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Big Sean, Girlfriend Naya, Kevin Hart & More Celebrate HALL OF FAME Album At Moët Rose Lounge, Plaques & Bottles Ensue

 photo epis9_zps585b99e4.jpg

Big Sean has done G.O.O.D.  So he and his music fam (and his girlfriend Naya Rivera) celebrated 10 million singles sold and his upcoming Hall of Fame album with more than a few bottles of Moët Rose in L.A. last night.  We've got the pics inside....

The Moët Rosé Lounge Series hosted a private Black-Tie listening event for Big Sean's upcoming sophomore album, Hall of Fame (dropping Aug. 27th), at The London Hotel in West Hollywood Tuesday night as the Series made its LA debut .  His ever-present girlfriend, "Glee" actress Naya Rivera, was there on his arm.  And so were plenty of Sean's celeb friends.

Guests including Big Sean’s girlfriend Naya Rivera, Kevin Hart, Jessica White, Lance Gross, Pooch Hall, Chadwick Boseman, and Jhene Aiko.  And they all partied the night away listening to tracks from the upcoming album and pouring up the Moët

 photo epis3_zps91918cfd.jpg

 photo epis7_zps1ae06e12.jpg

Maybe the two pulled double duty and played Naya's debut "So Sorry" track Sean's featured on.  Gorgeous gown though.

 photo epis1_zps3d3fc0f2.jpg  photo epis2_zps203f2cbc.jpg

Sean's fellow Detroit native Brandon T. Jackson was there celebrating it up with Pooch, Kevin & Lance Gross. 

 photo kmp17_zps4ff0efc2.jpg

Kev brought his girlfriend Eniko along and snapped pics with fellow BET star Damien Dante Wayans.

 photo epis14_zpsd176b0a9.jpg  photo epis10_zps48e36b57.jpg 

Model Jessica Whit kept it fab in this pink lace maxi dress only she could pull off without it looking...homely.

 photo epis13_zpse206711b.jpg photo epis5_zpse219bf54.jpg

Def Jam executive, Chris Atlas, and Moet brand Manager, Keith Howard, toasted and presented Big Sean with a plaque celebrating his 10,000,000 singles sold to date.

 photo epis12_zps9270eeea.jpg  photo epis8_zpsc0ddc839.jpg 

Up-and-coming singer Jhene Aiko was there to celebrate.

 photo epis4_zpsda0bf6fb.jpg  photo epis6_zps73b638ca.jpg

These dudes....

 photo epis11_zps4d80e055.jpg

Congrats Big Sean!  Who's copping that album?


The Randomness:

1.  Jesse Jackson, Jr. was just sentenced to 30 months in prison.  He also asked the judge to give him his wife's time as well.  But wife Sandi was also sentenced to 1 year.   STORY & STORY

2.  First Lady Michelle Obama is releasing a 17-track rap album (she won't be on it, but a few of your faves will) about eating healthy via her Let's Move campaign.  STORY


Photo Credit: Wireimage/Moet Rose Lounge





I love Jhene Aiko's mixtape

I love Jhene Aiko's mixtape Sailing Souls. She sounds good live and is a much better singer than Cassie.
Suga Bear's picture

Jhene Aiko and that thin

Jhene Aiko and that thin voice, PLEASE! He might as well let Cassie sing the hook on the song. SMH.
PacificGirl's picture

Naya is so beautiful!

Naya is so beautiful!
piagee's picture

Jhene Aiko & Big Sean make a

Jhene Aiko & Big Sean make a better looking couple ~ Just Saying.
GetUrLife's picture

Naya reminds me of Jennifer

Naya reminds me of Jennifer Lopez. When Jennifer wanted to transition to music, she got with Diddy. Naya got with Big Sean to help her music career. She's just now starting off, she was able to get one of the hottest rappers out there to guest star on her single, he played her single at HIS party and he goes with her on all her press interviews regarding the single. She's smart. As soon as she blows up and doesn't need him, he will get dumped then go back to his high school girlfriend.
dede's picture

Yep! And honestly, you can

Yep! And honestly, you can tell by the pictures that this is a fake relationship. Every time they step out together, she looking for the camera, not him.
SunshineChey's picture

And we have a winner! You

And we have a winner! You are so on point.
PacificGirl's picture

Jessica White is doing all

Jessica White is doing all kinds of tweaking to her face and lips...She looks nice but very different. Quit b4 u go 2 far!
star's picture

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