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MUSIC & PARTIES: K.Michelle Celebrates Album Release In ATL With Scrappy, Mama Dee & Buckeey + Elle Varner's Secret Show In NYC

 photo kmichelleellevarner_zpse0dc76df.jpg

Music chicks K.Michelle & Elle Varner celebrated their albums this week.  K. hosted an album release party in Atlanta Friday night, while fab chick Elle had a secret show in NYC for her fans.


Check the pics inside....

 photo PAW_2493_zps86c22e4c.jpg

Ah yes.  This is what we would expect K.Michelle to be pretty happy about receiving as a gift.  A shirt that mentions sex & paychecks.  The "V.S.O.P." singer had an album release party last night at Frank Ski's restaurant in ATL. 

She rocked a cute yellow short jumpsuit with gold caged sandals for the occasion:

 photo DSC_0328_zpsdeb952fd.jpg

The blondie got some support from her "Love & Hip Hop: ATL" cast members Mama Dee, Lil Scrappy & Buckeey:

 photo PAW_2316_zpsb740b2a8.jpg

 photo PAW_2287_zps1e223be3.jpg

 photo PAW_2397_zpsbef2a87c.jpg


 photo PAW_2365_zpsf09eeb3d.jpg

We guess Scrappy's switched back over to his always-available side piece Buckeey now that he and Erica Dixon are on the outs.

 photo PAW_2543_zpsa4d3a7cd.jpg

 photo PAW_2438_zps1172a9c8.jpg

And y'all already know Mama Dee is cheering THAT on.

 photo PAW_2267_zps799806ac.jpg   photo PAW_1670_zps021214c3.jpg  photo PAW_1711_zps5616c69e.jpg

The Queen of the "Palace" offered up hugs and support for her co-star at the event.  And K.Michelle posted a pic of the two saying she's always held her down.  We're sure...

 photo PAW_1350_zps270ba911.jpg

K posed it up with Frank Ski himself.

 photo PAW_1602_zps13993b78.jpg

Her Rebellious Soul album drops August 13th.  You coppin' it?


And recently in NY, cutie Elle Varner had a secret show with 75 of her biggest fans.  And they all celebrated the 1-year anniversary of her debut studio album Perfectly Imperfect:

 photo DSC01283-Version2_zps78ceb8a0.jpeg

She posed for a few portrait pics before taking the stage at OZ studios in midtown Manhattan with her guitar and singing cuts off the album:

 photo DSC01000_zps5eb5d7cd.jpeg  photo DSC01114_zps184c1b0c.jpeg  photo DSC00811_zps789e91d9.jpeg  photo DSC01054_zps3352dfb7.jpeg  photo DSC00929_zpsfe90a031.jpeg 

Glad she stole some time away from canoodling with her NBA baller boyfriend Iman Shumpert to rock an intimate performance.

 photo DSC01170_zpsda72430e.jpeg

Congrats on a year Elle!  By the way, she and Wale have a song on deck together called "Rover (I'm Coming Over)".  And she gave her fans at the secret show a preview.  Nice.

Here's a clip of Elle belting out "Number One" & an acoustic version of "Refill" off the Perfectly Imperfect album:




Photos: Prince Williams/ATLPics.net, Jerome Pearson/JPearsonPhotography.com, Pete Monsanto/FlyLifeImages.com




K. Michelle's album should go

K. Michelle's album should go immediately to Groupon!!
PassionateVirgo's picture

Elle look cute but Mama Dee

Elle look cute but Mama Dee and Scrappy and K Michelle do not, K Michelle looks and acts like a hoodrat.
sweetpea1989's picture

OMG this people give ghetto

OMG this people give ghetto people a bad name. That dude looks like a blow fish, the women around him greasy, cheap and classless. No wonder we black people are talked down in every corner, these clowns go on TV and portray a whole race in the worse way possible!!!

Hot Azz Mess ..all of

Hot Azz Mess ..all of Its.....
REdSKin's picture

Scrappy is one ugly dude.. he

Scrappy is one ugly dude.. he is overweight with muscles.. you can't pump iron and scarf down Krispy Kreme.. I bet he THINKS he looks good..
ZenLea's picture

elle is theee bomb, simply

elle is theee bomb, simply great

I don't normally comment, but

I don't normally comment, but my gawd they look so unappealing. What is Scrappy eating?
Tr12's picture

Elle Varner's voice makes my

Elle Varner's voice makes my flesh crawl. I'm surprised she has 75 fans.
PacificGirl's picture

omg.. I thought I was the

omg.. I thought I was the only one he felt this way.. there's NO appeal to her voice! Her and and that dude called The Wknd need to stop singing!
ZenLea's picture

This is the perfect example

This is the perfect example of why Tameek-man should not raise her and Ushers boys. Look at Mama Dee(tacky old jail bird from the streets, thirsty for a dollar any way she can get it, uneducated, ratchet wigs, attention seeking, with no class) and what did she produce Lil Yucky(drug induced, Lil Fat Albert, baby making, ratchet face tatts, uneducated, jail bird, one hit wonder, that dates hoes and tramps). Tameeek-man is on the same level. How many of you mothers would let her raise your kids or even baby sit them. I'll take a number two and come back for the results later......allllll-right
YaHeard's picture

That Mama Dee looks like she

That Mama Dee looks like she had some facial fillers done and her Thirst is so evident in ALL of these pics...Have a seat Ma
star's picture

Ummm, I NEVER knew K.

Ummm, I NEVER knew K. Michelle was friends with Mama Dee, Shay or Scrappy. I mean, they never shared a scene during season 1 or 2 of LHHATL. That's weird. But I don't think Shay and Scrappy are in a relationship. Bambi was just IGing pics of them this past week talking about she loves going on dates and stuff. IDK, but where the hell was Erica or Ariane or Joseline??? I mean K. Michelle still cool with the, right?

LOL, at all K. Michelle

LOL, at all K. Michelle friends that came through to support her negative azz (The rejects on LHHATL)....She has burned so many bridges with people that no one is even really checking for her. I won't be buying the album because I bet its going to be an album full of depressing angry black woman songs. Not a big fan of her or her music so I'll pass.... but I wish her the best though!
Naomi's picture

Mama Dee does not look half

Mama Dee does not look half bad in the face, but that dress is a NO!
TrueStarr's picture

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