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WEDDING THIS, WEDDING THAT: Gloria Govan & NBA Baller Matt Barnes Get Married (Again) In A Big (FILMED) Wedding

 photo govw3_zps8b82036c.jpg

Even though they've been technically married for a year, "Basketball Wives LA" star Gloria Govan and Clippers baller Matt Barnes had their big official wedding over the weekend.  Check out their lavish Santa Barbara nuptials with friends and fam in tow inside...

Last year while "BBW LA" was still on the air, Gloria broke the news to her cast members that she had skipped over to Vegas and gotten married to Matt in a secret ceremony with only a few people present.  She said then they would have a huge wedding for all their friends and fam soon, and this past weekend, they did.

Here are the details: The wedding was indeed filmed, but not for "BBW: LA."  We've been told that the reality show starts shooting again this week, but Gloria and Bambi will NOT be involved.  No word yet on where this wedding will be shown, but we're sure it's getting shopped around for a spinoff.

Matt had a few of his Clippers teammates--Blake Griffin & DeAndre Jordan--there for support.  And his good friend and sis-in-law Laura's long time fiance Gilbert Arenas was also there.  And serenading them at the wedding--Power 106 radio host Big Boy.

 photo govw4_zps2461c8ba.jpg

 photo govw1_zps1c579484.jpg  photo govw14_zps8188631f.jpg

Gloria walked down the aisle to Tupac's "All Eyez On Me."  So Cali with it...

 photo govw16_zps0ec4939a.jpg 

Phoenix Suns baller Caron Butler and his wife Andrea hopped on a jet to get there for the nuptials.

 photo govw15_zps6b42b2de.jpg

Gloria looked gorge in her dress as she posed it up with Matt's sister Dani (on the right) and friend Candice Craig.  We may not always like her attitude or the way she comes off on that show, but she made a beautiful bride.

 photo govw9_zps45ded49a.jpg


Her sister Laura Govan, who never misses an opp to show off her body parts, rocked a lavender cut-out gown for the ocassion.

 photo govw6_zps170fd83d.jpg 

Tichina Arnold snapped a pic with "Lifestyle Event Producer" Kweisi Gharreau.

 photo govw7_zps13aeb8b1.jpg  photo govw5_zpsa5de78f9.jpg

NBA analyst Chris Webber was there to support.

 photo govw8_zps3cd0d168.jpg 

Looks like things got a littl cray with the family.  Clothes started coming off...

 photo govw2_zps93bdab43.jpg

And the couple shared a cute little trinket to remember the day. 

Matt posted video of his bride walking down the aisle, after one of their twin boys, Carter, had a mini meltdown:

And Gloria's friend Candice posted this video of the nuptials:


Congrats (again) to the couple!

Photos: Matt Barnes' IG, Kweisi Gharreau's IG, Caron Butler's IG, Andrea Butler's IG





was she walking down the

was she walking down the aisle to Tupac?? lol

LMAO!!!! @Unc taking off the

LMAO!!!! @Unc taking off the shirt and the dude with the flowered pants in the next pic. Congrats to the happy couple......and who is the dude everyone is anxious to take a pic with?
JewelryLover's picture

love the trail of rose petals

love the trail of rose petals and she looked gorgeous
diamond2012's picture

And there's no way I'd let my

And there's no way I'd let my sister dress like that in my wedding! Put some clothes on Laura. No one's checking for you today. Sheesh.
SunshineChey's picture

Hate to say it, but this

Hate to say it, but this marriage ain't lasting long. Matt isn't interested in being a husband, and Gloria is too wrapped up in that reality tv life style.
SunshineChey's picture

My boy Kweisi! best PR in the

My boy Kweisi! best PR in the land baby! Congrats to Matt & Gloria!
RoSheezy's picture

Who cares about this trollop

Who cares about this trollop and the lying lousy loser she's marrying! lol
I Am Anonymous's picture


TheReal's picture

Lipstick and a dress on a

Lipstick and a dress on a pitbull dog is still a pitbull dog. Gloria is hood ratchet slorebag.
Peace Silas's picture


Like Really's picture

Yes Indeed!! Smhlol..

Yes Indeed!! Smhlol..
Like Really's picture

LOL......Who are these two

LOL......Who are these two again????
Naomi's picture

Gloria walked down the aisle

Gloria walked down the aisle to Tupac's "All Eyez On Me." - OMG how ghetto! I can't!
PacificGirl's picture

nice show

nice show
afua's picture

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