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IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING: LisaRaye's EX-Husband Michael Misick Is In JAIL In Brazil....But NOT Cutting A Plea Deal!


Though LisaRaye McCoy divorced former Tucks & Caicos Prime Minister Michael Misick a long time ago, his name is still closely associated with her.  And in case you were wondering what happened to him......he's in jail!

A little back story.....Michael was jailed in Brazil after the country's federal government picked him up for a warrant issued about an ongoing government corruption case.

So just to clear things up, Michael's brother, Phillip Misick, explained why his brother is in jail.  He tells the Turks and Caicos SUN,

“What a lot of people don’t know is that Mike was re-arrested because the British and the SIPT lied to the Brazilian authorities and told them that Mike has applied to Argentina for political asylum and was considering going there. That was not true at all, but that was the reason why they denied his asylum appeal. The Brits and SIPT did that; just like how they lied to the Brazilian authorities by telling them that Mike was charged in the Turks and Caicos Islands and skipped the country, when up to this day he has not been charged with a single offence,”

So why are we hearing about this now? Rumor has it that Michael is about to cut a deal that may implicate several US citizens in wrongdoing. Once that news leaked, Michael releases a statement saying this isn't true:

"I hear the TCI Journal and their British sponsors is up to their old tricks by putting out online a bunch of bull s**t about me. These people are so low and will stoop to anything to try to further destroy me. I am strong in my faith and will never give up no matter what they do...All I can do is keep on praying and be patient that God will soon deliver me from prison here either home or free here in Brazil.”

So to sum things up....Michael is in a Brazilian jail, but hasn't been charged with anything.  And you thought brothers only had it bad in the U.S.....


(Photo by Rick Diamond/WireImage)




mike was up to faulty things

mike was up to faulty things years ago. the rape, having 2 babies in his marriage to l.raye with 2 different women. taking out loans for homes & not paying them. he was up to a bunch of B.S. prior. none of that even has to do with l.raye

I hope LisaRaye has learned

I hope LisaRaye has learned her lesson about marrying for money. She never really loved that man but married him anyway and ended up caught up in a world of mess and years later is STILL waiting on a payout. SMH.... Marriage is not a game so don't play with it!
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there's way more to this

there's way more to this story...i would hate to be locked up in another country.
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