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Forest & Keisha Whitaker, Oprah, Lee Daniels & More GLAM UP The Hollywood Premiere Of "The Butler"

 photo LeeDanielsKeishaWhitakerattendspremierev1Ln7GCojXKl_zps5400dd76.jpg

The star-uhs hit the red carpet of the Lee Daniels' The Butler premiere in Hollywood last night.  Check out Forest Whitaker & his fam, Oprah, Lee Daniels and plenty more inside....


 photo LeeDanielsKeishaWhitakerattendspremiereSbeUyluTqG2l_zpsbf9e7aaa.jpg

Star Forest Whitaker kept it dapper on the carpet with his wife Keshia and daughter Autumn at the Regal Cinemas L.A. Live.

 photo KeishaWhitakerPremiereWeinsteinCompanyZFOGsoV58__l_zpsb3f40da7.jpg

The stylish couple made sure to keep it regal last night.  Forest was in head to toe Prada alongside his wife Keisha in a Romona Keveza dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, Paolobongia and Angel Hart jewels and a gold Swarovski clutch.  Lovely looks.  Just wish these weren't the most awkwardly posed pics ever.


 photo LeeDanielsKeishaWhitakerattendspremieresQgAJ1tnR3Kl_zps98600a2a.jpg

 photo LeeDanielsKeishaWhitakerattendspremiereQ84XHlbFQ2Nl_zps9f1e27ca.jpg

Oprah rocked a hot pink long sleeved faux wrap dress for her big Hollywood premiere.  She posed it up with her on screen hubby.

 photo tjbutler1_zpsacd4255f.jpg

Terrence J. got to interview is idol Oprah on the red carpet.  And he gushed all about it on Twitter saying, "After all these years I finally got to interview my idol, Oprah Winfrey. She was beyond my expectations. I'm inspired, humbled, & motivated."



 photo LeeDanielsKeishaWhitakerattendspremierehcwXPWiqHpNl_zps2f5dd237.jpg

Co-star Cuba Gooding, Jr. brought his sheer & leather rocking wife Sara on the carpet. 

 photo KymWhitleyPremiereWeinsteinCompanyLee1Mx6VYv37WKl_zps73b89493.jpg 

Actress Kym Whitley, who has her reality show on the OWN network, hit the carpet to support her boss Oprah.


 photo DavidOyelowoPremiereWeinsteinCompanyLeeHq9LNb-Sl-Al_zpsd5de0b79.jpg

Co-star David Oyelowo, who plays Forest & Oprah's son in the movie, brought his wife Jessica on the carpet.  The two are from England and booked it to L.A. for David's acting career.  And they have two kiddies together.

 photo DavidOyelowoPremiereWeinsteinCompanyLee3DNEfSpykTgl_zpsd4a1d462.jpg

David posed it up with his co-star Elijah Kelly.

 photo LeeDanielsKeishaWhitakerattendspremieremUTiaSbeQJ0l_zps136b80f0.jpg

 photo LeeDanielsPremiereWeinsteinCompanyLeerz4y8rvDalJl_zpse28f07a7.jpg

David and his director Lee Daniels hugged it out on the carpet.

 photo RussellSimmonsPremiereWeinsteinCompanyqkOlodd2oAsl_zps510bcf56.jpg

Russell Simmons made his way to the premiere to show some support.

 photo LeeDanielsKeishaWhitakerattendspremierevNNVClXRIuMl_zpsdaafdebc.jpg

 photo LeeDanielsKeishaWhitakerattendspremiereZfVj0_P5JIWl_zps623ae01e.jpg

 photo LeeDanielsKeishaWhitakerattendspremiereUwt75x_2rQQl_zps8095d85d.jpg

The ladies also made appearances--Gladys Knight, Shaun Robinson and Holly Robinson Peete were all there.


 photo LeeDanielsKeishaWhitakerattendspremiereABDa901Wktrl_zps2960929e.jpg

"Grey's Anatomy" star Jesse White hit the carpet looking yummy.

And over at the Ritz Carlton for the after party:

 photo KymWhitleyLEEDANIELSBUTLERLosAngelesgYXfgVAUDQtl_zps73813974.jpg

Kym Whitley snapped a pic with Lady O.

 photo LeeDanielsFIJIWaterCoHostsLEEDANIELS2w0gf_-tgRTl_zpsf129f7bf.jpg 

The fellas Cuba & Lee showed their...support for each other.

 photo JaneFondaLEEDANIELSBUTLERLosAngelespyCHTSgsPHnl_zps035c7bd1.jpg

And all the co-stars posed for a group pic: Actors Aml Ameen, David Oyelowo, Jesse Williams, Jane Fonda, James Lawson, director Lee Daniels, actors Oprah Winfrey, Alex Pettyfer, Mo McRae, Forest Whitaker and Elijah Kelley.

