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FOOLYWANG: Mama Dee's Drunken Foolery, Calls Erica Dixon A "Wildebeast" + Soulja Boy KICKED OFF Airplane For Being UNCOOPERATIVE

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A drunken Mama Dee got "turned up" and lashed out at fellow "LAHH ATL" star Erica Dixon, calling her a wildebeast and grass-eater! Watch the clip inside and see Soulja Boy kicked off an American Airlines flight for not following the rules!  

Mama Dee is about to turn 50-years-old (so she says.....).  In a drunken rant caught outside of K.Michelle's album release party in ATL this past weekend, she spent the drunken night referencing how "butch" she is and some simulated oral sex.  She then popped off on Erica Dixon (the mother of her grandchild) and calls her, "...a rude ugly non-sissy bitch and no loving bitch."  She went on to call both Erica and her mother "wildebeasts" and says you'd never have to hire a lawn mower because they eat grass.

What?  Scrappy please get ya mama.  Because you're standing RIGHT THERE and letting this ish happen.

Watch the foolishness at the (1:37) mark:



In other foolery.....


Soulja Boy was ejected from an American Airlines flight recently, after he refused to follow flight attendant's orders to sit down.  Following their second request (to have a seat), they kicked him off the flight!  

Soulja later apologized, telling TMZ, “It was a bad night and me and the flight staff didn’t see eye to eye. In hindsight, I’m extremely sorry for all inconvenience caused to the passengers and employees of the airline.”

At least he admitted his wrongdoing.  Looks like both Soulja and Mama Dee have been hitting the sauce pretty hard.....




ummmmmmmmmm whatever happened

ummmmmmmmmm whatever happened to Soulja Boy's alleged 55 million dollar plane???????? #flexintoodamnhard
sayitlikeyoumeanit's picture

sigh... this little n***a

sigh... this little n***a can't even follow directions on a damn plane. BEYOND ignorant.
whatev's picture

LMFAO! Co-sign!

LMFAO! Co-sign!
sayitlikeyoumeanit's picture

This is the perfect example

This is the perfect example of why Meek-man should not have any of her kids......allllll-kids
YaHeard's picture

LAWWWWWWWWWD, I just don't

LAWWWWWWWWWD, I just don't know what to say! You put a camera in front of an old B@*%$ and she will show her ass!!!! GROW UP MAMA DEE, you'll be dead before you know it! Bucky, you're ugly!!! Flavor Flav didn't even want your ass!!!! IJS

What a MFing

What a MFing MESS............. @V and ya got that right!
TheRealME's picture

She need to bounce her

She need to bounce her Grandbaby on her knee and her soul right. JESUS we need you on this one stat!!!
afua's picture

Why are these mothers

Why are these mothers embarrassing their kids? Mama Dee/Scrappy, Frankie/ Keyshia Cole, Jim Jones/ Mama Jones. You can take people out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of them. And to think, Mama Dee is turning 50. SMH.
love7endures's picture

Poor Scrappy... This woman is

Poor Scrappy... This woman is the worst example ever!!! OMG

Know wonder lil' Scrappy is

Know wonder lil' Scrappy is so jacked up...
Lola's picture

SMH. I've just wasted two

SMH. I've just wasted two minutes and 38 seconds of my life on nonsense. SMH. And if she's about to turn 50, then I'll turn 18 on my birthday in December.

This woman is a disgrace!

This woman is a disgrace! It's no wonder Scrappy is so messed up and immature.
in my opinion's picture

Mamma D need to sit her but

Mamma D need to sit her but down somewhere smh. Check out thegrandreport, they got some good videos on there
V's picture

Read carefully. YOUNG

Read carefully. YOUNG hoodrats will one day become OLD hoodrats. Prime example: MAMA DEE and MAMA JONES!
CoCo's picture

LMAO! You are so right.

LMAO! You are so right.
PacificGirl's picture

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