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WHO RAN IT?!: Tamar Braxton VS. Skylar Diggins In Diane Von Furstenberg

 photo tamarvsskylar_zpsbcb2104f.jpg

Tamar Braxton glammed it up in Diane Von Furstenberg around 4AM this morning for the live broadcast of the Steve Harvey Morning radio show in Vegas.  But Skylar Diggins rocked this DVF look first in the Hamptons.  Decide who ran it inside....


Tamar Braxton wore a Diane Von Furstenberg black & nude lace jumpsuit to perform on Steve Harvey this morning at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  The 36-year-old sang live during the 3AM-7AM broadcast straight from Vegas, and she didn't skimp on the glam factor for her 4AM performance.  Tamar rocked a pendant necklace, bracelets and rings to complete the look.

But 23-year-old WNBA star Skylar Diggins rocked this cute DVF jumpsuit first a few weeks ago at the 14th Annual Art For Life Benefit.  While posing it up with her fellow Roc Nation teammate Melanie Fiona, Skylar kept her arms & neckline bare as she rocked a gold clutch and cris crossed sandals.









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skyler..toni's hair messes up

skyler..toni's hair messes up the look
ladydiinpa's picture

YOU TRIED IT calling Tamar

YOU TRIED IT calling Tamar Toni! Have several seats boo.
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It looks better on

It looks better on Tamar....that Skylar chick looks like she borrowed it from a friend's closet (who's one size bigger than her) because she was invited to an event at the last minute and didn't have anything to wear. (shrugs)
Twinkles's picture

Sidenote...I love what

Sidenote...I love what Melanie Fiona is wearing tho...
LuVMeSumMe's picture

I certainly think Tamar looks

I certainly think Tamar looks better in it. She fills it out more.
LuVMeSumMe's picture

Skylar ; Love Tamar but she

Skylar ; Love Tamar but she is too top heavy for that jumper ... tho both aren't giving me much to work with in the hair and makeup department !!!! Body wise it flatters Skylar over Tamar.
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You have to be top heavy to

You have to be top heavy to fill a jumper like that...you must not know much about clothes and fitting.
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On what runway have you ever

On what runway have you ever seen a top heavy model walking in a high fashion designer outfit? I'll wait......
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Skylar definitely. I like

Skylar definitely. I like Tamar but she looks like Miss Piggy in that photo.
PacificGirl's picture

I agree with you, Skylar

I agree with you, Skylar looks cute, Tamar's blonde hair ruins the look for her and she still looks clownish with the heavy make up
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