Usher will win every time

Usher will win every time based on his celebrity and money. Point blank.
RossyGirl's picture

Her first husband is not a

Her first husband is not a celebrity and he has custody of their kids. There is obviously something going on with her. Point blank.
PacificGirl's picture

Apparently! What is going on

Apparently! What is going on with her, that the judge has determined that she is unfit? This entire saga does not have to play out in front of the media. If Usher's hug was simply a media ploy, why did she lean in so close for that hug, she was clinching for dear life.
TheReal's picture

Co-sign. She wasn't keeping

Co-sign. She wasn't keeping the courts tied up trying to get custody of the 'Foster' boys; yet she keeps going to court trying to get the 'Raymond' boys. Any time a mother doesn't have custody of any of her minor children, there is reason for her actions to be suspect. EVERYBODY can't be in a conspiracy against her.
love7endures's picture

CORRECTION. Her ex-husband

CORRECTION. Her ex-husband is Ryan Glover.....the 'Glover' boys....
love7endures's picture

Taking the celebrity aspect

Taking the celebrity aspect out of the case, I really feel sorry for Tameka as a WOMAN and MOTHER. The fact that she just lost one of her children less than a year ago and now almost losing another? Both instances when the children were not in her custody, is sad. I mean seriously, a mother's worst fear is something happening to her kids when she isn't around. I truly do hope they (her and Usher) can come to some sort of agreement in the future......smh
RossyGirl's picture

I feel so bad for her just

I feel so bad for her just being a Mom myself.....smh. Damn Ursh just let her get the kids. But after today I think he drove her crazy or she been a nut. Please somebody explain why everyone keeps saying why didn't try to get her other boys when Kile passed and this is about Usher's money. Her oldest son is in his 20's and the middle boy is in his teens?? My thought would be if she didn't fight to get them back she's crazy. If this happened on her watch Usher would have tried the same s?$&
rn4137's picture

Let's be clear, Tameka does

Let's be clear, Tameka does not have custody of ANY of her 5 sons. Her oldest son is an adult. The two sons that she had with her ex-husband (Ryan Foster) were in her ex-husband's custody (i.e. one of which, Kile, succumbed to inquiries in a ski jet accident last year). All of this feeling sorry for Tameka is too much. The question is....why doesn't a mother have a custody of ANY of her minor children??????
love7endures's picture

I don't care what anyone

I don't care what anyone thinks about Tameka, I still feel really sorry for her. Usher, you are a piece of work and will do anything for the cameras with that fake hug.
PrettyGirlTee's picture

Anything to NOT pay child

Anything to NOT pay child support. Usher is on the rode traveling and leaving his children in the care of nannies, his aunt, and girlfriend. Why not let their mom have custody?!

Cause she's a lunatic

Cause she's a lunatic
I Am Anonymous's picture

He's been working with and

He's been working with and knowing Tameka personally for years. If she was that much of a lunatic I doubt he would have had kids with her from the start.
PrettyGirlTee's picture

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