The movie hits theaters this Friday.  And we'll be there front and center.


Photos: Pacific Coast News/Getty/Terrence J's Twitter




Its not that gay can only

Its not that gay can only embrace gay etc. I've never seen a grown ass man hug another man like that, that's what it is. those aren't regular "good to see ya. great turn out" hugs. Those are, " if you were mine, I'd hold you like this" hugs.
luvles's picture

Yes Keisha looks terrible,

Yes Keisha looks terrible, But I love her gown and the Red gown on that White chick.
star's picture

someone looks like a

someone looks like a crackhead. Either she has a eating disorder or on that sh!t. Forrest save your wife please

Every body hugging Lee D.

Every body hugging Lee D. cause he gave them a job. They don't care if he sucks toe nails. It's another block buster. When is the last time except for Forest have you seen any of these ppl in a movie. Including Oprah. Cuba wife looks like a man. I would like to see lady O loose some weight and I see Kim W. lost some pds. I hope Kim Kimble didn't style some of these weaves. Kim W. has those casket curls. Holly is always ready for her close-up(next gig). Not feeling Gladys hair but she looks real good. And last but not least Uncle Russ gives me the creeps. You know in a hide your kids kind of way.....alllll-right
YaHeard's picture

cuba and his wife looks a hot

cuba and his wife looks a hot mess

I am sick of Jesse and then

I am sick of Jesse and then damn jeans! Wear some damn grown man pants. HELLO!! Elijah Kelly is YUMMY. After watching the cast on Oprah's Next Chapter I can't wait to see this movie. Forest Whitaker is really an outstanding human being.
PacificGirl's picture

Someone in her family, close

Someone in her family, close friends, someone, anyone (and not necessarily in the public eye) needs to address Keisha Whitaker's weight before she ends up dead! It is not normal for someone her age and height to be that skinny.

God forgive me if she's sick

God forgive me if she's sick and can't help it, but Forest's wife looks like she just eats a handful of cheerios with no milk for breakfast, nibbles on string cheese for lunch and then skips dinner and heads straight to bed.
Twinkles's picture

Girl, you ain't never lied.

Girl, you ain't never lied. LOL. Took the words right out of my mouth.
sgrho74's picture

Keisha should have stayed her

Keisha should have stayed her irregular looking a.s.s. at home she looks sick, we all know she has a eating disorder. But I bet she on that blow!
SlowNeckBecky's picture

A lot of women are naturally

A lot of women are naturally skinny I was, and hated it. But this isn't naturally skinny this is boney, something aint right with Miss Keisha. They are both on a vegan diet, but I'ma need her to eat some mash potatoes or something, she is eerily thin. She looks like she been balling up rocks with them toes though. I can't let it go...sorry.
luvles's picture

"She looks like she been

"She looks like she been balling up rocks with them toes though." LMFAO! Those toes are not the business!
PacificGirl's picture

That third picture, Keisha is

That third picture, Keisha is making me hurt! She looks like a damn skeleton! EAT, SISTA GIRL, EAT!!!!!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Girl yes, why is Lee Daniels

Girl yes, why is Lee Daniels hugging like that (yuck!) And Cuba your wife looks REAL thirsty and raggedy. Movie looks good tho!!!!
afua's picture


WHAT IS WRONG WITH KEISHA WHITAKER???? I'm tired of seeing her on red carpets looking spaced out and 'hungry.' Does she have an eating disorder? Is she struggling with an addiction? Sumthin aint right...
love7endures's picture

Since Lee Daniels' is gay, I

Since Lee Daniels' is gay, I don't understand why guys are constantly posing with him with front-on hugs/embraces. The issue is not with Lee but with the straight brothers. Go figure...
love7endures's picture

Because they are comfortable

Because they are comfortable and confident about their sexuality and don't really give a phuck what others think which is how it should be. So gay is only supposed to embrace gay and straight with straight? WTF?
PacificGirl's picture

LOL at "Wrung out dish rag."

LOL at "Wrung out dish rag."
Jaye's picture

I don't normall roast on this

I don't normall roast on this site but here we go, ok Forrest WHitiker's wife, what is up with them toes, they look like they are trying to run away from something, " they went thata way". Also, Lee Daniels, seems real suspect, why is he over hugging all the male stars....side eye. and last but not least Cuba's wife looks like a wrung out dish rag. toodles.
luvles's picture

He is in a relationship with

He is in a relationship with Andy Sforzini.
PacificGirl's picture

Lee Daniels is an out gay

Lee Daniels is an out gay man. He's been out for some time now.
TruthSpitta's picture

I gotta see this movie, I

I gotta see this movie, I heard it was good. Checkout thegrandreport,they have some cool videos on there
V's picture

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